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Best 10 Free & Paid Grammar Checker Software & Apps in 2023

    Do you want to use grammar checker software? Do you know which one is the best for you? If the answers are yes then this article is for you.

    With so many grammar checker apps and software out there in the market, it really gets confusing when trying to choose one.

    In order to save you the time and energy to go through every one of them, we have come up with this list of the Top 10 Best Grammar Checker Software.

    By the end of this article you will be able to:

    • Find the best grammar checker software for your needs
    • Learn the top features of some of the best grammar checker apps and software
    • Understand what is grammar check software exactly
    • See what are the benefits of using such a software

    With that said, let’s get straight to it!

    List of 10 Best Online Grammar Checker Software & Apps

    Below is a shortlist of the best grammar checker software. Please go through them in detail to find out the best one for your requirements.

    1. Grammarly – Best Overall

    Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker software in the market.

    This cross-platform cloud-based software is jam-packed with algorithms that identify possible text issues while also advising users on how to fix them.

    Grammar errors, spelling faults, fly sentences, styles, syntax, and theft are just some of the issues that the software can detect.

    They have their headquarters in San Francisco and have a valuation of over 1 billion dollars.

    Top Features And Benefits of Grammarly Grammar Checker Software :

    • Grammarly makes it simple to improve your writing skills and phrasing sentences. Just copy and paste, and you’ll see results right away.
    • Blogging is supposed to be brief and to the point. Grammarly has your back here as well.
    • It also has extensions for Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome, as well as Microsoft Office.
    • The grammar checker on Grammarly is also one of the most advanced. It captures a lot of the small nuances that frequently go unnoticed.
    • They also come with a plagiarism detector that analyses billions of libraries for any problems.

    Major Customers Of Grammarly Grammar Checker Tool

    Grammarly is ideal for business professionals, bloggers, academics, writers, and researchers

    Competitors of Grammarly Grammar Checker Software

    They are the market leaders, however, their major competitors are Linguix and ProWritingAid

    Pricing of Grammarly Grammar Checker Software

    They provide a free version. If you want to use their pro version you have to choose the subscription model where you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

    Click Here to Try Grammarly for Free.

    2. ProWritingAid – Best Built-in Writing Coach

    ProWritingAid is a powerful language editing program that can fix ambiguity, repeated words, very complicated phrases, subservient voice, and mistakes.

    It’s an all-rounder, complete with a grammar checker, paragraph style editor, and mentor to assist you in writing wonderfully. To summarise, it presents itself as a smart writer.

    ProWritingAid is an American company that was founded by Chris Banks in 2009.

    Top Features And Benefits of ProWritingAid Grammar Checker Software:

    • Their conciseness ability can aid in the reduction of redundancies and the simplification of phrases.
    • ProWritingAid is more than simply a grammar checker. It is a smart plagiarism tool as well.
    • There are no limits or word count restrictions with the ProWritingAid Premium edition. So you will be able to edit the largest documents you have with no problems.
    • This web-based editor comes with Windows and Mac desktop applications. They also provide free Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browser extensions.

    Major Customers of ProWritingAid Grammar Checker Tool

    ProWritingAid has been in this business for a long time. Hence no wonder they have some reputed brands with which they have worked. Some of the biggest brands are Hermès, Gazprom, Kleenex, and SAIC Motor.

    Competitors Of ProWritingAid Grammar Checker Software

    The closest rivals of ProWritingAid are WhiteSmoke, Linguix, and Ginger.

    Pricing of ProWritingAid Grammar Checker Software

    They have a 15-day free trial. ProWritingAid writing aid has a free version that can be purchased monthly, yearly, and also for life.

    Click Here to Try ProWritingAid for Free

    3. Linguix

    Linguix is a grammar checker that allows you to check for hundreds of grammar, typing errors, and styles without sweating. Launched in 2018, it first was named, but was renamed Linguix in 2019.

    You may modify the settings in both English and American English. This AI-based tool is a fantastic option for editing all emails and blogs.

    Top Features And Benefits of Linguix Grammar Checker Software:

    • Linguix offers a very quick and professional support service if you run into any issues.
    • When it comes to difficulties like false adverbs, passive voice, overused words, intricate phrase patterns, lengthy sentences, repeating words, and ambiguous phrasing, it’s highly dependable.
    • You may also produce comprehensive reports for your mistakes, which comes in handy while operating in poor network regions.
    • Linguix has an excellent Word Explorer tool for generating meaningful word selections.

    Major Customers Of Linguix Grammar Tool

    Linguix has a variety of customers ranging from students to professionals.

    Competitors Of Linguix Grammar Checker Software

    Major Competitors of Linguix are Grammarly, Scribens, and Writer

    Pricing Of Linguix Grammar Checker Software

    Linguix has a free version with basic writing corrections. They have 2 other versions namely “ Premium” and “Team”. These can be purchased month-wise or yearly.

    4. Scribens

    The Scribens freemium grammar checker allows users to fix their language quickly and easily. Installation is straightforward and easy to use.

    Scribens also include an integrated language translator, so that in some contexts it becomes more usable.

    It allows users to make quick fixes by auto-detecting them as they write. You may make use of an automated rewriting tool to make your writing more nimble.

    Top Features And Benefits Of Scribens Grammar Checker Software:

    • Based on your style guide, Scribens will provide real-time recommendations and adjustments. This real-time feedback guarantees that whatever is written is always consistent.
    • Scribens offers anything from looking for grammar mistakes and plagiarism proofing to online courses to make you improve your writing skills.
    • It is accessible in 55 languages, making it ideal for international users or those learning a second language.
    • Scribens provides applications for almost every gadget you have, including a pc version and a browser-based content checker.

    Major Customers of Scribens Grammar Checker Tool

    Scribens may be used as a learning tool by students and professionals alike.

    It is a wonderful tool for everybody. That said, some of the major brands which use Scribens are United Parcel ServicePrada and Berkshire Hathaway.

    Competitors of Scribendi Grammar Checker Software

    The direct rivals of Scribens are Linguix, Writer, and Slick Write.

    Pricing Of Scribens Grammar Checker Software

    Scribens has only one paid pack which is subscription-based. They also have a free-to-use version.

    5. WhiteSmoke

    Whitesmoke comes with so many whistles and bells that it seems pretty amazing. It was incorporated in 2002 in London, England. Whitesmoke can also create reports which help you analyze your writing. It is one of the best multilingual grammar checker software covering  55 languages.

    It also provides an online revision tool and a spell checker. However, it is more focused on orthography and grammatical controls.

    Top Features And Benefits of WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software:

    • First and foremost, WhiteSmoke is quite dependable. It will catch almost every frequent grammar error in any article, second only to Grammarly in terms of precision.
    • The premium version license allows you to connect all of your devices. Grammarly, on the other hand, only gives 5 for premium clients.
    • WhiteSmoke has the greatest reporting feature. This offers anything from looking for grammar mistakes and plagiarism proofing to online courses to help you improve your writing skills.
    • They provide a comprehensive dictionary analysis to assist you in becoming a better writer by identifying stale and boring terms.

    Major Customers of WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Tool

    It may be used by small enterprises to boost professionalism. Larger organizations may utilize it for team-wide unification of standards.

    Competitors of WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software

    Major competitors of WhiteSmoke are ProWritingAid, Writer, and Ginger.

    Pricing of WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software

    It has 3 paid versions which are – Web, Premium, and Business. You can also choose a 3-year plan if you want. There are no free versions here.

    6. Writer

    In recent years a variety of features has been added by Writer. The company now interacts nicely with various apps, beginning with a simple grammar editor.

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    The Plagiarism Controller is also integrated for people who wish to be 100 percent unique in their writing. Due to the various capabilities, Writer may function in many different ways based on your requirements.

    They have their headquarters in San Francisco.

    Top Features And Benefits of Writer Grammar Checker Software:

    • It is possible for you to create your own style guide guidelines. You may tell it about your publishing tone and content, as well as dos and don’ts, commonly used acronyms, gendered language preferences, politeness, and much more.
    • Every piece of material is also assessed for clarity and readability by Writer. It will highlight unnecessarily complicated phrases and offer specific advice on how to fix them.
    • Writer not only reviews your writings for grammar and spelling, but also evaluates them for delivery, accessibility, and compliance, among other things.
    • It also offers a critical reading analysis (Flesh-Kincaid) to assist you in writing more clearly.

    Major Customers of Writer Grammar Checker Tool

    Major Customers of Writer are Walgreens Boots Alliance, AXA, Verizon Communications, and Sinopec.

    Competitors of Writer Grammar Checker Software

    Top competitors of Writer are ProWritingAid, Ginger, and Linguix.

    Pricing of Writer Grammar Checker Software

    Writer has a free version that includes free plagiarism checker. Otherwise, they have 3 paid plans to choose from, they are – “Pro”, “Team” and “Enterprise”.

    7. Slick Write

    This online grammar checker software comes with many functionalities and a user-friendly interface. It helps in making the material more readable and competitive. Slick Write is also suitable for demonstration in a summary, which will capture your attention due to its vast dictionary and easy-to-use UI.

    Slick Write is one of the oldest and most trusted grammar checker software.

    It was previously known as Visual SlickEdit.

    Top Features And Benefits of Slick Write Grammar Checker Software:

    • Slick Write is a beautiful program. When you initially join up, they’ll even offer you step-by-step instructions.
    • Slick Write’s  Grammar Check is quite accurate, it will even identify all of your missing commas.
    • The Slick Write creator integration, which helps you identify all kinds of sophisticated grammatical errors, was a big hit with us. Not only will it edit your content, but it will also construct a citation for it in the background.
    • They feature a support forum where other users may offer advice or share their experiences.

    Major Customers of Slick Write Grammar Checker Tool

    Slick Write is widely used by students, writers, SEO specialists, journalists, and authors. Their most reputed customers are Deere & Company, Ralph Lauren Corporation, and NTT Data.

    Competitors of Slick Write Grammar Checker Software

    Since it is completely free they have direct competition with Grammarly and Scribens

    Pricing of Slick Write Grammar Checker Software

    Slick Grammar checking is completely free to use and has browser extensions in both chrome and firefox.

    8. Ginger

    Although this grammar checker is not the most popular, it stands out because of its reasonable cost, comprehensive features, and language skills.

    For almost 10 years now, the Ginger grammar checker software has been among the best in the business.

    It is a professional writer editing program with extensive features, reasonable prices, and excellent customer support.

    It is an American-based company founded by Yael Karov.

    Top Features And Benefits of Ginger Grammar Checker Software:

    • Plagiarism (deliberate or not) may be a major problem for businesses, resulting in legal difficulties and embarrassment. Ginger assures that your material is completely unique and free of plagiarism.
    • Ginger makes a powerful first impression, supporting over 60 languages! As a result, foreign authors and students will find it to be one of the greatest alternatives available.
    • On the free plan, Ginger only permits 14 checks each month. But what about paying users? You have unrestricted access! That’s fantastic since that implies you’ll never be limited in your usage of the product.
    • Ginger has a plethora of gadgets to choose from. The typical suspects, such as pc and browser applications, are included. Windows users, also support Microsoft Office.

    Major Customers of Ginger Grammar Checker Tool

    Ginger has many satisfied clients all over the world. Some of the major brands they have worked with are Kleenex, Royal Dutch Shell, and Nintendo.

    Competitors of Ginger Grammar Checker Software

    Top competitors of Ginger Grammar Checker Software are Writer, Pro-writing aid and Scribens

    Pricing of Ginger Grammar Checker Software

    It has a free version as well as a paid version. The payment plans include monthly, yearly, and 2 yearly.

    9. Qordoba

    Many people across the world use Qordoba’s multilingual grammar, style, and spell-checking software daily.

    You can also try to achieve such uniformity and simplicity across all your content with Qordoba – from communications to marketing to product to HR.

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    For 2018, Qordoba was named a Forbes Cloud100 Rising Star.

    It was founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California by May Habib and Waseem AlShikh.

    Top Features And Benefits of Qordoba Grammar Checker Software:

    • Qordoba makes it simple to identify your most common errors. It’ll also provide you with a bit more information about each proposed repair.
    • Although Qordoba does not have an official concision function, it will suggest words to substitute in each item you write which will increase the clarity.
    • There was no daily word, symbol, or paragraph limit that we could find. So no need to be concerned about a cap!
    • They do give you the option of choosing between British and American English.

    Major Customers of Qordoba Grammar Checker Tool

    They have many clients all over the world however agencies and consultants are their largest customer base.

    Competitors of Qordoba Grammar Checker Software

    The biggest competitors of Qordoba are Writer and Slick Write.

    Pricing of Qordoba Grammar Checker Software

    They do not have a free version. They have a trial version, and you have to contact them on their website for pricing plans.

    10. LanguageTool

    The LanguageTool Grammar checker software will repair your most inconvenient errors with great accuracy and speed, as well as enhance your written English.

    It all began with Daniel Naber in 2003 as an open-source project.

    LanguageTool then quickly gathered a large number of contributors, admirers, and followers, and has since evolved into a service that helps millions of people improve their writing every day.

    Top Features And Benefits of LanguageTool Grammar Checker Software:

    • LanguageTool’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive, with a color-coded workspace.
    • The free LanguageTool plan supports up to 20,000 characters. That’s not as terrible as some of the other items on this list.
    • Because it’s open-source, you can acquire a slew of other plugins to extend its functionality even further.
    • LanguageTool provides exactly what it says: it allows you to check grammar in a wide range of languages from across the world.

    Major Customers of LanguageTool Grammar Checker Tool

    There are more than 1 million active addon users, and more than 150 firms use the language tool. Some noteworthy companies are Morgan Stanley and Glencore.

    Competitors of LanguageTool Grammar Checker Software

    Some of their biggest rivals are White Smoke and Scribens

    Pricing of LanguageTool Grammar Checker Software

    There is a free version as well as a trial version. There are 2 paid plans which are “Individual Users” and “ For Teams”.

    What Is Grammar Checker Software?

    A grammar checker is an application that goes through your writing looking for grammatical errors, punctuation problems, wrong spellings, and difficulties with sentence structure.

    The software almost guarantees that your work is perfect, several tools assess tone, style, and syntax.

    These can be downloaded or available online or even come as plugins that install on your browser.

    Grammar checker software assists you in locating each phrase in a document and looking up each word in the dictionary.

    They can parse the phrase into a form that meets the grammar using a variety of rules and algorithms to detect many faults such as tense, number, and word order agreement, among others.

    What Should You Look for When Choosing A Grammar Checker Software?

    There are a number of things to consider when choosing the best grammar checker software for your needs. Some of the things to be aware of while choosing are:

    • Check if the Price is feasible for you
    • Look for a lifetime buying option rather than a subscription model
    • See if there is a trial version available before buying
    • Check to see if a plagiarism checker is available
    • Research about customer support and quality assurance for the software
    • Go through the reviews made by verified customers
    • Look for an easy-to-use interface
    • See if the software has a comprehensive grammar-checking ability
    • Check if there is a translation feature built-in
    • Research the software to see if there is a character limit

    If you take into account all these points we are sure you will be able to choose the perfect grammar checker software for your business.

    Who Can Use A Grammar Checker Software?

    A grammar checker may be beneficial to everyone. Whether or not you’re ready to not just use them but also learn from them is a big one.

    Grammar checkers provide various advantages in addition to the apparent error-correction features.

    Some may additionally include value-added functions such as language translation.

    Our Recommendations for the Best Grammar Checker Software

    There are numerous grammar tools available, but if you want the utmost precision and accuracy in error correction, just a few alternatives exist. Grammarly is the best choice if you want to check grammar whilst content writing.

    Slick Write and Scribens are the places to go if you’re looking for a free grammar checker for essays.


    A spelling or grammar checker should be used by any writer who takes their art seriously. They will assist you in locating and correcting problems more quickly.

    We are sure after going through our in-depth guide you have found the top piece of grammar checker which will be perfectly suited for your needs.

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