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Best 30 Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas with Little Money

The entertainment business is definitely a glamorous industry and strategic planning with knowledge is required to be a successful one in this business.  The global entertainment and media market encompasses every broadcasting medium from newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio and popular forms of entertainment such as film, music, and books, and recently the internet. Here we have compiled a list of the most profitable and trending entertainment business ideas and opportunities for startup entrepreneurs.

Projections indicated that the sector that will see the most compound annual growth rate will be Internet advertising, which will grow by 10.7 percent during the stated time. In comparison, magazine publishing is expected to shrink on an annual basis by 1.9 percent. Though some of the entertainment business is really cash-intensive and demands massive investment, there are opportunities that can be developed on a small scale with comparatively small capital investment.

List of 30 Entertainment Business Ideas

#1. Actor’s Photo Portfolios

If you are a very good portrait photographer, you can start the actor’s photo portfolio business of your own with minimum investment and even on a part-time basis. The market is wide and anyone can be your customer who wants to set a career in the entertainment industry.

#2. Ad Film Making Business

If you have knowledge and skill in commercial filmmaking, then ad filmmaking is a wonderful entertainment business opportunity for you. In every product or service promotion corporate houses depend on ad filmmaking agencies.

#3. Amusement Park

The amusement park business is perfect for fun-loving, passionate individuals who want to establish a profitable self-rewarding business. We are all aware of the success stories of Disney Land, Knoebels, and Cedar Point. Establishing an amusement park business requires substantial capital investment and proper strategic planning.

#4. Balloon Bouquets

The balloon bouquet business provides balloon arrangement services to clients for occasions and parties. Creative balloon arrangement service is always in demand and you can build the business by having some B2B tie-ups also.

#5. Bouncy House

A bouncy house on rent for children is considered an outdoor entertainment business. This business can be initiated as home-based and part-time. This amusement arrangement is very popular among the kids.

#6. Career Expo

Organizing a career expo is a very profitable entertainment business globally. If you have proper contacts in the industry, you might consider starting a career expo-organizing business.

#7. Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are generally very popular entertainment venues among people of any age. You can initiate this business in two ways. One is from a fixed location which is much more cost-intensive. The second one is on a mobile basis and on demand.

#8. Corporate Event Planning

Corporate hospitality event planning business describes giving service in the process of entertainment in events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients, or stakeholders. This business opportunity is comparatively easy to start, profitable, and also enjoyable. Read More…

#9. Dance Studio

Initiating a dance studio is a wonderful entertainment business that has been proven a profitable venture from an early age. You can start this business in two ways. One is a normal dance school giving instruction on basics and another one is a specialized dance studio for a specific dance style like break or swing. Read More…

#10. Mobile DJ

A person who loves music and has an outstanding personality full of energy can ideally and successfully own a mobile DJ business. If you enjoy spinning tunes, making people happy, and want to earn a steady stream of supplemental income the mobile DJ business is perfect for you. Read More…

#11. Mobile Sauna

Mobile sauna is a profitable entertainment business concept. You can offer this facility in winter to tourists, travelers, and also to clients who want a warm bath at their doorsteps.

#12. Modeling Agency

A modeling agency generally provides people of various appearances, shapes, sizes, races, etc., who are used to promote or display a product or service for paying a client. If you have very good contacts, you may start this business with small startup capital.

#13. Musical Band Management

The musical band management business provides musical band services to clients for functions and parties. You can start this business in two ways. One is by establishing a full-fledged your own musical band company. Another one is by representing multiple bands.

#14. Night Club

Owning and running a nightclub can be a very exciting, luxurious, and lucrative business for an entrepreneur. People want to get socialized with others and they are willing to pay to use a gorgeous venue dedicated to the purpose. Success in the nightclub business is very much possible if done properly; it demands dedication and meticulous attention to every detail of your business. Read More…

#15. Online Wedding Marketplace

Initiating an online wedding marketplace is a very good online entertainment business idea that can be started at home. The site will provide information about every possible required service provider for wedding couples.

#16. Party Entertainment Service

The party entertainment business is providing live entertainment services at the party. Clowns, soloists, musical bands, magicians, singing telegrams, public speakers, spokespeople, acrobats, jugglers, comedians, and adult-themed entertainers are some of the popular party entertainment services.

#17. Pop-Up Hotel

Pop-up hotel is a new entertainment business concept. This type of leisure hotel offers ultimate luxury staying in prime locations. Definitely, it is a cash-intensive business and you need to check the state’s rules and regulations stipulated for this type of business.

#18. Professional Emcee

A good quality professional emcee is always in high demand. Professional emcees are often hired to host an event, open a seminar series, or act as the master of ceremonies for events ranging from charity auctions to general annual meetings for large corporations. You can start this business as home-based and part-time.

#19. Recording Studio

An equipped recording studio is always in demand in the music and entertainment industry. In fact, the quality of a recording mostly depends on the quality of the recording studio. Proper financial and marketing planning is required in starting this business.

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#20. Organize Trade Shows

Trade shows generally give a platform for potential buyers and sellers to meet. It is highly effective not only in the B2B business but also in retail business and brand building. Organizing various types of trade shows is a potential business revenue-wise.

#21. Video Game Arcade

Initiating a video game arcade is one of the most profitable entertainment businesses you can start in a metro or suburban city. The Shop-in-shop approach is the best option for this type of business.

#22. Video Editing Service

After each and every video shoot, there is a requirement for an editing service. You can start this business as home-based with only a computer including the required software. Read More…

#23. Voice Over Service

Film producers, advertising agencies, radio commercial producers, radio stations, publishers of audiobook tapes, and corporations for prerecorded telephone messages often search for quality voice-over specialists. If you have a beautiful voice and you know the skill you may start a voice-over service business on a part-time basis also.

#24. Wearable Band

The wearable band is also named drum pants. This arrangement enables people to play music by arming and legging. It is an innovative entertainment business idea that has already gained immense popularity worldwide.

#25. Wedding Consulting

Wedding consulting or wedding planning business may come naturally to someone who is organized and focuses on details. In the last decade, the need for professional wedding consultants has grown exponentially. Today, people are often too busy juggling the demands of their professional and personal lives to oversee the details necessary to create the wedding of their dreams. Read More…

#26.  Photobooth Rentals

Photobooth rentals have become a popular and engaging addition to events, parties, and gatherings. It offers a unique and entertaining way for guests to create lasting memories. A photobooth is a self-contained setup that allows individuals or groups to take photos using a camera and backdrop. You can set up a photobooth with quirky props and backdrops and make good money.

#27. Online Streaming Platforms

The online streaming industry is on the rise. You can launch a digital platform for streaming movies, series, documentaries, or niche content to subscribers worldwide.

#28. Karaoke Lounges

There is a good demand for karaoke lounges around the world. You can tap this rising market by creating spaces where people can sing their hearts out in private karaoke rooms, either with friends or solo.

#29. Mobile Gaming Arcades

In recent years, the world has seen huge growth in the mobile gaming sector. If you are a gaming enthusiast, consider bringing the fun to people’s doorsteps by creating mobile gaming arcades equipped with a variety of video games.

#30. Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality is another sector in the entertainment industry expected to rise in the coming years. You can create immersive virtual reality experiences for gamers, enthusiasts, and those seeking unique entertainment.