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Top 25 Franchise Business Opportunities in India for 2024

    Starting your business as a franchise of a reputed brand or chain of stores gives you certain advantages compared to starting a business on your own. If you live in India and looking forward to buying a franchise, this article can be a big help to you. Here we list down a selected list of the best profitable franchise opportunities in India that can be started at a low cost.

    What is a Franchise Business?

    The main idea of the franchise business is that a reputed brand or business known as the franchisor enters into a contract with the franchisee under which the franchisee is given the license to do the business in the name of the franchisor.

    Thus the franchisee can use the brand value, market goodwill, and other support. In return, the franchisee pays an initial fee and continues to pay yearly fees based on the sales. The terms of the franchise vary from business to business.

    However, the main merit of the franchise business is that you don’t have to take the pain of establishing a new brand or name. Rather, you will start your business with a reputed name in the market.

    There are plenty of franchise opportunities in India in various business industry categories. Find the best franchise opportunities in India below:

    List of  Top 25 Franchise Opportunities in India

    1. PMKVY

    PMKVY or Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna is a program of The Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India. The main objective of this project is to make the youth of India skilled by providing different types of vocational training.

    You can take up the franchise of PMKVY as a training center. You have to be qualified to become the training partner according to the standards set by the Skill Management and Accreditation of Training Centres (SMART). It will also judge and monitor your performance as a Training Centre.

    The government provides base costs per candidate for different Sectors at the rate of Rs. 30.30 or Rs. 36.30 or Rs. 42.40 according to the training in various sectors defined in 3 different categories. You have to pay annual accreditation application fees of Rs 12000 and an annual monitoring fee of Rs 8000.

    2. KidZee School

    KidZee is one of the largest preschool chains not only in India but also in entire Asia. If you want to focus on a business-related education, you can go for the KidZee School franchise. KidZee has more than 1900 centers located in 700 cities in India. It is without saying, Kidzee is still the most popular preschool franchise opportunity in India.

    For the franchise, you need to invest a minimum of Rs 12 lakh. You also need a space of 2000-3000 sqft as a school area. KidZee will provide you with marketing, enrolment, infrastructure designing, and accounting support.

    3. Dominos

    One of the largest pizza delivery services, Dominos means pizza at the doorstep within 30 minutes. This concept has become immensely popular in India and that is why it has more than 500 outlets throughout the different states of India.

    Considering the love for pizza among the cross-section of people, you can start a Domino’s franchise business for a good profit margin. You need a space of 1500 sqft and a minimum investment of 30 Lakhs. In India, the operations of Dominos are handled by Jubilant Food Works limited and once you enter into a contract they will provide you with the necessary training and orientation to run the business successfully.

    Keep in mind, the location of your outlet should be in a busy place, close to the residential areas or in a mall or supermarket.

    4. KFC

    KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a famous American company serving chicken and non-veg and veg snacks and fast food in more than 115 countries. It is a profitable business opportunity for you because the food items of KFC are people’s favorites gaining popularity with more and more outlets opening.

    To have a KFC franchise you need to have a space of a minimum of 500 sqft in a prominent and busy place and invest at least 50 lakhs.

    5. Subway

    Subway is famous for its variety of healthy sandwiches and salads. This American restaurant chain started operating in 1974 and continues to maintain its reputation. Subway has become very popular in India too. It has more than 660 outlets in different parts of India and rising in demand.

    Considering the great obsession with healthy and economic food, Subway is one of the best options. Hence your Subway franchise has great profit potential. For the franchise, you need to invest approximately Rs 25 Lacs and need a minimum of 300 sq. ft of space.

    Subway will give you two-week training and orientation of owners and staff, designing and development of shops, construction guidance, and many other areas of business assistance.

    6. Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut is another famous Pizza brand from Texas USA. It is owned by Yum! Group of businesses and there are more than 400 Pizza Hut outlets in India. Apart from pizza, it also serves pasta, garlic bread, and desserts. If you want to focus on the food business, the Pizza Hut franchise is a profitable option for you. Pizza hut is. now among the most popular pizza franchise opportunities in India.

    You need a floor space of at least 500 sqft and an investment of Rs 40 Lakhs for getting the franchisee of Pizza Hut. You will get marketing assistance and need not incur extra costs on inventory management.

    7. Café Coffee Day

    Cafes are very popular nowadays. You must have heard the slogan ‘A lot can happen over coffee’ of the well-known coffee shop chain Café Coffee Day. CCD has 1700 plus coffee shops in more than 200 cities. They also have outlets in Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vienna, and the Czech Republic. It is no doubt one of the most popular coffee shop franchise opportunities in India.

    You can start a CCD franchise with an investment of approximately Rs 10 lakh. Apart from that, you must have a space of 1000-1500 sqft along with a minimum frontage of 25 ft and sufficient parking space.

    In return, you will get the sophisticated coffee-making machine of the CCD that makes excellent coffees in no time. CCD also sells different types of snacks.

    8. Dr. Batra’s

    Dr. Batra’s Clinics are one of the largest chains of homeopathy clinics not only in India but also in countries like Bangladesh, Dubai, Bahrain, and the UK. They treat various diseases like asthma, acne, allergic reactions, etc. It has more than 150 clinics in 45 cities with more than 1.5 million satisfied patients.

    If you want to take Dr. Batra’s Clinic franchise you will need a space of at least 500 sqft and an investment of Rs 25-30 Lakhs. You will get the advantage of professionally qualified experts from the Business Expansion Department of the chain of clinics.

    9. Amul Ice-cream

    Amul is a name that needs no introduction in India. Hence starting an Amul Ice-cream Parlour can be a good business option for you. Almost 75 years of business and excellent quality have made Amul a household name. Amul has more than 1500 ice cream parlors in India.

    For the franchise of Amul Ice-creams, you need an area of at least 300 sqft in a good location, and the space has to be well-decorated with air-conditioned facilities. The amount of primary investment is Rs 2-5 Lakhs. The biggest advantage of the Amul franchise is that the inventory will be delivered directly to your outlet. Amul Ice cream retail business is among the most popular low-cost franchise opportunities in India.

    10. Eurokids

    Eurokids is another famous name in the area of playschools. Established in 2001 Eurokids have more than 1000 schools in over 350 cities in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They have a very good reputation as far as parents’ reviews are concerned.

    The franchise business of Eurokids will be quite profitable for you. You will need a build-up area of 2000 sqft and an investment of Rs 12-20 Lakhs. Eurokids will provide you with infrastructure design, furniture, teachers’ training, teaching aids, marketing and operation support lead management, and easy access to the online system.

    11. Apollo Pharmacy

    Apollo Pharmacy is a renowned name in Indian pharmacy. It started its operation in 1987 and now has more than 3500 outlets in the country. Apollo also has medical products which are 400 in number and quite reputed in the market without a doubt is among the most sought-after medical shop franchise opportunities in India.

    If you want to invest in the essential service business, the Apollo Pharmacy franchise is one of the best options for you. You will need a space of 100-160 sqft in a good location. There should be at least two staff in the pharmacy. For a single unit pharmacy, you need to invest Rs 5-10 Lakhs and for a master pharmacy, you have to invest Rs 10-15 Lakhs.

    12. Baskin Robbins

    Baskin Robbins is a famous American Ice-cream producer established in 1945. They have a large variety of products which include 31 varieties of ice creams and all of them are vegetarian which is a plus point as far as India is concerned. They have more than 7000 outlets in 50 countries and more than 725 outlets in India.

    The franchise of Baskin Robbins is a very profitable ice-cream business venture for you. For a franchise, you need a space of 200-500 sqft and the amount required is a minimum of Rs 10 Lakh. In return, you will get support in business development, operations, marketing, staff training, and hardware and software support from Baskin Robbins. The supply chain will also be handled by Baskin Robbins.

    13. DTDC

    Courier services have a great demand now. Therefore you can invest in the courier business and DTDC is a profitable option for you. Established in 1990, DTDC serves domestic as well as international sectors and has more than 12000 franchisees in India.

    The conditions of the DTDC franchise are quite easy. You need a space of 100 sqft and a monetary investment of Rs 1.5 Lakhs. You have to hire delivery persons to deliver the consignments on time as per the reputation of DTDC. DTDC courier is among the cheapest franchise opportunities in India.

    14. Jockey

    Jockey is an American company manufacturing innerwear for men and women. Established in 1934 Jockey is spread over 120 countries of the world. It started its operation in India in 1994 and has become a favorite innerwear brand amongst Indians. It has about 370 exclusive stores in India.

    For the Jockey franchise, you must have a space of 1000 sqft in a premium location. The monetary implication is Rs 30-40 Lakhs. As a franchisee, you will get assistance in the selection of location, store decoration, staff training, etc.

    15. PC Jeweller

    If you are interested in the jewelry market and ready for high investment, PC Jewellers is a good option for you. PC Jewellers started their operation in 2005 and they specialize in high-value wedding jewelry and diamond jewelry. At present they have 87 showrooms in 71 cities.

    For the PC Jeweller franchise, you need storage space at a prominent location or in a mall. For a shop of 400-500 sqft, you need to invest up to Rs 3 Crores, for a shop of 700-800 Sqft the investment amount is up to Rs 5 Crores, and for the 1000-1200sqft store, you have to invest more than Rs 7 Crores.

    16. Lenskart

    Lenskart is a comparatively new name in the optical world. However, it has successfully created its niche in the market. Starting its operations in 2010, it has stores in more than 1000 cities and is in a mode of rapid expansion. It offers varieties of optical lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and frames for people of all age groups. It has facilities for free eye testing also.

    For the Lenskart franchise, you need a space of a minimum of 300 sqft in a good location and a minimum investment of Rs 30 Lakhs. You will be supplied with premium-quality lenses and frames that are highly acclaimed across India.

    17. Lakme

    The name Lakme is synonymous with high-quality beauty products appreciated by the cross-section of women in India. Owned by Hindustan Unilever, Lakme started its operations in 1954 and has been able to maintain its quality and demand successfully. The world of beauty care is an expanding business area and therefore you can invest in the Lakme franchise and earn good profits.

    There are two types of Lakme franchises. One is opening a Lakme Salon and the other is a franchise for selling Lakme products. The minimum space requirement for a Lakme Salon is 200 sqft and you have to invest Rs 25 Lakhs. Lakme will give you training on their beauty products as well as beauty care so that you can run the salon successfully.

    18. Jawed Habib

    Jawed Habib started his salon business in 1984 and gradually became the premium brand in hair styling and beauty care. The beauty business is a profit-making business and Jawed Habib can be a lucrative franchise option for you. Jawed Habib has more than 450 salons in 90 cities in India. It also has branches in countries like Singapore, Dubai, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

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    The franchise fee for a Jawed Habib Salon is Rs 5-10 Lakhs and it is for 4 years, after which you have to renew it. They train in different types of beauty treatments, hair styling, bridal make-up, etc.

    19. Suguna Chicken

    Since its inception in 1984, Suguna Chicken has been able to create a name in the poultry sector with its poultry farms producing good quality chicken. Since the demand for chicken is constantly rising, it is a profitable business venture for you to invest in the Suguna Chicken franchise.

    For the Suguna Chicken outlet franchise, you need a space of 300-400 sqft and an investment of Rs 5-10 Lakhs. You will get assistance in operations, staff training, field help, the guidance of experts, and IT system incorporation.

    20. Biba

    Biba is a renowned name in the world of Indian ethnic dresses for women. Started by an Indian woman Meena Bindra, it has created a great reputation and class in ethnic wear. Biba started its first store in Mumbai in 2004. At present, it has more than 150 outlets in different cities in India.

    Considering the great demand for Indian ethnic wear, it is wise for you to invest in the franchise Biba. For a Biba store, you need a space of 500-800 sqft and an investment of Rs 2.5 Crores. You also need to be registered as Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership and have a Shop and establishment act License and GST registration.

    21. Paragon

    Paragon is a renowned name in casual and formal shoes, sandals, floaters, and flip-flops. They also make ethnic footwear. Starting in 1974, Paragon has gradually made its mark in the footwear industry. If you want to start your business in footwear, Paragon is a reputed, reliable, and hence profitable option.

    For the Paragon franchise, you need an investment of Rs 20-30 Lakh and a shop space of 500-1000 sqft. The contract is valid for 5 years and after that, you can renew it. They provide franchisee training as well as field assistance.

    22. Patanjali

    Patanjali started its business in 2006. Specializing in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, beauty care, personal care, and food products, it has gained huge popularity among the Indian people and hence has been marked as a profitable business venture. Considering the huge preference for herbal and Ayurvedic products and the name and fame of Patanjali, it will be a profitable venture for you to invest in the Patanjali franchise.

    For the Patanjali store franchise, you need a space of a minimum of 500 sqft and an investment of at least Rs 7 Lakhs. Patanjali has more than 47000 retail counters in India.

    23. Archies

    If you want to invest in a creative business, Archies is a great option for you. Specializing in greeting cards for various occasions and personalized gift items and other artistic things, Archies has successfully created brand value in this creative field. Starting its operations in 1979, Archies has successfully set up more than 500 outlets.

    For the Archies franchise, you will need a space of a minimum of 500 sqft and an investment of approximately Rs 12 Lakhs.

    24. Khadims

    Established in 1981, Khadims is a renowned brand in footwear in India. It is a trusted as well as a time-tested brand. If you want to explore the footwear market, Khadims is a profitable option for you. Manufacturing different kinds of footwear for both men as well as women in an affordable price range, Khadims has more than 500 outlets in India.

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    For the Khadims franchise, you need a space of 500-700 sqft and an investment of Rs 20-30 Lakhs. Apart from that, there is a refundable security deposit of Rs 2 Lakhs.

    25. FabIndia

    FabIndia started its operations in 1961. It is an apparel brand mostly focussing on ethnic wear, bags, gifts, etc. It is a renowned name in the world of apparel and is ahead of most of its competitors and successfully crossed Rs 1000 Crores in sales. FabIndia has 211 stores in India, 2 stores in Singapore and Dubai, and 1 store in Malaysia, Mauritius, and Nepal.

    For the FabIndia franchise, you need an area of 700-1500 sqft and an investment of Rs 30-50 Lakhs.

    There are plenty of franchise business opportunities in India that suits different types of categories as well as budget.

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