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Top 15 Reputed Educational Magazines That Pay Writers

Are you searching for educational magazines that pay writers for their contributions? Find here a list of top-paying educational magazines that pay writers.

There are several education-based magazines worldwide that pay writers. However, it is difficult to find out them. We hope this list will definitely encourage you to work with those sites. However, different sites deal with different types of topics. Therefore, you must follow the guidance of that particular magazine before sending the articles.

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Find below a list of the best educational magazines paying writers for your ready reference.

List of 15 Top Educational Magazines That Pay Writers

1. Notre Dame Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Notre Dame Magazine is a widely-circulated, quarterly publication of the University Of Notre Dame. It is dedicated to reporting alumni activities and covers institutional events, people, and trends. This publication also addresses relevant topics for its Catholic audience. They expect feature articles with 2,000 words or more.

Additionally, Notre Dame Magazine invites you to pitch your ideas via email.

2. Teachers & Writers Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Teachers & Writers Magazine is dedicated to teaching the art of writing through college as well as in non-classroom settings. They are in need of articles on different subjects. These are Lesson plans, Interviews, Student writing, and The art of teaching writing.

You can send pitches, ideas, and articles via email. Please check the site for detailed editorial guidelines.

3. National School Boards Association

Pay: Unspecified

NSBA is billed as the ‘nation’s oldest education publication’. They provide the most comprehensive accounts of emerging education trends and solutions available to school board members, superintendents, and other administrators. They encourage prospective writers to submit manuscripts no more than 2,500 words long.

This publication expects emails in a specific way. So, please read their website carefully before starting work.

4. The School Magazine

Pay: $300 (Australian)

The School Magazine is a widely-read Australian literary magazine. basically, it showcases the most talented and best-loved children, authors, and artists from Australia and around the world. They are in need of high-quality stories, poems, plays, activities, and non-fiction texts.

They expect you to pitch your ideas and stories via email, following a specific format outlined on their website.

5. American Educator

Pay: $300

American Educator is a quarterly magazine of the American Federation of Teachers. They presently need articles on several topics. These are new trends in education, politics, features on current problems in education, education law, and professional ethics.

Additionally, American Educator invites freelancers to send them pitches, rather than completed articles.

6. Kappan Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Basically, Kappan Magazine addresses issues related to K-12 education. They are in need of content that interests most K-12 educators.

They expect writers to send manuscripts – including an abstract – of no more than 100 words, via email or by post. Please be familiar with the publication before attempting to write for them.

7. Aurora Magazine

Pay: 50 cents per word

Aurora Magazine publishes content for alumni and friends of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. They invite prospective freelancers to pitch ideas via email.

This magazine is only published twice a year, so do check its website for editorial guidelines and calls for submissions.

8. Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Pay: $1 per word

Teaching Tolerance targets to pre-K-12 educators. They are in need of articles on several pieces. These are Features, Why I Teach, and Story Corner. They expect feature articles within the 1,600-word limit.

This publication likes writers to send queries via email. They also encourage prospective freelancers to make themselves familiar with the magazine before writing their pieces.

9. Mizzou Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Generally, Mizzou Magazine maintains the emotional link between alumni and their alma mater. They expect articles on the following topics: education, food, health, and the environment.

They expect pitches to be made by email. You can find submission guidelines in detail on their site. So, make use of these before sending in your proposal.

10. Tech Direction

Pay: Unspecified

Tech Direction covers a wide range of topics related to technology, CTE, and applied science education. They invite prospective writers to submit content on the above subjects. They expect each manuscript within 2,000 words limit.

Pitch your ideas via email. This publication also welcomes photos with submissions.

11. Texas Home School Coalition Review

Pay: $100

THSC Review publishes reviews on curriculum and explores the different approaches to various learning styles. They invite submissions of articles between 1,000 and 1,200 words.

This publication likes pitches and ideas to be sent by email. Please make yourself familiar with the magazine before querying.

12. Screen Education

Pay: $300

Screen Education Magazine publishes articles by educators and scholars. They invite submissions on screen literacy programs for teachers and students within the primary and secondary school departments – in all curriculum areas.

Screen Education expects pitches and ideas through email.

13. The College Store

Pay: Unspecified

The College Store magazine helps collegiate retailers improve their service, operations, and bottom line. They are interested in effective practices, emerging trends, problem-solving, and innovations related to running a successful college store.

Currently, they are in need of content on different topics. These are Merchandising and Marketing, Campus Relations, Student shopping behaviors, Financial Management, and more.

Additionally, you can get detailed information on how they expect articles on their website. Please have a look at these before writing.

14. Today’s Catholic Teacher

Pay: $250

Today’s Catholic Teacher is a widely-read publication. Basically, it targets K-8 educators concerned with private and Catholic education. They invite prospective writers to submit feature articles no longer than 1,500 words.

This publication has a specific system for submissions. Therefore, you must peruse their site before starting work.

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15. Women in Higher Education

Pay: $150

WIHE is dedicated to providing women on campus with practical ideas and insights to be more effective in their careers and lives. They encourage prospective writers to submit articles not exceeding the 2,200-word limit.

Each department has a different editorial theme, so it’s a great idea to check this closely before planning your writing.

Writing in educational magazines is a great money-making opportunity for passionate writers. However, you must have the right skill and updated knowledge to earn money from writing in educational magazines. We hope the above list of best educational magazines that pay writers will help you in earning money through writing in educational magazines.