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Top 10 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Uttarakhand

    Are you searching for profitable business ideas in Uttarakhand? Here in this post, we list down 10 lucrative investment opportunities in the state of Uttarakhand in India for your ready reference. These ideas are generated according to the raw material availability and the market opportunities in Uttarakhand.

    Uttarakhand earns maximum revenue from tourism. Agriculture also plays a major role. Basmati rice, wheat, soybeans, groundnuts, coarse cereals, pulses, apples, oranges, pears, peaches, litchis, and oilseeds are the most widely grown crops in the state.

    There is prospective development in IT, ITES, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and automobile industries. The service sector of Uttarakhand mainly includes tourism, information technology, higher education, and banking. Real estate also has become a happening sector in Uttarakhand.

    Here are the best businesses to start in Uttarakhand with low capital investment:

    10 Small Business Ideas in Uttarakhand

    #1. Start an Adventure Tourism

    The high mountains and rivers of Uttarakhand attract many tourists and adventure seekers interested in sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, ice skating, sailing, parasailing, kayaking, canoeing, yachting, trekking, and hiking.

    It is also a favorite destination for adventure sports, such as paragliding, skydiving, rafting, and bungee jumping. This is the best place to start an adventure tourism business.

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    #2. Computer Training Institute

    The education sector is growing in Uttarakhand. You will find a lot of schools, colleges, and universities there. Any individual can initiate a computer training institute in Uttarakhand.

    The computer training institute is an ideal business opportunity for aspiring computer-savvy professionals. Running a computer training institute with some other value-added services can be a profitable and self-rewarding business.

    #3. Fish Farming

    Fish farming is an important part of the economy of Uttarakhand. Apart from agriculture, industries, and tourism, fishing also plays an integral role in the economy of the State. Some of the most grown fishes are Mulley, Monstrous Goonch, Tangra, Butchwa, Indian Trout, etc.

    Fish farming business opportunity demands special knowledge, skills, and day-to-day careful monitoring. Commercial fish farming has proven to be an economically successful business venture throughout the globe.

    #4. Grow Cash Crop Plants in Uttarakhand

    Identifying and selecting profitable cash crop plants to grow is the most crucial factor in a successful commercial farming business. Cash crops are simply plants that are grown or managed, harvested, and sold for cash rather than for sustenance. In earlier times cash crops were usually only a small part of a farm’s total yield.

    Today especially in developed countries, almost all crops are mainly grown for revenue and export.

    #5. Horticulture

    Horticulturists produce fruits, flowers, and plants in greenhouses and nurseries. The selection of crops and methods is important in this business. According to the climatic condition, Uttarakhand is the perfect place for horticulture crop farming.

    #6. Photography

    The Himalayan region of Uttarakhand is a popular tourist destination that possesses Alpine conditions represented by cold winters with prolonged snowfall, considerable rainfall in the monsoon, and pleasant summers. The state attracts huge tourists. You can start a home-based photography business here with a small capital investment.

    #7. Real Estate

    The real estate sector is growing in Uttarakhand for domestic, commercial, and retail purposes. ant sort of real estate business operation would be a profitable proposition for new entrepreneurs.

    #8. Start a Restaurant in Uttarakhand

    Some of the most famous hill stations in India are here. Mussoorie, Nainital, Dhanaulti, Lansdowne, Pauri, Sattal, Almora, Kausani, Bhimtal, and Ranikhet are some popular hill stations in Uttarakhand.

    The state of Uttarakhand has 12 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries which cover 13.8 percent of the total area of the state. You can start a restaurant business here with specialty food to serve the tourists and the local people.

    #9. Start a Tourism Business in Uttarakhand

    Uttarakhand has many tourist spots due to its location in the Himalayas. There are many ancient temples, forest reserves, national parks, hill stations, and mountain peaks that draw a large number of tourists. There are 44 nationally protected monuments in the state. Tourism is one of the best business ideas in Uttarakhand.

    #10. Transportation Business

    The state has 28,508 km of roads, of which 1,328 km are national highways and 1,543 km are state highways. Remote towns and villages in the hills are connected to important road junctions and bus routes by a vast network of crowded share jeeps. The air transport network in the state is gradually improving. Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the busiest airport in the state. Transportation is one of the most profitable business ideas in Uttarakhand.

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