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Best 50 Profitable Business Ideas for Infopreneurs in 2023

    Are you an infopreneur searching for lucrative business opportunities for starting a new venture? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have provided a list of the most profitable business ideas for infopreneurs that can be started with little money.

    First of all, let us understand the meaning of infopreneurship. Basically, infopreneur is a combination of two words – information and entrepreneur. An individual who collects information from different sources and provides the information to the customer is called an infopreneur. Basically, an infopreneur provides organized information with value-added service.

    With a wide range of emerging technologies and the internet, you can pursue a great career in infopreneurship nowadays. Simply an infopreneur can turn the data into dollars.

    50 Small Business Ideas for Infopreneurs

    #1. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a popular and lucrative way of earning money for infopreneurs. If you can provide an expert guide for any product and service, you can start this business. Basically, you have to promote the product or service to your audience. Read More…

    #2. Affiliate Marketing Without Website

    If you don’t have a website then even you can do affiliate marketing. Actually, there are several other popular platforms where you can promote your product to your followers. Read More…

    #3. Author Books

    If you are a passionate writer, then you can author several books for your readers. Generally, a popular book writer earns both money and respect throughout his or her life.

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    #4. Become Social Media Influencer

    Basically, it is a B2B service-based business. You can share your expertise and information for the other company’s social media profiles. Nowadays, business is getting immense popularity.

    #5. Business Plan Writing Service

    If you have adequate knowledge and expertise, you can provide a business plan writing service to entrepreneurs. Basically, a business plan is an important document for both new and existing entrepreneurs.

    #6. Consulting

    Consulting is the best business for infopreneurs these days. There is a wide range of segments where people look for expert guidance. Definitely, it is an exciting and profitable venture to start. However, risk propositions are always there.

    Learn More: How to Start SEO Consulting Business

    #7. Copy Editing

    This is a lucrative opportunity for freelance professionals. Basically, you can work both with individual clients and media agencies. There are several online platforms where you can work as a copy editor from home.

    #8. Coupon Distribution

    Online coupon distribution is a more lucrative and effective business than offline. Generally, coupons come with offers and discounts. And online consumers always look for the current discount coupons for popular eCommerce sites.

    #9. Creating eLibrary

    eLibrary is just an online content library. Here, you can collect information from several resources and put them in your library for easy customer access.

    #10. Creating How-to Guide

    Creating How-to guides is a very lucrative proposition nowadays. However, you must have expertise in a specific field. Additionally, there are several options where you can share your How-to guides.

    #11. Creating Membership Site

    Generally, membership sites are amazing for community users. Basically, you can charge a good amount of membership fees for certain specific information. However, you have to address a niche segment of people.

    #12. Creating Tutorials

    Tutorials are very effective and powerful opportunities for infopreneurs. According to your area of expertise, you can create content or video tutorials. Additionally, Udemy is the best place to sell tutorials these days.

    #13. Diet Planning

    If you are a dietician or nutritionist, you can start this business. You can offer the service from your home and online basis. Even, if you are in a full-time job, you can do this as freelancing.

    #14. Direct Mail Service

    This is another lucrative B2B business opportunity for the infopreneurs. Basically, you can create emails for businesses that are looking for this service. Generally, direct mail campaigning is growing rapidly these days.

    #15. Directory Site Making

    Generally, the directory site provides huge current information. You can start a directory site focusing on a niche audience or open-ended basis. Generally, it depends on your business plan and initial investment capacity.

    #16. eBook Writing

    eBook writing is an easier option than traditional book writing. Additionally, you can offer the service to the clients also. Furthermore, there are several online platforms that coordinate both the writers and clients. Fiverr is one of the best places to work as an eBook writer.

    #17. eCommerce Consulting

    If you have the expertise in building eCommerce sites, you can consider offering the eCommerce consulting service to your clients. Basically, you have to provide guidance on building a site with the domain, hosting, etc.

    #18. e-Teaching

    e-Teaching is the most trending business nowadays. There are several sites that provide teaching opportunities for teachers. However, different types of online teaching sites include a wide range of qualifications and positions. Read More…

    #19. Event Organizing

    This is another great business in the hospitality industry. Several businesses look for professionals even management professionals for organizing corporate events. Read More…

    #20. Start a Blog

    This is one of the trending opportunities for infopreneurs. If you have expertise in a specific subject, you can start blogging.

    Learn More: How to Start a Blog & Make Money

    #21. Fitness Guide

    If you are a fitness expert, you can offer your service to the people who look for the same. With the increase in lifestyle diseases, people are becoming more health-conscious. And they look for the proper guidance to stay physically fit.

    #22. Freelance Writing

    If you don’t want to have your own blog, you can start freelance writing for other companies or sites. Check our article How To Get A Freelance Writing Job Without Any Work Experience to learn more.

    #23. Ghost Writer

    This is a great blogging opportunity you can consider even without having a blog of your own. Basically, you will write for others without exposing your name or identity. Generally, a ghost blogger is hired to create contents that are officially credited to another person.

    #24. Guest Writing

    This is another lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. basically, there are several online media companies that offer lucrative fees for guest writing.

    #25. Hosting Webinar

    Nowadays, webinars are the most powerful and effective online option for sharing knowledge, courses, training, and seminars. Additionally, you can promote your upcoming webinars in several ways.

    Learn More: How To Start A Profitable Webinar Business

    #26. Magazine Publishing

    This is a traditional mode of business. However, these days online magazines are immensely popular along with hard copies. Additionally, you can create your own magazine, or you can write for others.

    #27. Marketing Service

    If you are an experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional, then you can consider starting this business. There are several small and big companies that look for this specific service.

    #28. Marketing Tools Development

    This is a great business in the advertising segment. However, the business demands adequate skill and knowledge. You can create several marketing tools like leaflets, banners, and brochures for your clients.

    #29. Market Research Service

    Generally, startup companies and existing company who wants to launch new products or services look for market research service from professionals. If you have knowledge about the industry, you can offer this service.

    #30. Mobile App Making & Selling

    The Mobile app-making business has huge potential and vast opportunities. Since the launch of iPhones and smartphones, mobile apps have become more lucrative for new businesses.

    #31. Moderating Forum

    This is another great opportunity for the infopreneurs. Generally, forums allow readers to ask and answer several questions. And it demands moderation.

    #32. Newsletter Writing

    Newsletters are the most effective way of promoting the products and services of an organization. Therefore, companies spend a lot on professional newsletter writing services. Additionally, you can start and operate the business from home.

    #33. Newspaper Publishing

    Nowadays, this is a great opportunity for infopreneurs. Additionally, you can operate the business from home. However, you must have good writing ability for this business.

    #34. Niche Blogging

    Basically, niche blogging is an easier opportunity than open-ended blogging. And the success rate is also higher with limited efforts. You can try niches like photography, product reviews, food, etc.

    #35. Personal Training

    A personal trainer is a fitness professional. Usually, they provide exercise prescriptions and instructions to customers. In addition, they inspire clients To improve their physical fitness. Read More…

    #36. Podcasting

    Podcasting is an effective and powerful way of sharing information with your audience. You can start this business just sitting at home.

    #37. Providing Editing Service

    Both offline and online media companies look for professional editing services. It can be content editing, video editing, photo editing, and so on. And if you are an expert in this field, you can offer your service to potential clients.

    #38. Providing Press Release Service

    Most big and medium-scale companies do press release events. And brand-conscious companies always look for professional services for preparing press releases for the company.

    #39. Providing Startup Instruction

    Generally, the startup community always looks for valuable guidance and advice. If you are an expert in this field, you can offer instruction classes for start-ups.

    #40. Public Speaking

    If you love and enjoy public speaking, then you can consider becoming a successful public speaker. Generally, successful public speakers enjoy both popularity and money.

    #41. Sales Training

    Every product and service-based company often looks for professionals for sales training. Basically, sales training is an ongoing process. However, you must have skill, knowledge, and presentation ability.

    #42. Seminar or Conference Organizing

    Organizing seminars and conferences are great opportunities for infopreneurs. However, you must be knowledgeable, and energetic and you must have the ability to listen to others too.

    #43. Social Media Management

    Commercial companies, political leaders, and celebrities often look for this type of professional service. If you know the subject, you can manage their social media accounts to get effective results.

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    #44. Story Writing

    Basically, story writing is an easier option than authoring a book. You can write short and long stories for books and magazines. Additionally, you can publish stories as eBooks also.

    #45. Tour Guide

    Tour guide business opportunity demands adequate knowledge of historical information and local culture about the location where you are starting the business. The business is all about sharing information about the places with a group of people in an entertaining way.

    #46. Trade Show Organizing

    Trade shows are immensely important for small and big businesses globally. Therefore, you can organize a trade show on several specific industries and segments.

    #47. Translation Service

    Translation services are fast becoming a highly potential web-based business. There exist hundreds of companies and their dedicated websites offering potential job offers for translators.

    #48. Tutoring

    Basically, this is a traditional way of earning money. You can give tutoring services to the students of your locality. Additionally, you can start online teaching.

    #49. Workshop Hosting

    This is also a great opportunity for the infopreneurs. One can host a workshop on any subject of expertise. Basically, people love to join workshops for hands-on experience and learning.

    #50. YouTube Video Making

    This is a trending opportunity for infopreneurs nowadays. And the earning potential is also huge. Additionally, info-based channels are as popular as entertainment channels on Youtube.

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