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How to Start a Profitable Clown Business in 10 Easy Steps

    People mostly like to get entertained, especially at parties, social gatherings, and other occasions. Clowns are an important part of live entertainment at different kinds of parties. If you like to entertain people or attain professional training on becoming a clown, you can start your clown business. Here in this article. we take you through the important steps like licenses, certifications, and much more to become a professional clown and make money.

    There is no specific qualification or training needed to become a clown. However, you can start your business, only if you like to entertain people and make them laugh, you can start Clown Business. There is no need for high investment for this business. You can start from your home.

    Any business big or small has its requirements. You need to follow certain rules, and steps to be successful in the Clown business. Let us go through the steps you should follow to start your Clown Business.

    Clown Business Plan for Beginners

    1. Preparation and Research

    Before starting the Clown Business, you need to be prepared for it. If you are fond of entertainment and like to spend time with people, especially kids, you will succeed in this business. You also need a good idea about what kind of entertainment and tricks people like to watch. Your nature should be sweet and friendly with the kids. If you love to do this work, this business is suitable for you.

    Before starting the business do good research on the demography of the area where you want to start your business. The area has to be thickly populated with a good number of families because Clowns have a high demand for kids’ birthday parties. Moreover, Clowns have good demand in other social gatherings like picnics, parties, etc. Many big stores and departmental stores, malls, etc. also hire Clowns to attract customers.

    This means you must have a good contact level to get more customers. It is better if many people in your area of business know you personally. That will help you get more clients. You have to gather information on the economic condition of the people in the area of your business. This will give you an idea about whether people have enough money to hire Clowns for their parties.

    An area with several departmental stores, malls, supermarkets, schools, etc. is preferred for your Clown Business, as they are your potential clients.

    2. What do you Need to Start a Clown Business?

    The primary thing required for your Clown Business is the costume. You can appear as a traditional circus clown. But it is better to appear in a variety of costumes like those of superheroes, fairy tale characters, and others. Apart from dresses, you need accessories, a makeup kit, a wig, and playing tools like balls, balloons, etc.

    If you want to perform with music, then you need instruments or a recorder to play recorded music or songs. You also need a vehicle to reach the party and come back from there. However, sometimes, transport is being offered by the clients also.

    3. Licenses Required for Clown Business

    The Clown Business as such does not require any license. However, if you are playing music along with your tricks, you need a Music License and permission from the composer of the music and the license holder. You can opt for a Blanket License that enables you to play music from a large collection by different composers.

    4. Naming your Business

    The first formal step of starting your Clown Business is to give the name of your Business. Think of an entertaining and funny name that will describe your business. Don’t go for any difficult or big name. Try to select an attractive and small name that is easy to remember and creates a lasting impression.

    Book a domain in the name of your business. A website is an essential part of your Clown Business you must have a domain in the name of the business. If your name is not available for the domain, then you have to find an alternate name following the same principles.

    5. How to Get a Clown License & Become a Professional Clown

    The clown business is essentially performance-based. It does not require any specific academic knowledge to become a clown. However, formal education in Theatre Arts or in Visual and Performing Arts will help in enhancing skills to entertain the audience.

    A music license might be required if your performance needs the help of music. If you are from the United States, permission is required to play music composed by the creator if used for commercial activity.

    After finalizing the name, you have to go through the legal formalities for giving the legal identity to the business. Among Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, and LLC it is better for you to go for LLC because it safeguards your liabilities in case of any mishap.

    Register your Clown Business for taxes, permits, and licenses. Different states have different kinds of permits and licenses. Get the required license of the particular state where your business is located.

    Get business insurance for your Clown Business. If you are hiring employee/s then go for employee benefits insurance.

    A separate bank account in the name of your business is a must. Get a credit card also. If you need it, take the help of an experienced accountant in the initial phase of your business.

    6. How Much is the Cost of Starting a Clown Business?

    If you want to start your Clown Business as a one-man show, then your investment will be on costumes, a music player, a car (if you have your car then this investment is not required), etc. However, to start with, don’t try to buy a car. Rather go for a rented car on the days of your performance. This will reduce your initial investment and maintenance costs.

    If you are hiring an assistant for you, then you have to calculate his salary. Without the salary, your investment will range between $1000-1200.

    7. How to Get Clients?

    The success of a business lies in finding out your clientele with the utmost care and attention. The target clients of your Clown Business are primarily the parents of kids, who will seek your performance at birthday and other parties.

    Families as a whole also need your service for different social gatherings. The Malls, departmental stores, and supermarkets also need Clowns for different kinds of promotional activities.

    Schools also organize shows where they will need your service. The office and corporate parties will need your service, not as a clown, but as a stand-up comedian or performer. There, you may perform without the makeup of a Clown.

    8. How Much You Can Earn from Clown Business?

    The charge for a Clown at any party or get-together may vary between $ 20-150 per hour. It depends on the scale of your performance and the kind of gathering.

    Therefore, if you get 2-3 shows per week, with more shows during the festival season, you can earn $60,000-75,000 annually.

    9. Essential Qualities to be a Successful Clown?

    To become a successful Clown and attract more clients, you need to have certain qualities.

    • First of all, you have to be of a very friendly and fun-loving nature and can interact with persons of different age groups easily and joyfully.
    • One needs a have a good knowledge of applying make-up as it is not possible to hire a make-up artist for every performance.
    • You also need a good idea of the different characters of fairy tales and superheroes.
    • You must know the basic tricks of juggling with balls or other props.
    • A good sense of music helps you to make the performance attractive.
    • Smartness and physical fitness are two very important qualities you need for a successful Clown Business.

    10. How to Earn More from Clown Business?

    To earn more profits from your Clown Business, you need to follow certain rules or norms.

    • If possible, train yourself in some professional institute that trains clowns. That will give you greater exposure.
    • Get associated with the Association of Clown Business. This will provide you with more contacts.
    • Watch the shows of other clowns to learn the different tricks.
    • Create a website for your Clown Business and create pages on different social media in the name of your Business. Upload photos in different costumes and videos of your shows both on the website and social media accounts.
    • Keep provisions for online booking as well as online payment for your shows.
    • In the initial stage of your business, organize a few free shows at different events to let your name known.
    • Maintain good public relations for getting clients and word-of-the-mouth publicity.
    • Give advertisements for your Clown Business in newspapers, magazines, television channels, and hoardings.
    • Distribute pamphlets and flyers in residential areas, schools, markets, malls, and offices to inform about your business.
    • Organize cultural events and invite strategically important persons.


    a) Is Clown Business Right for You?

    The most essential requirement to be successful is your ability to make people laugh and enjoy observing your activities. One must enjoy talking to all groups of people starting from kids and ages. He/ she must be energetic and love performing in front of an audience. In addition, experience in dancing, singing, acting, playing musical instruments, and performing magic tricks will certainly be a big plus to being a successful professional clown.

    b) What is the Future of the Clown Business?

    As long as the entertainment industry exists, the clown business is only going to prosper. There is a good demand for professional clowns at birthday parties, festivals, and corporate events, and the market has ample scope for growth. However, with time, the taste of the audience changes and so clowns must be more creative to expand.

    c) Do you need a License or Certification for Clown Business?

    Though there is no formal license required, it is advised to get trained under a reputed professional clown or attend training classes from the training institute. Do remember, this is a performing art, and the customers are the judge of your performance.

    d) What are the Costs to Open a  Clown Business?

    The startup cost of starting a clown business is minimal. One can open a clown business with an investment as low as $500. The costs include uniforms, props, makeup tools, transport costs,

    e) How Much Does A Professional Clown Make?

    The earnings will depend on your performance quality and reputation. It is seen in the United States, a professional clown with some repute earns more than $50,000 per year.

    These are the primary steps to start your Clown business. In this fast world of struggle, stress, and problems, entertainment is one thing that helps everyone to relax. If you want to entertain people with some pure fun and good feeling, you can start the Clown Business and earn good money for yourself. Bringing a smile to the face of others will also please you with good income and profits.

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