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Top 21 Profitable Business Ideas for MBA Graduates in 2024

Most MBA graduates prefer to work with big corporates and MNCs. However, some of them choose a career in entrepreneurship. Regardless you have an MBA in Finance HR Marketing or any other stream, here you can find 20 chosen small business ideas for MBA graduates.

Generally, MBA degree holders often get good jobs. However, it is not astonishing these days if an MBA graduate fails to secure a job according to his or her expectations. And because of having the most effective business skills, one becomes an entrepreneur very soon.

Also, some MBA graduates shift to entrepreneurship after pursuing a job for a certain duration of time. Whatever the situation you have, this list of the most lucrative small business ideas for MBA graduates will surely help you in making an informed decision.

21 Business Ideas for MBA Graduates

#1. Advertising Consulting

Initiating an advertising consulting firm is the perfect opportunity for individuals who have an MBA degree in the marketing stream. Most of the small and medium companies in their growing phase prefer having a marketing consultant rather than a payroll employee. And if you establish an advertising consulting company, you can provide customized services to several organizations.

#2. Agri-Business Consulting

Often agri-based companies suffer from a lack of business expertise and look for specialized consultants. So, if you can find solutions for your clients, you can consider initiating an agri-business consulting company. However, it is a highly skill-oriented segment. And depending on your client’s business activity, you will need to provide the services.

#3. Asset Management Company

Establishing an asset management company is a perfect business opportunity for MBA finance students. In this business, you will need to provide advice and guidance to your clients about the proper fund investment and buying securities. So, as you deal with other’s finances, you must be highly responsible.

#4. Business Plan Writing Service

If you are looking for a part-time opportunity that you can explore at home also, then you can start this business. In the different stages of the business life cycle, owners often look for effective plan writers. A business plan is an effective tool for raising startup capital, loans, and even grants. So, you can make plenty of money out of this type of business.

#5. Start a Blog

Nowadays, many management professionals are making good money running blogs in different niches. If have a strong passion for any subject and love sharing your thoughts, starting a management-related blog can fetch you good returns.

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#6. Corporate Training Service

Corporate training is a multi-million dollar industry throughout the globe. It is a vast segment. It offers numerous different types of training to the employees of different organizations. Also, corporate training companies help freshers to be prepared for the job. However, it is a specialized segment. Depending on your expertise and skill, you can provide corporate training services in exchange for fees.

#7. Corporate Wellness Service

Here your primary responsibility is taking care of the well-being of the employees at the workplace. Employees are the biggest asset to any successful and growing company. So, established companies always look for effective and responsible corporate wellness service providers. Generally, corporate wellness includes a wide range of niche services like regular health checks, yoga, gym activity, stress management, etc.

#8. Debt Management Consulting

If you are an MBA graduate in the finance stream, you can consider initiating a debt management consulting company. Companies dealing with financial products, manufacturing products, or distributing products often look for this type of service. Generally, debt collection and debt recovery are the primary responsibility of a debt management company.

#9. Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing is gaining huge popularity these days. If you have an MBA degree in the marketing stream, then you can consider initiating this business. Also, you must have specific skills and knowledge that are required to start a digital marketing agency business.

#10. eBook Business

Nowadays, eBooks are gaining popularity over printed books. As the demand for eBooks is increasing rapidly, the potential of the eBook business is also growing. There are numerous ways you can explore for initiating an eBook business. You can publish your eBooks or earn money by crafting eBooks for others.

#11. eCommerce

Nowadays, eCommerce is one of the most trending sectors globally. And definitely, this is one of the best options for MBA graduates who want to tap this opportunity. It is not always correct that starting an eCommerce business demands huge capital investment. There are plenty of niche areas that you can explore with moderate investment too.

#12. Financial Advisor

Financial advising is a challenging and responsible career path for any individual. Having an MBA degree in finance, one can start a financial advising consulting company with minimum investment. Even, you can start the business part-time and home-based too. Financial advisory is a vast segment. Some of the prominent areas are investment, debt, funding, break-even, ROI, etc.

#13. Logistic Company

If you have an MBA degree in supply chain management, you can consider initiating a logistics company. Generally, logistics companies provide surface services, air services, rail services, etc. Also, most of the companies provide warehousing facilities. Starting this type of company demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment.

#14. Management Consulting

For aspiring MBA graduates, management consulting is one of the most preferred and self-rewarding ventures under the sky. Generally, management consultants help small and big businesses to improve their overall performance. Also, they help in the critical decision-making process. Therefore, you can earn a good amount of fees from your clients.

#15. Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting is a niche segment in the management consulting area. Generally, marketing consultants provide specific services in numerous fields. Some of the most potential areas are online marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, content marketing, etc. Also, marketing consultants find new avenues and scope of development.

#16. Market Research Service

Market research is a very essential tool not only for startup companies but also for growing organizations and companies who want to introduce new products or services in the market. As it is a specialized service, it has great demand. If you are an expert in doing market research, you can initiate this business.

#17. Medical Tourism Company

Initiating a medical tourism company is an ideal business for MBA graduates who have a degree in the healthcare management stream. Globally, a lot of people visit foreign countries to get proper medical services at reasonable rates. Generally, medical tourism companies arrange the tour and suggest the best healthcare facilities available to their clients.

#18. PR Agency

Generally, PR stands for public relations. Initiating a public relations agency business is the perfect opportunity for MBA graduates from the marketing stream. The PR agency business demands sound knowledge in marketing and advertising. Generally, this type of agency creates and maintains a positive image of their clients to their target audience and establishes a long sustainable relationship.

#19. SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is another great business you can start if you know the subject. Nowadays, internet users are increasing very fast. And every small and big business increasingly showing interest in online presence. And in any type of online business, SEO plays a very vital role.

#20. Staffing Agency

MBA graduates from the human resource management stream can consider initiating a staffing agency business with very little capital investment. However, this type of business demands sound communication skills and networking ability. This is one of the most profitable B2B businesses for them.

#21. Business School

Initiating a business school is big business. It requires intensive market research, effective planning, and startup investment. However, it is an interesting and self-rewarding business for any MBA graduate. Business schools are university-level study centers that offer degree courses in business administration and management.

If you are an MBA graduate and interested in entrepreneurship, the above-mentioned business ideas for MBA graduates we believe will give you the required inspiration to start a venture of your own.