How To Start Goat Farming Business with Low Investment

Rearing goats for meat production is a financially profitable business. Additionally, any individual can start a small scale goat farming business with a small investment. Even, a backyard goat farm is a commercially feasible project. However, you must have the specific land area for setting up the farm. Here in this article, we intend to explore how an entrepreneur can start goat farming business successfully.

Commercially, you can raise goats for milk, meat, and fiber. Basically, goats are the multi-functional animal. Goat milk is a popular item for producing full cream goat powder, skimmed goat milk powder, goat butter, goat milk cream, fresh goat milk etc. Additionally, goat meat is a great source of consumable meat. It is very tasty, nutritious and healthy. And goat’s wool is being used for many purposes and skin of goat plays a vital role in the leather industry.

Things to Consider in Starting Goat Farming Business

There are several crucial aspects that entrepreneurs must consider in establishing a commercial goat farm.

  1. First of all, survey the local market in your area. Identify the weekly or monthly consumption of the goat meat. Additionally, check the retail and wholesale price also.
  2. Check how much area of land you have for setting up the farm. Accordingly, craft a project report. However, you have to consider the investment capacity also.
  3. Check, if there is any Govt. subsidy available in your state. If there, apply for the subsidy and loan at your nearby branch
  4. Electricity and source of fresh water are mandatory on the farm.
  5. You must have some grazing land. Because free grazing system enhances the overall productivity.
  6. Select the breed carefully. You can choose both the pure and hybrid breed according to the agroclimatic condition and market demand.
  7. Pay attention to green fodder management. Additionally, you can prepare the food at your farm also instead of buying. It will help you to cut the extra cost.
  8. For breeding farms may use breeder bucks or artificial insemination depending upon the facilities available.
  9. Select employees carefully. Hire manpower who have the right skill and definitely have some practical experience.
  10. Identify a vet nearby your farm. Contact him or her for support in an emergency.

Method of Establishing Goat Farm

Basically, you can establish a goat farm in two ways. In the first option, you have to purchase the matured goats for breeding. And you will get the kids from those goats. The other option is procuring the goat kids of 2 to 3 months. And after growing and getting the marketable body weight, you can sell them.

Basically, the first option is suitable for large-scale farming. On the other hand, the second option is suitable for small-scale farming. However, if you are an absolute beginner, we advise you to start with the second option.

Step-by-step Guide for Starting Goat Farming Business

Setting Up the Farm

The primary criteria for establishing a farm is the land. Generally, a one-acre land is sufficient for setting up a small-scale goat farm. However, for a large-scale operation, you need to have more space.

Establishing the farm in a proper way is one of the most important aspects of farm operations. Basically, proper housing design, infrastructure, water availability are the things to consider. A wrong setup can enhance the working capital cost in many different ways. Therefore, it is advisable to plant the housing very carefully.

Apart from the housing, you must consider proper grazing land management, storage, and waste solution. Also, you can use the waste for preparing compost manure which you can apply for fodder cultivation.

Procuring Breeds

After establishing the farm, you have to procure the right breed. You must select the breed according to your end requirement. There are several different breeds are available in India for milk and meat production. Some of the most popular breeds are Jamunapari, Beetal, Black Bengal, Sirohi, Changthangi, Zalawadi, Damascus, Chigu etc. Procure the animals in good health and having good physical features.

Care & Management

You must provide proper care and management to the animals. Hire efficient staffs for the farm operation. In addition to that, prepare the work schedule for daily basis operation. Some of the major areas are cleaning, feeding, breeding care, treatment of sick goats, kids care and special care for pregnant goats.

Proper vaccination is mandatory. Vaccinate the kids as per the recommended schedule. You can obtain 3 kidding in 2 years period by adopting optimal management conditions. Generally, you have to provide one buck for every 25 does in one breeding season.


Basically, slaughterhouses are the major consumer of goats. Additionally, contact the hotel, restaurants, and meat processing centers for bulk supply. In fixing the price, consider the transportation charges carefully.

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