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Best 28 Highly Profitable Shopify Business Ideas in 2024

Do you want to start a Shopify online store? Thinking about how to start? Don’t worry. There is a readymade e-commerce platform of Shopify to assist you. There are so many Shopify-related business ideas that will fetch you good profit returns.

Shopify-related business ideas comprise goods as well as services of various kinds. Therefore you can start any business of your choice or convenience on the Shopify platform.

As the concept of e-commerce is gaining immense importance, you can get a good price and profit from your Shopify-related business idea.

Shopify-related business ideas give you many built-in advantages like SEO, social media marketing, and secure payment processing. Therefore you have a sound platform to start your online store.

28 Shopify Business Ideas

1. Dropshipping Store

Start your dropshipping business in Shopify. You can choose items that have good global demand like handicrafts, paintings, apparel, gadgets, etc. This Shopify-related business idea gives you the advantage of starting your online store with minimum investment.

2. Apparel Online Store

If you are a fashion designer or have skills in designing clothes you can start an online apparel store. This Shopify-related business idea will give you wider exposure and a client base. Use your creativity and innovation in designing the apparel. You can also create a niche for your apparel business like bridal dress, party dress, casual, etc.

3. Print-on-Demand

Print-on-demand allows you to manufacture and sell custom-designed items like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. Shopify effortlessly interacts with print-on-demand services, making it simple to launch your own branded merchandise store.

4. Subscription Box Services

Subscription box services, which include everything from cosmetic goods to gourmet foods, are extremely popular. Shopify allows you to build up a subscription-based business in which consumers receive handpicked product boxes regularly.

5. Tech Gadgets and Accessories

There is a constant desire for creative tech items and accessories, as more and more new digital gadgets hit the market often. Create a Shopify store to exhibit the latest gadgets and technology accessories.

6. Virtual Services

Virtual services are much in demand now. Take this up as your Shopify-related business idea and provide an array of services like virtual assistance, digital marketing, social media marketing and publicity, image building, etc. Good knowledge of language along with a prominent presence in social media will boost your business.

7. Paintings and Handicrafts

If you are a painter or have good contacts and network with artists and craftsmen, you can start your online painting and handicraft store. This Shopify-related business idea has a prominent place in the platform and a huge demand. Choose your items carefully and make a good variety in your stock to attract different kinds of customers.

8. Create a Jewelry Store on Shopify

Jewelry is a popular and favorite item for any store. If you are a jewelry designer or a collector, you can start an online jewelry store. This Shopify-related business idea being very popular you will have a lot of competitors. Try to create your niche in the jewelry business by selling innovative jewelry like tribal jewelry or fusion jewelry and keeping the prices at an affordable range to attract more customers.

9. Food Supplements

A food supplement store is a profitable Shopify-related business idea. These supplements are much sought after by fitness freaks, sportsmen, and others. You can sell supplements of reputed brands and get a good commission on each sale. Promoting new brands through your store is also a good business option.

10. Canned Fruit and Vegetables

Canned fruit and vegetables have gained popularity globally. Start your online store of canned fruit and vegetables and earn a good profit from the sales. Organic fruits and vegetables are at the top list. If you have your processing unit, this Shopify-related business idea will help you market your products. Otherwise, you can sell products of reputed brands.

11. Packaged Food

Different kinds of packaged food are available in the market and have a great demand among people of all age groups and profiles. Therefore you can start an online store of packaged food and earn a good income from this Shopify-related business idea. Try to emphasize healthy food items.

12. Bakery Items

Bakery items are all-time favorites. Open your online bakery store on Shopify and sell different varieties of baked food for a high profit. Insist on low-calorie and diet-friendly items to get the attention of the younger generation. Keep a close eye on the quality of food you sell.

13. Beverages

Selling beverages is a profitable business. You can take it up as your Shopify-related business idea and sell different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages that include varieties of tea, coffee, juices, aerated drinks, health drinks, etc. Alcoholic beverages can also be sold after you fulfill certain legal conditions.

14. Travel Accessories

We require so many big and small travel accessories. So opening a travel accessories shop can be a profitable Shopify-related business idea for you. You can sell a wide variety of items from luggage to shoulder pillows in your shop. On the contrary, you can create your niche on a few specific items. Both will give you a good income.

15. Indoor Plants

People have a fascination for indoor plants for interior decoration, air purification, good luck, and so on. Online store selling indoor plants is a great Shopify-related business idea for you. Good contact with an equipped nursery is very important for this business. You have to focus on attractive pots and good packaging also.

16. Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils have a steady demand. Hence an online kitchen utensil store is a lucrative Shopify-related business idea. Sell various kinds of kitchen utensils for cooking as well as servings made of various materials like glass, porcelain, melamine, etc. Keep items of various sizes to suit the needs of different categories of customers.

17. Pet Products

Online stores of pet products have a good customer base. Open your pet store in Shopify and earn a good income. Keep items like pet food, dresses, beds, accessories, toys, etc. Considering the increasing numbers of pet lovers all around, this Shopify-related business idea will grow within a short time.

18. Home Improvement Products

Different varieties of home improvement products are available and have a high demand among homeowners. Hence you can open a home improvement products store in Shopify and get good profits. Keep a good stock of convenient, good-looking, and space-saving items to boost your sales in this Shopify-related business idea. Handcrafted cushion covers, storage boxes, and space-saving racks are some of the examples.

19. CBD Products

CBD or Cannabidiol products have a good demand and an online store of CBD products can give you high profits. Do your research or consult an expert before working on this Shopify-related business idea. Keep items like CBD oil, gels, capsules, skin creams, etc to attract customers with different requirements.

20. Car Accessories

Online shops of car accessories have a very good client base. Open your car accessories store at Shopify and sell a variety of products ranging from seat covers to music systems, cleaners to car fresheners and get a lucrative income. Insist on the good quality of products for getting referrals and repeat customers.

21. Computer Accessories

An online store of computer accessories is a very profitable Shopify-related business idea. You can start your computer accessories shop and sell a wide range of products for high profits. Products of reputed brands will get you more business.

22. Bookstore

Bookstores have a constant demand despite the digital revolution. Open your online book store and earn a comfortable income through sales and commissions from the publishers. Keep good blends of collections ranging from the classics to contemporary literature, sci-fi, and some textbooks to get customers of different age groups and profiles.

23. Sports Goods

Online sports goods shop is a good business in Shopify. Keep a good stock of goods for various sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, etc. A good brand name is a great advantage in this Shopify-related business idea.

24. App Development

Are you trained in App development and have a lot of ideas? Start your online app development store and earn high profits. You can sell different kinds of apps like healthcare, beauty, public utility, and games under this Shopify-related business idea. Making apps according to the client’s requirements is also a good option.

25. Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is now a common concept for financing new business initiatives or start-ups. You can start a crowdfunding initiative as a Shopify-related business idea wherein you can create a fund and lend it to the business. Otherwise, you can develop a special crowdfunding app to collect funds for the business.

26. Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics made from pure herbs have a very high global demand. Hence you can start an online store of organic cosmetics as your Shopify-related business idea. Keep a wide range of cosmetics starting from creams, lotions, and oils to lipsticks, eye make-up, face masks, etc.

27. Maternity Clothes

Maternity fashion is a popular concept now. Hence you can open your online store for maternity clothes. This Shopify-related business idea has a good demand and is hence very profitable. Design comfortable and convenient clothes in tune with the latest fashion trends. Celebrity maternity fashion can be your guideline to appeal to would-be mothers.

28. Fitness Equipment

Many people prefer to buy fitness equipment online. Hence starting an online fitness equipment store can be a great Shopify-related business idea for you. If you are a fitness expert this business will suit you. Otherwise, you have to get certain ideas about them. Attach experts’ opinions on each piece of equipment for creating a USP for your store.