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Best 20 Online Learning Platforms in 2024

Online education has become more accessible in recent years with the increase in Online Learning Platforms. Thanks to technological advancements there are several platforms to choose from. The online e-learning and online course market is growing like nothing before and is expected to grow and is expected to reach $325 billion by the year 2025.

This might make deciding the Best Online Learning Platforms for you and your preferences appear overwhelming.

This is why we have come up with this article to help you out. By the end of this article you will be able to;

  • Choose the best online platform according to your needs
  • Understand what exactly are online learning platforms
  • Figure out what are the advantages of using an online learning platform
  • Find a guide to choose the best online learning platform right for you

The trend isn’t slowing down, online learning will become even more popular in formal education, on-the-job training, and other areas.

For your convenience to pick one we have shortened it down to the best online learning platforms. Let’s take a look at them.

20 Online Learning Platforms

1. Udemy

Udemy covers almost everything under the planet – from computer programming to finance, and from healthcare to arts! This is truly the best online learning platform out there. 

Their comprehensive website is designed with a virtual classroom system in mind. Which makes it simple for you to connect with your teachers and peers.

In doing so, it encourages you to communicate with other students to receive any help if you require it. 

However, there is one thing to be aware of while choosing a course on the Udemy platform – since anybody who wants can publish content on Udemy, the quality of a particular course might not be the greatest. 

So double-check for reviews and comments and research about the teacher. 

With that being said, this is still undoubtedly one of the greatest online learning platforms for businesses, general skill development, or simply trying out eLearning.

Some tutorials are accessible completely for free.

Top Features:

  • They offer a wide selection of professional courses, making it excellent for acquiring both hard and soft skills for job advancement.
  • There are thousands and thousands of low-cost courses available, with many shorter ones that are as low as 1 dollar.
  • Free learning options: You’ll still need to sign up, but they offer thousands of free courses.
  • Students may download video courses to watch offline, listen to courses via podcast, or view courses on Apple TV and Chromecast using the Udemy app.

2. Coursera

One of the most well-known online learning platforms is Coursera.

It is a collection of courses created, financed, and distributed by prestigious universities from across the world.

These programs are for students who want to have access to university resources and materials without having to pay the high fees that come with attending college.

Even though this online learning platform isn’t yet a substitute for colleges, it is a great way to learn new things or enhance what you already know.

This might help you get a better understanding of topics and offer you an advantage in your job.

Individual courses and training pathways are available, and students may join for free. However professional certifications that are recognized are offered for a charge.

Top Features:

  • Recognized university degrees –  they provide genuine degrees online for individuals who finish a course by collaborating with over 200 renowned colleges.
  • Course prices are far lower than those at traditional colleges, and some are even free.
  • Coursera’s training materials may be downloaded and used offline while on the go.  A free app is also available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Coursera’s courses feature a variety of rich media, such as graphics and films, materials such as ebooks, and hands-on tests.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an Online Learning Platform that provides an unusual approach to self-paced learning by allowing industry leaders to run courses on their site.

Furthermore, these are shorter courses geared toward students who wish to obtain a swift working understanding of a certain skill or technology.

They provide lessons in several disciplines, including website designing, coding, marketing, photography, logo designing, and more.

Those interested in changing or establishing a profession can enrol in learning pathways that include a variety of classes and programs.

This platform is also available on a subscription basis. You have complete freedom to attend as many classes as you like.

Individual courses can be purchased, but they will be more expensive if you want to attend more than one class.

Top Features:

  • It is excellent for developing your career, after completing a course, you will receive a certificate. These are excellent to post on your LinkedIn page.
  • For up to one month, you can access all 16,000+ courses and other learning materials for free.
  • Many individuals use LinkedIn to advance their professions or companies. As a result, having an integrated learning platform may be quite beneficial.

All classes may be downloaded to the LinkedIn Training mobile app and viewed offline at any time.

4. SkillShare

SkillShare is a distinctive online learning platform in comparison to its rivals since it relies on the community to contribute to both the learning and teaching elements of education.

The platform ensures that virtually all hobbies are addressed by hosting a range of programs ranging from cuisine, art, and architecture to software development and marketing.

One of the finest aspects of this online learning platform is that all content is organized into bite-sized chunks, which helps to alleviate the typical complaint of boredom among students enrolled in programs.

This is one of the greatest online learning platforms if you want to improve your creative talents.

Top Features:

  • Emphasis on creative skills – Several courses focus on creative talents such as animation, graphic design, and user interface/user experience design.
  • History of producing high-quality students. It is known that the highest-paid students earn more than a million dollars per year.
  • You may either stream or download classes to view when you’re not connected to the internet. Apps for Android and iOS are available from Skillshare.
  • You may join a group of other creatives and work together to fulfil your goals thanks to built-in social capabilities.

5. TreeHouse

Next on our list of the best Online Learning Platforms in the world is TreeHouse.

Treehouse specializes in material that focuses on teaching programming and development skills.

Each item in their library has been carefully selected to ensure that every student has a positive learning experience.

These programs are developed by in-house specialists who are employed expressly for this purpose.

The overall quality of these courses is higher compared to the other online learning platforms which allow anybody to become an instructor and pass on their expertise.

Furthermore, these programs include periodic quizzes and examinations that allow you to monitor your learning progress.

There is also a free trial available.

Top Features:

  • They have a very simple, completely customizable interface as well as a mobile app
  • TreeHouse provides a comprehensive learning experience, video lectures are combined with interactive assessments, quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments.

6. Edx

In 2012, two of the world’s most prestigious universities — Harvard University and MIT – launched EdX. All of EdX’s courses are user-friendly and created by educators with extensive expertise in their disciplines.

EdX is also well-known for its ‘MicroMasters’ programs, which provide students with free graduate-level instruction.

You may rapidly revisit essential elements of a course using video transcripts for each class.

They serve as a reference guide and work effectively in conjunction with lecture learning materials that provide summaries of all essential themes.

On successful completion of the program, you may also pay for a certificate that shows and certifies your expertise.

They have a lot of variety, diversity, and skill levels to offer. For advanced learners, this is one of the greatest online learning platforms.

Top Features:

  • Course selection is not limited, and the teachers include world-famous personalities such as Gordon Ramsey and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  • The video lectures are of excellent quality and provide an excellent mix of binge-worthy fun and knowledge.
  • EdX has a strong feeling of community, with a thriving forum and chances to collaborate.
  • Flexible learning –  With on-demand learning and training, you may study at your speed whenever you choose.

7. GoSkills

Students, entrepreneurs, professionals, or corporate personnel may all benefit from GoSkills’ online business training.

GoSkills builds short, snappy, and interesting video lectures that provide important knowledge and skills in incredibly simple chunks, similar to other leading online learning platforms in this sector.

You will be able to incorporate learning into their hectic work and project schedules in this manner.

What are the courses offered? Microsoft Office, accounting, project planning, and business productivity abilities are all on the list, as are design, web development, and soft skills like authoring, presentation skills, mannerisms, marketing, and team management.

Top Features:

  • If you don’t enjoy a course, you may get a full refund within 30 days after enrolling.
  • They have courses covering a wide range of subjects in depth – Computer programming, economics, data science, engineering, architecture, arts, and language are some of the fields of study.

8. Alison

Allison is one of the best-known names when it comes to Online Learning Platforms. Programming, career development, and engineering are all popular topics of study on Alison.

They also provide diploma programs that provide in-depth teaching and training in professional areas such as project management, entrepreneurship, and web design, among others.

Alternatively, a certificate for completed courses and a specialty in a separate area can be obtained.

Companies and organizations, on the other hand, utilize Alison to reach out to potential students and learners to help them expand their businesses and hire trained and qualified employees.

You will be taught through a variety of tools, including PDF papers, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more.

Top Features:

  • World-famous specialists from businesses like Activision, Reebok, and Instagram are among the teachers who lecture on Allison.
  • Allison offers a very straightforward and open pricing system, with three options for individual users and two for corporations.
  • A yearly subscription grants you access to the complete class collection, which contains at least two new courses each month.
  • You can view the courses on their websites, or you could just install an app on your phone or perhaps even your television.

9. Pluralsight

Pluralsight offers courses in software, art, and business to both people and organizations.

Experts organize all of their courses into pathways, removing the uncertainty from learning.

This method assures that anyone who chooses to follow a certain path will learn a lot about the subject.

It is intended for both organizations and people who wish to stay current with new technologies or acquire a whole new skill or technology.

This platform is a little more expensive than others, with memberships beginning at a premium. It is charged annually, not monthly.

Many students, however, believe it is well worth the money because of the high quality of content and study opportunities.

Top Features:

  • Pluralsight is great for career training since it caters to the needs of the IT industry.
  • Users can access email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as phone and live ticketing support during business hours.
  • Courses are suitable for preparing for globally recognized accreditations in the technology industry.
  • Offline training: Pluralsight offers a variety of applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS that you may use to download training courses. Apps for Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV are also available.

10. Khan Academy

Next comes Khan Academy. It began as a platform for children to learn subjects like math and science for school, and it has expanded to include more complex and college-level courses.

Each of their courses is taught by specialists who work for them, they excel in teaching technical subjects like physics, mathematics, and computer science.

Furthermore, this platform is free to use. Thousands of students who could not afford to pay for other platforms have flocked to it to obtain training and education in a variety of areas.

This is among the biggest free venues for digital training.

Top Features:

  • Khan Academy is completely free, with no strings attached.
  • They are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing students with a free, world-class education regardless of their location.
  • Courses are intended to assist you in learning and fill in any knowledge gaps you may have.
  • They have specialized courses for some of the common joint entrance exams.

11. DataCamp

DataCamp is among the world’s leading online learning platforms if you wish to obtain website-building expertise and a career in computing.

It aims to reach a similar audience as Pluralsight and Udacity.

They provide courses in programming languages and data analysis to obtain a career in computer science or as a business consultant, for example.

The library contains tons of programs that may be taken separately.

You will profit the most from participating in so-called SkillTracks, which teach a skill from beginning to end and provide a certificate that is likely to be recognized by future employers.

To try it out, there is a free trial available.

Top Features:

  • Datacamp’s tight emphasis on data skills means it delivers exceptionally high-quality courses in this field, whereas other online learning platforms cater to a far broader variety of topics.
  • Hands-on learning: All of the courses are designed to be interactive, with practical learning –  virtual laboratories and short films. Modeling tools and use cases are also among them.

12. Codecademy

Boredom and a loss of motivation are two of the major issues raised by students enrolled in online courses.

By organizing material in the form of challenges and activities, Codecademy takes a different approach to teach (mostly programming languages) their learners.

This has been proven to be a successful teaching approach, as evidenced by student testimonies.

Many firms, like Google, Uber, Intel, and PayPal, have also joined up to use this platform to better educate their staff.

This is an all-in-one service, and the annual subscription is also quite reasonable.

Top Features:

  • They have expert-authored courses of the highest quality on a wide range of programming languages and topics.
  • Organizations can follow an employee’s development across their various learning routes.

13. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is like Coursera a concept in the online learning industry that allows students to pick from a choice of courses offered by institutions all around the world.

Students may take their time and learn the topic of their choosing at their own speed because they do not live classes and do not have a time limit.

Additionally, after completing the course content, you can acquire a certificate of completion.

FutureLearn wants to be comparable to an open university, offering online courses in everything from personal finance to arts.

It is one of the most well-known and highly regarded online learning platforms in the United Kingdom.

Top Features:

  • With partnerships with dozens of the world’s best universities, FutureLearn is an excellent option for getting a widely recognized degree online.
  • Specialist courses – If you wish to further your profession or change careers, you can choose from a variety of specialist training programs.

14. General Assembly

Webinars are used by the General Assembly to provide courses online. Past students have described their lectures as “very intuitive.”

Web development, mobile development, product management, and data sciences are among the subjects covered in the course.

They have a wonderful learning feedback loop that is always active. After most definitions/explanations, you’ll see a multiple-choice question.

They have connections with several well-known firms that assist students in finding new employment possibilities.

Even though their primary focus is on people and college students, General Assembly also offers a corporate training program for companies looking to provide in-depth training to their staff and employees.

Top Features:

  • They have a vast library of educational resources covering a wide range of topics.
  • You have the flexibility to tailor your user interface to your specific requirements.

15. OpenLearning

Another reputed player is OpenLearning. They are one of the best for developing business and technological skills, and they provide highly recognized online degrees.

However, you can also benefit from their free education and development program courses. Professional certificate programs and “micro” degrees are also available on the site.

OpenLearning caters to people and organizations of all skill levels, with topics ranging from How to create an online course of your own to sophisticated computer topics such as Big Data and Cyber Security.

Keep in mind, that because OpenLearning enables anybody to publish content on their online learning platforms, some programs may suffer from a lack of quality.

Top Features:

  • Quizzes and exams are given in each lesson to measure your learning outcome.
  • They have a talent exam to identify your weaknesses and strengths.
  • You can learn at your speed using a desktop or mobile device to access information.
  • Here you can acquire a vast number of useful business skills and receive in-house certifications.

16. Thankful

Thinkful promises that you will be given a job after finishing their innovative 1-on-1 coaching program, which covers basic to advanced web technologies.

Even though this is among the most expensive online learning platforms available, its methods have indeed been proven to work, as seen by much glowing feedback from past learners.

The mentoring teaching approach guarantees that every student can keep up with the teaching content while also having the opportunity to ask questions and obtain advice from experts who have been working for years in the business.

Courses are usually well-organized and pleasant to look at. It groups them into career pathways and displays them in a detailed chart.

Top Features:

  • There is a distinct emphasis on management, leadership, and business-related topics.
  • With Thinful Internal Learning, tournaments may be organized using gamification elements.

17. SitePoint

SitePoint comes next on our list of the Top 10 Best Online Learning platforms.

They are primarily focused on web developer training and provide all of the courses that you would need as a web developer to master cutting-edge technology and even establish your businesses.

They cover everything from basic web development subjects like UX Design and HTML to sophisticated and popular technologies like JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.

However, because all of the information is free and may be taken at any time, the lack of any advice on which course to take may impede your learning experience.

Having some prior understanding of the topic will make your experience as a SitePoint student more productive.

Top Features:

  • Sitepoint perhaps has the most comprehensive course catalog in the business.
  • There are resources for all levels of expertise: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

18. SkillCrush

​​SkillCrush focuses on transitioning a student to job-ready individuals who will bring value to the work environment.

They do this by providing courses in a blueprint style that lays out the exact information needed to pursue a certain vocation.

It’s an excellent online learning platform for individuals who want to change their specialization or skill set, as all of the lessons begin with fundamental principles.

After a few classes, the platform claims to provide you with the tools to develop projects on your own.

There are additional certificates available, as well as a nice dark mode.

There are numerous free courses available on the site, as well as a paid upgrade.

Top Features:

  • With the corporate plan, you may create custom courses.
  • There are a plethora of free, high-quality technical courses available, including some that are brand new.

19. Udacity

Udacity provides a wide range of programs, although the majority of them are focused on technology, machine learning, and coding.

It’s a one-of-a-kind online learning platform founded on the idea that classes should be developed by the people who are hiring individuals with those abilities.

As a result, every ounce of information given at Udacity is backed up and offered through partnerships with industry heavyweights like Google and Uber.

Udacity courses are organized into nano degree programs, which require a monthly subscription charge to obtain full access to all course materials.

They are so confident in their learning techniques that they offer a premium plan that promises you a job in your chosen area within 6 months of completion, or a complete refund if you don’t get one.

Top Features:

  • The straightforward design allows students to concentrate on the subject at hand without being distracted.
  • Because Udacity focuses solely on business technology, it can provide high-quality courses suited to particular interest groups.
  • Individual students and companies can choose from a variety of programs offered by Udacity. Instructors can also make their courses and submit them.
  • Career advancement – The platform provides a variety of additional services to assist users in advancing their careers and landing their ideal employment.

20. Ed2Go

Ed2Go offers career counseling and vocational training to people who want to broaden their horizons.

They have two types of courses: Online Career Education and Classes.

Online courses are time-limited, with regular sessions scheduled at particular times, whereas Online Career Education is a self-paced form of learning.

Furthermore, they address a wide range of topics, including business and programming.

They also have a segment on course content that shows the important points of the courses as well as the expected time. There are also prerequisites, evaluations, and background information about the teacher. They also have a smartphone app. The annual fee includes unrestricted access to the library as well as certificates. There is no requirement for a subscription.

Top Features:

  • Ed2Go has lessons utilizing a mix of media, such as brief films that are complemented by quizzes
  • Remote employee training can be done simply and efficiently.

What Exactly Are Online Learning Platforms?

Any internet platform containing educational content that offers training and information to individuals in the form of video tutorials, workshops, web conferences, etc is known as an online learning platform.

Some systems go even further by providing live webinars and hands-on instruction.

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Learning Platform?

Individual learners have a plethora of fascinating new chances to advance their professions. Better accessibility and inclusivity are two of the major advantages of online learning platforms.

Depending on the sort of learner you are, there is a slew of other advantages:

  • Recent high school graduates: Online courses or degrees are typically less expensive than on-campus options. You can learn from the ease of your home or even while on your first job.
  • Career-minded Individuals: Online learning platforms can assist career-minded individuals in achieving their objectives without incurring the significant fees associated with traditional conferences and seminars.
  • Businesses benefit greatly from online learning since it makes it simpler to educate new workers or reskill existing employees.
  • Sector Hopper: People moving sectors to advance their professions has become increasingly popular in recent years.
  • However, in the past, this typically meant abandoning their employment to attend expensive training programs.
  • People may now learn at their speed from the comfort of their own homes thanks to online learning platforms.
  • Constant Learners: No one should stop learning, as the adage goes. People interested in career development or education are not the only ones who may benefit from online courses. They’re also useful for lifelong learners who want to learn new things, whether they’re seeking a new job that requires certain talents or just want to broaden their horizons. Many persons who utilize online learning systems are retired.

How to Choose The Best Online Learning Platform – 8 Tips

Finding the proper online course for you is critical. After all, even if online learning is available to everyone, it still requires a time commitment.

It’s not an easy decision to make with hundreds of courses to select from. Here we have compiled an easy-to-follow guide to help you decide.

a) Evaluate The Courses

There are online courses available for almost any subject you can imagine.

After you’ve decided on a topic, the first step is to create a shortlist of platforms that cover it. Then, go over their course offerings and evaluate them next to each other.

b) Check Out What Other Students Are Talking About

Online reviews are excellent, however, the ones from other students are frequently the most informative. Check out some of the prominent user review websites for some feedback. Instead of looking for reviews of the platform itself, attempt to discover reviews of the subject you’re considering.

c) Look At How Recent Grads Are Faring In The Employment Market

It’ll require a bit more investigation, but LinkedIn is a good place to start. Look through social networking sites to see where online learning platform graduates wind up in their jobs.

Many platforms do not have official accreditations, but they can compensate by having a large community.

d) Examine The Credentials And Expertise Of The Teacher

Once you’ve decided on a course, search for the instructor’s information.

Because most online learning platforms do not design their courses, course quality can vary greatly amongst teachers.

A course designed by a well-known instructor or celebrity, on the other hand, could be expected to cost far more.

e) Learn About The Academic Criteria

Certain courses require you to have prior knowledge of the subject before you can apply. If you wish to get an online degree, this is most certainly the case.

Technical certificates may also need some prior experience, however, these are more frequently recommended than rigid requirements.

f) Check The Learning Platform Rank And Impression

It’s also a good idea to look at professional reviews (like from the above part) of the platforms and courses you’re considering. Compare and contrast the various advantages and disadvantages to understand how they could affect your learning experience.

g) Check To See Whether You may transfer Your Credits

You may be capable of transferring credits from a prior course if you wish to obtain an online degree but don’t fulfill the prerequisites.

This might be the situation if you began your education in a college or university but later switched to online learning.

h) Calculate The Real Cost of the Course

Platforms have a wide range of pricing schemes. Some platforms offer monthly or annual subscriptions, while others charge per course. Degrees earned online are almost always paid in full.

Keep in mind just how much the course will cost to complete and don’t forget to account for any additional costs, such as materials.


These Online learning platforms provide flexible programs and allow you to improve your abilities from the comfort of your own home or abroad.

Whatever your passions, if you are devoted to learning, all doors are wide open to you. There is a lot to take advantage of from these websites.

We’re certain that from this article you have discovered which online learning platform works best for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post; we hope you found it informative and useful. We wish the best of success to all of our fellow students out there.