Top 25 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Delhi

Are you looking to set a small business in Delhi?  Are you looking for the best small business opportunities in Delhi NCR? Find here complete details of small business ideas and investment business opportunities here in this article.

The population of New Delhi has increased rapidly in the last 10 years. From a figure of 400000 in the year 1901, the population of Delhi has increased to around 18,248,290 in the current year. According to the census of India, the population of Delhi was around 16,753,235. There has seen tremendous development in transport, education, and other facilities offered by the government and other agencies here.

The population of Delhi is expected to rise by 40% by the year 2020. Better roads and a good living standard here creates attractive investment opportunities for Business Owners. The business climate provides a lot of  Small Scale Business Opportunities here.  Not only are locals visiting the capital, but tourists from all over the world have also made their way to the capital of India.

If you are looking to build a business in India, Delhi is a place you should consider with the utmost importance.

25 Small Business Ideas  & Opportunities in Delhi

Find below the list of best small businesses to start in Delhi with low investment:

best small business ideas in delhi

1. Air Protection Mask

Delhi happens to be 6th most polluted cities in the world. The city suffers from air pollution mainly by road dust and industry. In addition to this, vehicles powered by diesel engines add more to the problem. The citizens in Delhi as a result looking for ways and means of tackling the situation. The demand for air protection masks is increasing day by day.

You can address the problem of pollution by manufacturing or selling air protection caps to Delhites.

2. Solar Product Distribution

More people in Delhi are looking for energy alternatives. The pollution factor is adding to this demand. Starting a solar product distribution is a potentially profit-making business in Delhi at present.

3. Tour & Travel Business

Delhi with its rich heritage has a lot to offer to foreign tourists.  With the number of domestic and international tourists rising every year, tourism is one hot sector entrepreneurs must focus on.

E-Waste Management

According to a UN study, computer waste in India alone will be growing by 500 percent from 2007 levels by 2020. E-waste is expected to escalate to alarming proportions in the developing world in the near future. The recycling and E-Waste sector opens a tremendous business opportunity for entrepreneurs in terms of e-waste management and disposal.

5. Buffet Restaurant

Buffet only restaurant is one of the most trending food business ideas. People always love to have a meal according to their own choice and enjoy selecting from many options. The right location and proper marketing strategy are important in starting a buffet restaurant.

6. Digital Printing

There are plenty of small and medium businesses in  Delhi and its adjoining tech hub city Gurugram. Starting a digital printing business is, therefore, a no-brainer. You can check a detailed post here on the list of Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas.

7. Car Rental

Renting a car is a profitable business idea in a city like Delhi. Tourists all around the world visit Delhi. Domestic demand for car rentals is also increasing. If you own a car or planning to buy one, you must consider this business in Delhi.

8. Real Estate Consultancy

Real estate agency is a still profitable business in this digital era. You can start this real estate business with your local properties. Start with every type of property such as new, resale, and rent property that needs clients.

9. Man Power Resourcing

As Delhi is one of the biggest business hubs in India, manpower demand is always there. Manpower resourcing is a profitable business option in Delhi.

10. Event Management

Event management agency business demands superior organizational and planning skills. Graduating from college in events management or a related major is a plus, but it’s not required necessity. In the event management consulting business your major customers are large corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organizations, political candidates NGO’s and many others.

11. Gift Item Shoppe

People from all around the world visit Delhi as it is the capital of India. Most of them would love to buy gifts for their loved ones. Running a gift shop in Delhi is a good option for money-making.

12. Security Agency

Starting a security agency is a profitable business. Many organizations want to keep security personnel on a contract basis. You can start this business with almost zero investment.

13. Self Defense Training

In Delhi self-defense training courses becoming increasingly popular. The security of individuals is a critical issue in Delhi. With proper knowledge and expertise, you can craft courses, especially for children, women or seniors. In this business, you can establish a self-defense training school or you can go for individual training in their places

14. Yoga Practicing Center

Yoga is gaining popularity day by day. You can start a yoga training center in Delhi.

15. IT Security Consulting

IT security consulting is one of the most trending and profitable businesses to start in a capital city like Delhi. Having skill and knowledge about IT security one can initiate this business with low startup capital.

16. Wedding Consulting

Wedding consulting business comes naturally to a person who is organized, focussed on details and loves to coordinate events. Your creativity can make other’s wedding day memorable for a lifetime. You can start this home-based business with low startup capital with the help of online promotion.

17. Finance Consulting

Finance consulting includes various different finance-related services. Having proper expertise and knowledge, any individual can start this business as home-based also. It includes insurance, investment planning, tax consulting, bookkeeping, business consulting, collection agency, expense reduction analyst ant a lot more.

18. Image Consulting

If you love pulling together the perfect outfit, you may want to consider becoming a fashion or image consultant. While it may not be obvious at first, the reasons that people may need an image consultant are quite varied.

19. Franchise Opportunities

There are plenty of franchise business opportunities offered by reputed brands in Delhi. And for the new entrepreneurs, it is always better to start a business as a franchise partner of an established company. Some of the lucrative segments are food retail, beauty, fashion, clothing, education, etc.

20. Printer Cartridge Refilling

Any can initiate a cartridge refilling business based at home with low capital investment. As the business grows you can turn this into a retail store. You can also buy a franchisee of a reputed cartridge refilling brand.

21. Start a Blog

If you are looking for a legitimate home-based business opportunity in Delhi with a nominal investment that has the potential of making millions of Rupees, think of starting a blog.  There are plenty of blog niches that are yet to be unexplored here in this part of India.

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22. Fitness Center

Since Delhi is a cosmopolitan city, most people are health conscious. There is a good demand for professional fitness centers here. If you want to get into the fitness industry with low investment and high profit, consider opening a fitness studio.

23. Start a Dropshipping Business in Delhi

There is no shortage of suppliers and wholesalers of products in and around Delhi. The challenge for most suppliers is to sell their products. If you are the one who does not want to take hassles of stocking products but to make money selling third-party products, dropshipping is just the right business for you.

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24.  T-Shirt Printing Business

At present, t-shirt printing is one of the most profitable businesses. There are many in Delhi who are making good money out of this business. One reason to start is that it requires very low investment and the profit margin is quite good. You can even start a t-shirt printing business from home with an investment as low as Rs. 50,000 in Delhi.

25. Start a Web Designing Business

As the country is getting more digitalized, the need for professional web designers is on the rise. You can get into the web designing business and make good money.

We have listed top small business ideas and opportunities in Delhi. Find the one which suits you most and start your business right now.