How to Sell Photographs and Make Money

Are you interested to earn money selling photographs online? Online photo selling business opportunity is perfect for a professional photographer and also for those who love photography and want to turn their hobby into a profitable business venture.

There is always a huge demand for good quality, unique photographs, and many online agencies are ready to pay for it. You can start the online photo selling venture from home with a small budget.

Skills For Online Photo Selling

For starting an online photo selling business, you need to know not only about photography but also about the salable photograph and how to create an excellent quality salable photograph. Your photos should be bright, colorful, sharp, and telling a story that fits the theme.

You can take some tutorial classes for photography online or in person. Also, you will need to have photo editing knowledge.

To create an online salable photograph you need to be equipped with skills of cropping and straightening, levels and curves, shadows, and highlights as Photoshop CS, color saturation, etc.

Equipment For Online Photo Selling

To start online photo selling business cameras and computers are the primary requirement. It is always advisable to use a minimum 8-megapixel camera and shoot with a digital DSLR camera. Buy appropriate lenses according to your camera and what kind of photo you want to shoot.

For interiors/architecture and landscape it is recommended to go for a wide-angle lens. For portraits/still photo is a standard or small telephoto lens. For outdoor/press is telephoto lens is recommended.

Online Photo Selling Business Model

Do some research on advertising or marketing materials that are available in the market. Checks out what kind of photos are being used in what type of advertisement. Whatever you want to shoot view the object from a photographer’s point of view. Always carry a release form with you. You will need to submit the signed release form, from the people in the photos.

There are two ways you can start an online photo selling business and earn money.

Firstly, You can visit online photo selling marketplaces and submit your photographs there. There are many online agencies that are there globally; who accept photographs and make the deal with the buyer and you will get the price for that.

Some of the most popular online photo selling websites are Fotolia, Shutterstock, Alamy, iStockphoto, Dreamstime, SmugMug, Flickr, 123rf, Photodune, etc.

Secondly, You can create your own photography website with a blog and upload your photographs with the price. You can read our detailed guide on how to create a photography blog.

We would recommend you go for both if you are serious about making good money.

If you want to start the online photo selling business creating your own website there is a need to do some online promotion of your website. Also, you can go to social media sites like Facebook to start with.

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