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Top 25 Travel Magazines That Pay Writers for Article Contributions

Writing for travel magazines provides a platform for your creativity and expertise. Also, it offers a chance to earn a steady income. Whether you are an established writer or just starting out, there are numerous magazines that value quality content. They are also willing to compensate you for your contributions. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best magazines that pay for articles, opening the door to exciting writing opportunities.

Traveling is food for the soul. It makes you open-minded and flexible as a human being, who is ready to face hurdles. Though traveling sounds exciting, it needs a lot of practical planning. To help in this planning, travel magazines come to the rescue which are the most reliable source of information. Research each magazine’s guidelines, tailor your pitches accordingly, and embark on a fulfilling journey as a paid contributor.

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Here is the list of reputed travel magazines that offer paid freelance writing jobs:

25 Travel Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers

1. Baja Life

Pay: 10 cents per word

This travel magazine promotes tourism, education, and the protection of the Baja Peninsula. The various topics covered in this magazine are Recreational Activities, Marine and Desert Ecology, Tourist Interests, The Native People of Baja, Environmental Issues, etc.

This travel magazine invites writers to submit articles within 2,000 words in length. The payment is made upon publication. Additionally, we would encourage you to read through the submission guidelines thoroughly

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2. Verge Magazine

Pay: 10 cents per word (Canadian)

This travel magazine caters to people who travel with a purpose. The readers of this magazine are generally young, active, and independent travelers.

They invite articles that are issue-driven and informative. In addition to this, this travel magazine expects feature articles to be 2,000-2,500 words long. The payment is made upon publication.

3. Matador Magazine

Pay: 3-9 cents per word

This travel magazine has been running since 2007. The magazine generally looks for original articles and visual stories about travel and culture.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to read through the submission guidelines carefully.

4. New Mexico Magazine

Pay: 40 cents per word

This travel magazine is the publication of the New Mexico Tourism Department. The magazine focuses on the multi-cultural heritage of New Mexico, climate, and the environment.

In addition to this, they invite submissions from freelancers.

5. Texas Highways

Pay: 50 cents per word

This is the official travel magazine of Texas. The magazine engages travel within the state by documenting Texas destinations for the readers. They have 500,000 readers in 54 countries.

The payment is made upon acceptance.

6. National Geographic Traveler

If you’re a travel enthusiast, National Geographic Traveler seeks captivating stories, destination guides, and travel experiences. The compensation varies based on the complexity of the piece.

7. Westworld Magazine

Pay: 60 cents per word

This travel magazine is the largest circulation publication in Western Canada. The magazine showcases local, regional, and international travel stories.

This travel magazine invites freelancers to submit their work.

8. Travel+Leisure Magazine

Pay: $1 per word.

Though there are no specific online submission guidelines for this travel magazine, This magazine is written 95% by freelancers.

9. Roads & Kingdoms

Pay: $25-150

This travel magazine is an independent journal of travel, food, politics, and culture.

They do not invite complete manuscripts; hence you should pitch a paragraph or two.


Pay: $25

This travel magazine has unique and entertaining coverage of travel experiences and destinations. They do not encourage ‘extra fluff’ or ‘guidebook lingo’ in their articles.

The submissions should be 800-2000 words in length.

11. Motherly

Pay: $50

This travel magazine focuses on articles that must relate to indie travelers. They look for interviews with travelers and tips on saving money, packing, and other topics.

They invite articles within 1200-2000 words in length. The payment is made upon publication.

12. Hana Hou! Magazine

Pay: $50-175

This travel magazine looks for creative nonfictional submissions that express a fresh attitude towards travel, culture, people, and life in general, in Hawaii.

13. Perceptive Travel

Pay: $100

This travel magazine focuses on travel writing by and for independent travelers. The most important point is, that you must be an author with a book in print before pitching your ideas.

14. Road and Travel

Pay: $100

This travel magazine provides content from which its readers can make intelligent decisions regarding travel and vacation plans. Hence, they invite well-informed and well-researched articles.

In addition to this, the articles should be 1000-1200 words in length.

15. Oregon Coast Magazine

Pay: $100-650

This is a bi-monthly travel magazine. It has a circulation of 40,000. The magazine features stories of regional interests.

The payment varies with the word count and is made within 30-60 days of publication.

16. PathFinders Travel

Pay: $150

The main audience of this travel magazine is African Americans. They are looking for fresh, original, and well-informed articles about travel and the travel industry.

Furthermore, this travel magazine expects articles to be not more than 1000 words and to be submitted based on a specific format.

17. Transition Abroad

Pay: $150

This travel magazine focuses on articles that provide inspiration as well as information that readers need to make their own plans. They invite thoughtful writers who would provide information that inspire others to engage in travel experiences.

Additionally, they encourage writers to submit content in the following categories: Working Abroad, Living Abroad, Studying and Student travel Abroad Culture Travel, and Culinary Travel.

18. AAA Midwest Traveler

Pay: $400

This is a bi-monthly travel magazine that covers the Midwestern regions including Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Indiana, along with Eastern Kansas. They provide their readers with a variety of useful information on travel.

In addition to this, this travel magazine expects 1200 words length feature articles. The payment is made upon publication.

19. Boundary Waters Journal

Pay: $500

This is a quarterly travel magazine that focuses on articles about wilderness recreation, nature, and conservation within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), Quetico Provincial Park, and Superior National Forest.

This travel magazine invites freelance writers who would contribute content on topics such as wilderness canoe trip journals, fishing how/where to, camping advice, hiking trips, wildlife profiles, history, natural resource issues, fiction, wilderness essays, hunting, winter camping/activities, and more.

In addition to this, they encourage articles within 5,000 words. The payment is made upon publication.

20. HAWAII Magazine

This is an award-winning bi-monthly travel magazine.  The magazine has a circulation of 68,000 with a readership of289, 000. The readers of this magazine are the ones who love Hawaii and visit often but primarily reside outside Hawaii.

They invite freelance writers for a wide range of topics, such as travel stories, personality profiles, history, culture, music, etc.

In addition to this, they encourage submissions from writers who live in and are well-informed about the islands.

21. LA Times

LA Times, for the travel section, encourages freelancers to send content on the following topics: Weekend Escape, Features, and Travel destinations for print. They expect the writers to pitch their ideas before sending the submissions

Additionally, there are strict rules for submission. Hence, we suggest you read the guidelines carefully.

22. Backpacker

Backpacker is a North America-based travel magazine. This is a very old travel publication published in both digital and print formats. The magazine focuses on hiking and other forms of human-powered modes of travel.  They are in need of content within the following topics: Features on destinations, gear, personality, etc.

The payment for freelance writers ranges from $.40 to $1.00 per word depending on the quality of the article.

23. Alaska Airlines Magazine

This is a monthly in-flight lifestyle magazine that is 75% freelance written. It informs and entertains a well-educated and sophisticated audience. The magazine reaches almost 2 million travelers each month in about 100 destinations.

Calls for submissions are made within the following topics: travel destinations, museum exhibits, business, and influential community leaders.

Furthermore, they invite articles to be 2,500 words in length. The payment is made upon publication.

24. Wanderlust

This travel magazine creates and stores all important information about travel in one space. They like submitted content to be within the following categories: destination features, dispatches, special interest features, and consumer articles.

In addition to this, they expect articles to be no longer than the 2,200-word limit.

25. Outpost Magazine

Pay: The payment varies based on the stories

This Canada-based travel magazine aspires to inspire and guide travelers who are looking to connect with people and experience their culture. The usual readers of this magazine are curious and active college-educated men and women. The online stores generally range from 800 to 1,500 words.

Thus, we hope this list of travel magazines helps you to find the ideal for you to share your insights and stories that would help the readers of these travel magazines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an article to these magazines?

Visit the respective magazine’s website for submission guidelines and contact information.

Do I need prior writing experience to contribute?

While prior experience helps, some travel magazines are open to fresh voices and perspectives.

What types of articles do these travel magazines accept?

The magazines mentioned cover a wide range of topics, from travel and lifestyle to science and personal experiences.

How much can I earn from writing for travel magazines?

Payment varies based on factors such as the length and complexity of the article, the travel magazine’s budget, and the writer’s experience.

Can I submit articles to multiple travel magazines simultaneously?

Some travel magazines accept simultaneous submissions, while others may have exclusive submission policies. Always check the guidelines.