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Best 35 Business Ideas & Opportunities in the Music Industry

    Are you a musician and looking for a profitable opportunity in the music industry? If YES, find here a list of lucrative music business ideas to get inspired.

    Generally, the music industry consists of several renowned companies and professional individuals. In addition to that, the industry offers numerous small and large music-related businesses that have great potential. Basically, the music industry includes all the people involved in the creation, performance, recording, promotion, and managing of the profitable business of music.

    Broadly, you can find three segments of the entire music industry. These are creative professionals, performance professionals, and business professionals.

    Any individual having talent and aspiration can initiate a business in this industry. However, like any other kind of startup, you must analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you must understand the market potential of that particular service that you are going to offer.

    List of 35 Music Business Ideas

    Here is a list of top profitable music business opportunities for music lovers:

    #1. Album Cover Art

    This is a lucrative business that you can initiate both on a part-time or full-time basis. Basically, good-looking album covers are very popular items in interior decoration. And if you can create attractive album covers you can earn a good profit from it. You can sell the products in retail distribution, from your own store, and on online marketplaces.

    #2. Become a Professional Singer

    If you have a good voice and a passion for singing, professional singing can be the right career path. A successful singer makes millions all across the globe.

    #3. Disc Jockey

    DJ service is one of the most emerging businesses in the music industry. Both in social and commercial functions, the DJ plays an important role in entertaining the guests. However, initiating a DJ service or mobile DJ business demands specific skills and talent. If you genuinely love beats and making people happy, the business is just for you.

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    #4. Entertainment Lawyer

    Actually, entertainment lawyers help their clients to understand legal agreements, ensuring that the terms are in their client’s best interests. They work with Recording Groups, Record Producers, Songwriters, Music Publishers, Record Label Executives, Music Producers, and Composers. So, depending on your location, you must have a bachelor’s degree in law to start this business.

    #5. Become a Piano Artist

    There is a wide scope of making passive income as a piano artist. Other than performing on stage, a piano player can make money by creating a YouTube channel, tutoring students, selling new compositions to producers, creating soundtracks, and many more.

    #6. Karaoke DJ Service

    The popularity of the karaoke DJ is increasing these days. And the business has good potential in almost every city in this world. However, starting a karaoke DJ business demands startup investment for procuring essentials. To promote your business, you can contact event planners, local restaurants, clubs, bars, and nightclubs.

    #7. Local Event Artist

    Becoming a local event artist is easier than other performance-based businesses in the music industry. Also, you can initiate the business almost without investment. Contact the local event planner, musical band, and leisure points where you can perform.

    #8. Lyrics Writing

    This is another lucrative sector you can concentrate on. Actually, lyrics are the main aspects of every song. And all the time the music and entertainment industry looks for good quality lyrics. You can start lyrics writing business from home even on a part-time basis.

    #9. Musical Band Management

    Generally, music band management demands sound skills and knowledge. In this business, you will need to concentrate on every single aspect including instruments, performance, etc. In every region, people enjoy the performance of the local band. So, starting this business is highly lucrative for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the music industry.

    #10. Musical Instrument Renting

    Even if you don’t have any sort of talent, you can start this business. However, you must have sound knowledge of different types of musical instruments. Generally, music bands and individual performers prefer to hire instruments than buy them. So, there is always a market for this type of service.

    #11. Music Blog

    If you want to start a music-related online business, then you can consider starting a blog. According to your area of interest and knowledge, you can concentrate on different sectors. Some of the most popular options are lyrics blogs, song collections with reviews, online song downloads, etc.

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    #12. Music Instrument Repair Service

    Nowadays, the music instrument industry is highly upgrading. Artists use more sophisticated and improved quality instruments for performance. And these instruments definitely need repair and service. If you know the subject, you can consider starting this business. However, the business demands moderate startup investment.

    #13. Music Lessons

    This is another great business you can start in any size and in different models. You can just provide music lessons to the individual students or consider initiating a music school. Broadly, there are two basic segments you can concentrate on. These are vocal and instrumental. However, each segment has several subsections.

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    #14. Music Podcasting

    Podcasts are getting more popular these days in every sector. And if you want to start an online music business, then you can consider music podcasting. In your podcast, you can include songs, lyrics, and everything you want to share with your audience.

    #15. Music Therapy

    Basically, music therapy is a clinically proven use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. However, in starting this business, you must conduct the program for becoming an authorized music therapist.

    #16. Music Video Making

    Nowadays, music videos have a high demand. Whenever an artist launches a music album, he or she looks for a good quality music video. However, initiating this business demands a clear conception and understanding of the subject.

    #17. Online Music Instrument Store

    If you have sound knowledge about different types of instruments and you want to start a retail music business, then you can consider this online opportunity. With a small eCommerce store, you can sell musical instruments online.

    #18. Piano Tuning Service

    The piano needs frequent tuning. If you know how to tune a piano, you can consider starting the business even home-based. In that case, you can provide the service at the customer’s doorstep. Also, you will need to procure some important equipment and hand tools for tuning the piano.

    #19. Music Recording Studio

    If you want to start a long sustainable music business, then you can consider starting a recording studio. Definitely, the business demands moderate capital investment. For recording the songs, artists need a specific studio. And generally, they pay the hourly rate for using the studio including the apparatus.

    #20. Record Store

    Actually, you don’t need to have any sort of talent to start this music business in the retail industry. Nowadays, a record store sells different records, CDs, DVDs, and other things related to music. Also, you can accommodate a coffee shop inside the store for earning better margins.

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    #21. Song Licensing

    This is another service-based music business you can start without startup investment. You can have the copyright of the song and then you can provide the song to use for others in exchange for fees. The business has the potential of generating revenue for a long period of time.

    #22. Song Writing

    Actually, songwriting demands specific talent, skill, and practice. Established songwriters earn huge money. You can write songs for movies, albums, advertisements, or commercial purposes also. Also, you can consider writing songs for individual artists.

    #23. Sound Effects Producing

    Sound effects production demands sound knowledge and skill. Actually, sound effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds. In motion picture and television production, a sound effect is a sound recorded and presented to make a specific storytelling or creative point without the use of dialogue or music. So, this type of service has a huge demand in the media and entertainment industry.

    #24. Street Performer

    If you are looking for a music business that you can operate locally, then you can consider this opportunity. Actually, street performers perform either as an individual or with a team. However, in both cases, you need specific instruments and equipment.

    #25. Theme Song Creating

    Theme songs are short-duration songs. Actually, these are special pieces that are created for a special reason. Nowadays, specific TV programs, radio programs, commercial companies, and even wedding ceremonies have a theme song. So, if you know the process of creating theme music, you can consider starting this business.

    #26. Touring Artist

    If you want to start an outdoor-based music business, then you can consider starting a business as a touring artist. Also, you can sell tickets and other music-related items to the people passing by the roads. With proper planning, you can start this business with almost zero investment.

    #27. Used CD Store

    This is another great retail business you can consider. After a certain duration of time, people don’t want to keep CDs in the home. You can collect those CDs and sell them from the store. Also, you can offer replacement facilities to your customers.

    #28. Voice Coach

    Initiating this business demands specific skills and knowledge. If you can establish yourself in the music industry with a renowned voice, then only you can earn money as a voice coach. You can teach the lessons to the individuals or consider initiating your own institute.

    #29. Wedding Band

    If you want to set up a music band, then you can consider starting your own wedding band. Definitely, this is a niche wedding-related business. Additionally, you will need to build a team to perform. And practically, there are a lot of ways you can promote your business in your area.

    #30. YouTube Music Personality

    Currently, YouTube is one of the most happening social media. And if you have talent, you can set up a popular YouTube channel of yours. Depending on your skill and expertise, you can teach musical instruments, perform singing, or do something else. If you really can deliver useful things to your audience, you can definitely generate a huge number of subscribers.

    #31. Composing Service

    Generally, song composing demands specific skills and knowledge. It is not only songwriting. You will need to create a specific scale for every instrument for that particular song. If you know the subject, you can offer a song composing service to the people who need it.

    #32. Jingle Writing

    Generally, jingles are very popular advertising material on both television and radio media. If you really enjoy creating short jingles with music and lyrics, you can definitely consider starting a jingle writing business. The requirement of startup capital in this business is almost zero.

    #33. Music Distribution Business

    Musicians of all kinds look for professional music distributors to sell music CDs, videos, vinyl tapes, cassettes, and other digital assets. For individuals having reasonable financial resources and networks, music distribution has the potential to fetch huge returns.

    #34. Music Publishing Business

    As a music publisher, the primary job is to ensure the artist gets payment without hassles from customers using their tracks for commercial use. At present days, music publishing is among the most profitable music business ideas worldwide.

    #35. Music Management Business

    Music management is another business that is becoming more and more popular nowadays. As a music manager, you will be responsible for handling commercial contracts and programs of the artist.

    In starting a performance-based music business you must have talent and passion. However, if you want to earn money as a business professional, you must have investment capacity in the music industry.

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