280 Catchy Event Planning Business Names & Suggestions

Have come up with the perfect event planning business concept, but looking for a business name to get started? Because not just any name will do; you need a unique, meaningful, and striking name to make your event planning business stand out. Here in this article, after a lot of research, we list down unique and attractive event planning business names and a complete guide to properly name an event management company.

You have come to the correct place because after going through our article you will be able to:

  • Find suggestions and inspirations for quickly naming your business
  • Learn how to develop a tailor-made name for your event planning business
  • Know about best branding practices used by professionals to optimally use the business name

Your business name should seem professional and trustworthy, reassuring clients that you will plan a special event for them.

We know it can get sticky but we help you through it.

So, without further ado let’s dive straight in!

List of 280 Best Event Planning Names

Whether you are short on time, need some inspiration, or looking for a specific genre you will find all the top event planning business names here.

Here are the handpicked highest-quality event planning business names just for you!

40 Best Event Planning Names List

Here is a list of the Best Event Planning Business name suggestions

  • Plan Front
  • Everything Planners
  • PlanPlannerGuide
  • Homegrown Event
  • Aroma Planners
  • Echo Event
  • Planners Vault
  • Longhorn Event
  • Breakaway Planners
  • Planners pedia
  • CountryClub Event
  • Cosmic Event
  • Showcase Plan
  • Bazaar Event
  • Earthbound Planer
  • Coverage Planning
  • Butterfly Planer
  • Planer Range
  • Planning Rise
  • Lifeline Planning
  • Ovation Planer
  • Obey Planer
  • TopLine Planer
  • Canyon Planning
  • Custom Planners
  • Planners Safari
  • Planners Last
  • Scope Event
  • Plan Hall
  • Headline Planning
  • Plan Base
  • Rings Planer
  • Freedom Planners
  • Council Planners
  • Sun Planning
  • Master Planer
  • WildWest Planners
  • Plannersaza
  • Happy Planners
  • PartyPerfect

40 Most Catchy Event Planning Business Names

Here is a list of the stunningly Eye-Catchy Event Planning Business name suggestions

  • Olympia Planners
  • oriEvent
  • Hotrod Planer
  • Citadel Planer
  • Hardcore Planners
  • Enchanted Celebrations
  • Innovate Planners
  • Event Concept
  • PartyPerfect
  • Idol Event
  • Craziness Party Planners
  • PlannersoLogy
  • Events Expo
  • PlannersPlans
  • The Royal Day Events
  • Oak Street Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Wishes
  • Every Step Events
  • Planners Centric
  • Plan Adventure
  • Upbeat Plan
  • Slick Planning
  • CrazyWe
  • Etiquette Events
  • Outstanding Events
  • StartupPlaners
  • Front Row events
  • Style Organizers
  • NightWeGo
  • Alpha Event Planning
  • Great Wall Weddings
  • Track Plan
  • Boardroom Planning
  • Hardcore Plan
  • NightParty
  • Cloud Planning
  • Happy Snaps
  • Even Better Events
  • Tap Planning
  • The Wedding Gear

40 Most Stylish Event Planning Business Names

Here is a list of very Stylish Event Planning Business name suggestions

  • Twisted Planer
  • Espresso Planer
  • BirthdayBash
  • Happy Events
  • Style Mania Planners
  • Noteworthy Events
  • Dark Roast Events
  • Cambridge Avenue Events
  • Affairs to Remember
  • Classy Events
  • Day Makers
  • BirthdayBlings
  • Elevated Weddings
  • Diamond Receptions
  • Royal Occasions
  • Splendid Stories Event Planners
  • 360 Degree Planner
  • The Bridal Helpline
  • Party Life Productions
  • Beyond Events
  • Wedding Elements
  • Happenings
  • Event Horizon
  • Unique Events
  • Magnificent Moments
  • Weddings Unveiled
  • Prime Time Entertainment
  • Ultimate event planner
  • Ceremony Celebration
  • Extended Occasions
  • Sweet Kiss Event
  • Divine Planners
  • Bamboo Grove Events
  • Keys Planning and Events
  • Elisa Events Weddings
  • Unlocked Events
  • Beach Promises
  • Stages Events Planners
  • The Planning Experts
  • Just Marry!

40 Most Classy Event Planning Business Names

Here is a list of extremely Classy Event Planning Business name suggestions

  • JoyPlaners
  • Event Consultancy
  • Exotic Planer
  • Serenity Planer
  • Candid Event
  • ABC Planners
  • Expert Events Planners
  • Planet Parties
  • Serene Solutions
  • Enchanted Visions
  • Supreme Setups
  • Planning Pros
  • Modular Event Planning
  • Waterfall Weddings Planning
  • Event emporium
  • Wanted Weddings
  • Today’s event planning
  • Tie the Knot
  • White Dove Memories
  • My Dream Wedding
  • Dream Bridal Show
  • Ocean Dream Weddings
  • Something to Celebrate
  • Happy Happenings
  • Your Big Day
  • The Planning Paradise
  • Perfected with Polish
  • Elegant Linens
  • Wedding Gurus
  • DreamTeam Weddings
  • Emotive Concepts Planners
  • Event Executor
  • Vision to Reality
  • Dream Network Events
  • Spectacular Events
  • Forever in Love Weddings
  • One in a Million
  • Party Perfection
  • The Perfect Affair
  • Dream Come True

40 Coolest Event Planning Business Names

Here is a list of really Cool Event Planning Business name ideas

  • Key Planners
  • Alpha Events
  • Planer Channels
  • Streetwise Event
  • Dazzling Party Planners
  • Check Event
  • DanceDance
  • Even Charms
  • Great Event Planners
  • PlanaPlaner
  • Tec Planer
  • Award Winning Events
  • City Slick Events
  • Venue 1000
  • Dancing Leaf Events
  • Satin Event Planning
  • Bouquet Garni Events
  • Quality Event
  • Bargains Plan
  • Expedited Events
  • Event Rising
  • Sunset Gardens
  • Upstream Planning
  • Basket of Gold Events
  • Best Kids Party
  • Watch me Plan
  • Heavy style events
  • Helping Hosts
  • Remember the Moments
  • Elegant Event Planners
  • Party Pies
  • Magical Moment Weddings
  • Storybook Weddings
  • WOW Event Planning
  • On-Point Planning
  • Love Ministry
  • Always Floral
  • The Posh Affair
  • Complete Weddings
  • Wedding Wisdom

40 Most Creative Event Planning Business Names

Here is a list of the most Creative Event Planning Business name suggestions

  • Firework Events
  • Escrow Plan
  • Bridgewater Planning
  • fPlanPlanner
  • Remedy Plan
  • pLandEvent
  • myPlannify
  • evEventPlan
  • Sensational Events
  • Posh and Polished
  • A Day to Remember
  • Destination Studio
  • The Perfect Day
  • Party Experimenters
  • New Couple Memories
  • plAnnanner
  • Simply Suited
  • Precision Planning
  • The Right Plan
  • Simply Party Planners
  • Management Visions
  • Dream Wedding Management
  • Inspired Events
  • Save the Date Co.
  • Platinum Living Events
  • One-of-a-Kind Creations
  • Event Fling
  • The Bridal Walk
  • Dream Day Weddings
  • Lily Events
  • Premier Events & Decor
  • Luxurious Planning
  • Showtime Weddings
  • Events Architects
  • The Event Platform
  • Rose Gate Events
  • Wedding Team
  • Hearts Desire
  • Elegant Occasions
  • Be Our Guest

40 Totally Unique Event Planning Business Name

Here is a list of absolutely Unique Event Planning Business name suggestions

  • Big Days By ‘yournamehere’
  • Event Exact
  • CreativeCorner
  • Buttercup Events
  • Dewdrops and Sunlight Events
  • Clever Countdown
  • Big League Events
  • Put on a Party
  • The Party People
  • Lifevents
  • Plan Discovery
  • Big City Events
  • Dazzling Wedding Designers
  • Crystal Waterfall Event Planning
  • Planer Tutor
  • Big Bash Event Planners
  • Dare to Dream Events
  • Spotlight Event Planners
  • Dare to Dream Events
  • The Bliss
  • Life Design Events
  • Five Star Events
  • Eventful Minds Planners
  • Bridepride Wedding
  • The Events Network
  • Rare Affairs
  • Making Memories
  • Three Cheers
  • Party Planning Deluxe
  • Dream Organizers
  • Memory Makers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Start to Finish
  • Exquisite Wedding
  • Notch Event Planning
  • Brilliant Event Planners
  • Elite Events
  • Adorn Events
  • Day Makers
  • Unforgettable Events

How To Make The Best Event Planning Business Name

If you want to come up with your own unique business name which will be custom made just for your business it is trickier. There are some things you need to keep in mind.

Suggested Read: How to Start Event Planning Business

But we assure you, naming your Event Planning business will get much easier once you follow these 10 easy guidelines.

1. Easy to Remember is a Must

Try to choose a name such that it is short and simple. All that you want is for customers or potential customers to remember your name right?

Then choose words that will be short, precise, and descriptive. It is even better if the word closely relates to the event planning industry.

Choosing such words in the name will be beneficial in the long run as well when you need to market the business on banners, brochures, etc.

2. Consider using Rhyming words

Rhyming words help people remember what they have read or heard much more easily. If you choose rhyming words on your event planning business name then it will be likely that it will be instantly remembered and recognized.

The power of word of mouth will also be used at its optimum because rhyming words are fun to say and humorous. Hence people are likely going to tell their friends about you and spread the name.

3. Should be Easy to Read And Pronounce

This point closely relates to the first point. Try to choose a name or word which comes naturally to the native population of the area you are serving.

This is because wrongly pronouncing your event planning business might alter its meaning and might cause more harm than good.

Also, conduct some research on the language your target audience is used to. This is so that everyone you are serving can read and understand its meaning easily.

4. Try to be Unique

Try to choose a name that has not been used by any one of your competitors. In fact, choose a name that is not even close to theirs.

This is because your potential customers might wrongly choose the other business when they were looking for you. Creating a unique name also avoids additional problems during trademarking and SEO optimization (more coming up).

You do not want to create more hustle in an already bustling event planning market.

5. Conduct Trademark Verification search

Here you will find how important creating a unique name is. Presuming you don’t want legal trouble you must trademark your event planning business name.

Trademarking is an easy process, every country has a government website for this process. If you’re from the US then it can be done online through the official site of the USPTO.

But first, conduct a search if the name you are choosing has not already been taken, this can be done on the same government website.

6. Search for  Domain Availability

You must also make sure the name you choose for your event planning business has a matching domain available.

This is because having the same domain name as that of your business name will greatly increase professionalism in the eyes of your consumers.

It will also help your future website be SEO friendly which will help increase visibility and increase service volume.

You can check the domain availability of your chosen name through a number of online platforms.

Learn More: How to Check Domain Name Availability

7. Make an Effort to be SEO Friendly

If you want to reap huge benefits in the future then try to keep SEO friendliness in mind. As almost everyone tends to check online before making any decision, you would want yourself the best chance to get viewed.

To make that possible, try to inculcate words in the name that people are likely to search for like ‘party’, ‘weddings’ or ‘planner’.

Also to keep very different names than that of already well-established businesses.

8. Have a Niche Business Name

The advantage of having a niche business name is that there will always be a section of your target audience who are likely to choose your event planning business more than any other.

For example, you identify that bachelor parties are your forte and include the keyword in your business name.

Potential customers looking to plan bachelor parties will know that you specialize in that field and are more likely to choose your business over a generic one.

9. Try to Personalise The Name

Personalizing the name helps you create an interpersonal relationship between your business and your customers.

This helps in customer retention and return backs.

It will also help potential customers choose your business because there will exist a certain similarity between them and your business.

If the event planning business is in a specific city or street or locality, try to inculcate that in the business name.

For example “South New York Planners’ or “Downtown New Yorker Weddings”.

10. Make a Professional Email Address

Just like having the same domain name, having the email address the same as your business name will show professionalism and increase your business reputation.

It showcases to your clients and customers that you are a proficient and hard-working business looking to move forward.

Having a professional email address also increases the trust and confidence in your event planning business which is vital for startups.

Ultimately, your overall business should be seen as a brand name.

Best Branding Practices For Event Planning Business

Branding is the single most important function of your business that you need to ace.

No matter how perfect the name you choose might be, if you can’t showcase it to your target it will not be seen.

This is where most event planning businesses fail. But we are here for you.

Here are the top 5 essential event planning branding practices you must follow to get the most out of the name.

a) Logo Is Top Priority

The business logo you choose will be the first thing that will catch the eye of your customers or potential customers. It will also be the logo that creates the first impression.

Hence needless to say you should concentrate on making the logo as appealing as possible and for it to be memorable and stand out.

You need to envision how it will look and fit on every marketing material starting from your website to brochures and your business cards(more on that coming up).

Complimenting the logo with your event planning business name, along with color, font and size are just some of the things you need to consider.

You may want to check out our in-depth step-by-step guide on how to design the best logo for your business.

b) Create a Website

In today’s world the majority of advertising, marketing is done online. Potential customers are likely to discover your business online through internet marketing and social media platforms or search engines.

All of these tools should ultimately guide the user (traffic) back to your event planning website.

This is where you will have your contact details, all your services, promotions, and your chance to impress your clients.

Make sure the website you have is easy to navigate and fast for optimal use.

You can also consider creating an eCommerce website for fast online event planning bookings.

You can hire a web developer or make one yourself easily through many online platforms.

c) Make an Attractive Slogan

A slogan, when created well, can express more in a single line than words can in ten. It is one of the few branding practices that can make your event planning business stand out just by looking at it.

An ideal slogan should be able

  • To say what your business is all about
  • Highlight its strong points
  • Emotionally connect with your target audience
  • All in a line or less
  • While also being catchy

Well-created slogans are generally more memorable than ordinary words, so it will help your business to stick in their minds – hence increasing the chances of choosing your business over others.

d) Come up with Business Card

Interpersonal relationships are more powerful than digital ones. To understand this better imagine how it feels to receive a business card from someone versus receiving an email.

The experience is much more memorable and pleasant compared to getting spammed emails right. Keeping this in mind you should strongly consider creating an event planning Business Card.

It is not only handy and momentous but also portrays you and your business to be serious, respectful, and trustworthy. You will get many more callbacks and will help increase your revenue. An ideal business card should have all the basic information like – name, logo, slogan, and contact details.

e) Design a Brochure

Having a brochure as a branding tool is an excellent, easy-to-do, low-cost method to fast forward the spread of your business name.

It is so because you can conveniently hand over your brochures at events and functions or even hire someone to distribute them on the road.

Since it has a larger space to work with you can not only provide all the necessary details such as name, logo, slogan, and contact details.

But also have space to say some things about your business, where it is from, what it is that you specialize in, etc.

Plus you can also include special offers and discounts on events based on time and type.


Now that everything is done, one final point. Make sure to have fun while choosing the name for your event planning business. This process is the most exciting and creative element of your new journey.

After going through our ready-to-use suggestions or through our detailed guide we are sure you have that by now you have finalized on a name or two.

We hope you have had as much fun reading this as we have had to make this for you.