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Best 25 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Norway

Starting your business in the ‘Happy Country’ of Norway is certainly a good decision. It has the second position in the better life index and the first position in the human development index. Therefore your business will have favorable growth.

The economy of Norway is a highly developed mixed economy. Hence you will find it easier to start your business in this country.

Norway is one of the top-ranking countries with respect to ease of doing business. Therefore you will find little difficulty in starting your business in Norway.

Norway is highly developed in technology. Along with it, innovative business ideas also flourish very well here. All these factors are favorable for you to start your business in this country.

Many business ideas are suitable as well as profitable in Norway. Find out your preferred business opportunities from the list.

25 Business Ideas in Norway

1. App Making

Apps are very much in demand in Norway.  If you are a programming specialist, you can start App making business in Norway.  However, try to be innovative in your app idea. Apart from making apps for different companies, you can also make different service or utility-based apps for people in general. It is your unique idea that will keep you ahead and help in making a profit. Online publicity of your app-making business along with a website is necessary.

2. Graphic Design

Graphic design has its demand in many areas. You can start your graphic design business and work for audio-visual ads, presentations, news coverage, entertainment portal, and website designing. Good knowledge of graphics, imagination, and understanding of the content are the qualities you need to be a successful graphic designer. Online and offline marketing are also necessary.

3. Fintech

Fintech is becoming popular in Norway. Therefore you can start your fintech business in this country. However, you have to research well on the demand of the particular sector of fintech in Norway. It is better to choose mobile payment or money lending services that are the most popular fintech service. You need good networking and strategic marketing and maximum penetration of the market to earn good profits from the fintech business.

4. Start an AI Company

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has good demand, especially in a developed economy like Norway. You can start your business by implementing AI in various areas of business like accounting, bookkeeping, sales figure maintenance, customer relations, inventory management, auditing, etc. The area has a huge prospect and you can avail this demand to grow your business.

5. Computer, Laptop, Tab shop

Uses of computers, laptops, or tab are very common in a developed country like Norway. Hence it is a good idea for you to start a shop selling computers, laptops, and tab. You can take dealerships of reputed brands or sell locally assembled devices. Both have a good margin of profit. Choose a good location for your shop and advertise it well.

6. Computer Service and Repair

The use of computers also needs servicing and repair. If you are trained in hardware maintenance and repair you can start your computer service and repair business. In this business, you can enter into a long-term contract with business houses where you will be in charge of the repair and maintenance of the entire system which has a high payment. Providing service to individual clients is also profitable. Good marketing and publicity are needed to grow your computer service and repair business.

7. Open a Café/ Coffee Shop

Café is an all-time good business idea. Start your café in a populated area or near the office or college-university area for a greater number of customers. Good coffee, good snacks, and good décor will fetch you a good profit margin. You need planned marketing and publicity for your coffee shop business.

8. Seafood Restaurant

Norway is famous for seafood. Hence starting a seafood restaurant is a profitable business venture for you. Serve tasty dishes of the famous crab, cod, salmon, or trout. The dishes must be cooked in authentic Norwegian cuisine and you must check the quality of the food served. Good location and marketing are very important to grow your seafood restaurant business.

9. Food Truck

The food truck is a common and accepted concept that is profitable with low capital. Start your food truck business in urban areas and serve fresh and fine food at different times of the day. Drive your food truck to places where there are many people so that your food gets sold quickly. Advertisement and word of the mouth publicity are very important for your food truck business.

10. Cigar Lounge

Since smoking is prohibited in public places, a cigar lounge is a good business idea. Start your cigar lounge at a good location. It should have a good décor and enough space to accommodate smokers. Keep cigars of different brands and also serve light snacks. Publicity and advertisements are necessary for your cigar lounge business.

11. Language School

Language school is a profitable business in Norway. If you know multiple languages it is a good business idea for you. Teaching languages like French, German, and Russian, etc have good demand. You can teach from home, in a rented classroom, or take online classes. Online marketing, especially social media marketing plays an important role in growing your business.

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have a good demand everywhere. If you have organizational skills, you can start your business as a virtual assistant from home. You need a website for contact and publicity and good advertising. You can also enlist your business at different online portals like Fiverr or Upwork to get orders.

13. Tourism

Tourists love to visit Norway. Hence tourism can be a good business option in Norway. Being a tourism agency, you can take the entire responsibility of travel of your clients from tickets to local tours. Otherwise, you can also start a business as a local tour operator or tourist guide. You need a certain license and permit for the tourism business. Your website and online advertising are also very important.

14. Photography/Aerial Photography

Photography is a lucrative business in the beautiful country of Norway. You can start your business as a tourist photographer or news, advt, or event photographer. Along with that, aerial photography with the help of drones is also very profitable. You need good marketing and publicity.

15. Event Management

Event management is a profitable business idea in Norway. You can start your event management company and take the responsibility of managing various kinds of events like corporate events, marriages, social get together, anniversaries and birthday parties, etc.  You need a good personal network along with well-planned online and offline marketing strategies. Apart from that, a good team of staff with an eye for detail and time management capacities will make your event management business successful.

16. Online Store

Online business is the call of the day. Start your online store along with its app and earn good profits. There are many things that you can sell online starting from grocery items to beauty products, medicine, or electronic gadgets.  You can also create a niche by selling uncommon things that have good demand. Website and online marketing with special emphasis on social media marketing are the key points of success in your online store business.

17. Convenience Store

Norway has an active nightlife that has a great demand for convenience stores. You can start your convenience store business at a good location. Store utility items like groceries, food, beer, and tobacco to attract more customers. You have to keep the convenience store open till late at night. Therefore you will need a good salesperson to assist you and work late.  Both online and offline marketing is essential for your business to flourish.

18. Open a Beauty Salon

The salon is always a good business idea because it has a steady demand. Start your beauty salon at a good location with comfortable décor and trained and experienced staff. A unisex salon can make your business more profit-making.  A good reputation along with good marketing will make your salon business grow fast.

19. Gym Business

People are very much fitness conscious now. That is why the gym business is very profitable. You can start your gym business with equipment of reputed brands and a good comfortable place. Hire well-trained and experienced fitness trainers and provide the service of a registered nutritionist for value addition. Your contacts along with good marketing will fetch you good profit from the gym business.

20. Personal Trainer

Many people prefer to exercise at home under the guidance of a personal trainer. If you are a skilled trainer or a Yoga expert, you can start your business as a personal trainer and serve several clients all day. You need a good knowledge of the exercise equipment so that you can suggest suitable equipment to your client.  Online and offline marketing is very important in your business.

21. Open a Clothing Boutique

The boutique business is much sought after in Norway. If you are a fashion designer or have a good knowledge of designing, you can start your boutique business in this country. Design clothes using your innovative skill to attract clients. Make dresses that blend traditional and contemporary styles. Your contacts and good online marketing will help you in growing your boutique business. Go for sponsorships in fashion shows for the publicity of your boutique.

22. Baby Care

Baby care is a good business area as parents need the service of baby care centers to take care of their little ones. You can start your bay care center at a good location having open space and a garden for the kids to play. Hire professional caregivers and keep the center clean and disinfected. Keep good contact with a pediatric doctor for assistance in case of any emergency. Good reputation, word of the mouth publicity, and planned marketing are essential for the baby care center business.

23. Senior Care

Senior adults often need special care and services and it has a great demand. If you have the capital to invest you can start an assisted living facility for senior adults offering them an excellent lifestyle as well as exclusive care. Otherwise, you can start your business as a caregiver for senior adults or start an agency of caregivers to take care of aged persons. In every way, it is a profitable business. You need good marketing and publicity for your services.

24. Car Wash and Servicing

With millions of car owners, car washing and servicing is a great business idea in Norway. If you are a trained auto mechanic, you can start your car washing and servicing center. Add services of mobile car washing and servicing to get more clients. A good location along with planned marketing will grow your business well.

25. Export-Import Business

The export-import business is very lucrative in Norway. With proper permits and licenses, you can start an export-import business here. The items that are exported out of Norway include Crude petroleum, Fish, Raw Aluminium, etc. The items imported are Refined Petroleum, Fishing Ships, Sea Vessels, Cars, etc. You can choose roadways or waterways to transport goods. A good overseas network is key to the success of the export-import business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner start a business in Norway?

Yes, a foreigner can start a new business in Norway. However, as an outsider, you will have to get a Norwegian identification number (D-number or personal ID number) and a Norwegian business address. One can apply for a D-number while procuring your registration in the Bronnøysund register.

What are the best cities to start a business in Norway?

The following is the list of best cities in Norway to open a business.

  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim
  • Stavanger
  • Bærum

How can I get Funding for my business in Norway?

Innovation Norway provides grants for innovative Norwegian enterprises.

Can a foreigner open a business in Norway?

A foreigner can very well start a business in Norway. The Government promotes innovative and growth-oriented foreign investments in the country.

Norway is a rich and prosperous country in all aspects. Hence you can start your business here and successfully grow it and become rich and happy.