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280 Attractive Lash Business Names & Name Suggestions

A catchy Lash Business name is the first impression that you can create for your customer. If you are looking for some of the best false lash business name ideas and suggestions to kick-start your business, then we’ve got you covered. Find below a list of unique lash business names that can help you in enhancing your eyelash brand growth.

You will find in this article:

  • The best catchy and unique names for your new eyelash business.
  • Much needed resources in choosing the perfect brand name for your false lash business.

280 Lash Business Name Ideas

As you know, choosing an attractive lash business name for an eyelash company is very important in today’s world. Your brand name can be unique and memorable, stylish and funky, enduring and modern. Just follow our in-depth guide below or choose any one of the following suggestions of some of the best lash business names and name ideas.

40 Attractive EyeLash Business Names

Here is a list of attractive eyelash business name ideas:

  • OurEyeLash
  • Lash Star
  • Eyelash Bee
  • Lash Company
  • EyelashForce
  • Eye-lashed
  • Lashes Call
  • Eyelashley
  • Eyelash-ton
  • Eyelashore
  • All Eyelash
  • The Lashes
  • My Lash
  • EyelashWire
  • EyeLashing
  • Lashes store
  • LashWave
  • LashPro
  • EyelashFire
  • Eyelash Mate
  • Lash Buzz
  • LashPop
  • SkyLash
  • LashPad
  • Lash Stock
  • iLashBar
  • Eyelash Play
  • Finest Lash
  • LashMeUp
  • TheLash
  • ShimmeringLash
  • EyeLashFix
  • Lash Innovations
  • EyesOnEyelash
  • Eye Project
  • Lash Match
  • Lash Lane
  • Eyelash Wave
  • AllAboutLash
  • Clash Plix

40 Catchy Lash Business Names

Here is a list of catchy eyelash business name ideas:

  • LashBee
  • WowLash
  • Lash Works
  • Celebrity Eyelash
  • LashKey
  • UltraLash
  • LashSpot
  • The-eyelash
  • LashSource
  • LashesQueen
  • LashConsult
  • Fly Lash
  • AllLash
  • SugarLash
  • LashPro
  • Eyelashster
  • Lash & Co.
  • LashMark
  • LashHub
  • Clean Eyelash
  • Barbie Lashed
  • LashPlaza
  • LashAce
  • WowLash
  • Lash Nation
  • LashTrack
  • Lash Project
  • Lash Collective
  • InspireLash
  • EyeLashCure
  • Lash King
  • FinalLash
  • Lash Group
  • Eyelash Press
  • Eyes & Lashes
  • LashSector
  • Lash Fashionista
  • Uptown Lash
  • Adorned Eyelash
  • Extravagant Lashes

40 Exotic Lash Business Names

Here is a list of exotic eyelash business name ideas:

  • Dream Lash
  • Lash Depot
  • Aesthetic Eyelash
  • laLashes
  • Irresistible Lash
  • Eyelash Star
  • Exquisite Lash
  • Lash Tour
  • Premier Lash
  • Savvy Eyelash
  • Azure Eyelash
  • EyeLash Blast
  • MyEyeLash
  • LashBliss
  • The Lash Studio
  • Riverside Lash
  • ClearLash
  • MasterLash
  • LashFirm
  • Unicure Lash
  • Star Lashes
  • Eyelash Power
  • Last Art
  • Flashy Lashes
  • Trendy Eyes
  • iEyeLash
  • OpenLash
  • Eyelash Fashion
  • LashEdge
  • LashHQ
  • ZenLash
  • Lash Fantasy
  • OutLash
  • CoralEyeLash
  • EyelashKey
  • LightLash
  • LashBy
  • LashPlus
  • Styled Eyelash
  • EverLash

40 Best Mink Lash Business Names

Here is a list of mink lash business name ideas:

  • Bio Eyelash
  • Contour Eyelash
  • GlowingLash
  • Smart Eyelash
  • Decorated Lash
  • EyeLash Essence
  • LashPulse
  • GlitzyLash
  • LashGreat
  • Couture Lash
  • Coveted Eyelash
  • Lush Lash
  • NaturalLash
  • LashPlay
  • LashPicker
  • Evershine Lash
  • Lash Chamber
  • PlushEyelash
  • WellLashed
  • Under The Lash
  • Inspired Lashes
  • Vivid Lash
  • LashRapid
  • Smooth EyeLash
  • Lashbolt
  • LashNeo
  • Mirage Lashes
  • Lash Crafts
  • Relax Lash
  • Lash Make
  • Lash Choice
  • Creative Lashes
  • Cleansing Eyelash
  • Picasso Lashes
  • LashIcon
  • Lash Creations
  • Paint Lash
  • Lash Explorer
  • EnhanceLash
  • Holy Lash

40 Cool Lash Business Names

Here is a list of cool eyelash business name ideas:

  • Lash Of All Eyes
  • The Lash Lab
  • LashSure
  • LashGenius
  • Fantasy Lash
  • HyperLash
  • First Lash
  • Lash Chemistry
  • NovaLash
  • Totaly Lashed
  • Trendy Lash
  • PopLash
  • Lash Activists
  • Personalized Lash
  • Cutie Pie Lash
  • Raise A Lash
  • We Love Lash
  • Ace Of Lashes
  • Ms. Lash
  • Lash Me Up
  • Shiny Lash
  • Lash Knowledge
  • Lash Runway
  • Eyelash Epoch
  • Boutique de ​​Lash
  • Lashology
  • Lash Mania
  • Eye Nation
  • Beautiful Eyelash
  • House Of Lash
  • NextLash
  • EyeLashPassion
  • Pretty Lash
  • Lash Ruby
  • LashPure
  • ​​Lash Sensation
  • Royal Lash
  • Miss Lashes
  • EyeLash Stylette
  • Timeless Lash

40 Creative Lash Business Names

Here is a list of creative eyelash business name ideas:

  • Manicured Lashes
  • Lash Station
  • Eyelash Luxe
  • Reinvented Lash
  • Supreme Lash
  • Lash Zoom
  • Lash Inventors
  • LashEase
  • TryLash
  • LashDeal
  • LashRobot
  • LashDo
  • Lash Ideas
  • Lash Box
  • Lash Lead
  • Project Lash
  • AceOfLash
  • Simple Lash
  • Ace Lashes
  • Get Lashed
  • Durable Lash
  • Lashes Beauty
  • TheLastLash
  • Eyelash Flow
  • Eyelash Buzz
  • Lash Striker
  • Lash Spot
  • Lashography
  • VivaLashed
  • AirLash
  • Lashes Fancy
  • Sister Lashes
  • chiLashes
  • Lashvalue
  • ActualLash
  • The Lash Getaway
  • SalonD’e Lash
  • LashPowder
  • Majestic Lashes
  • Sharp Lashes

40 Unique Lash Business Name Ideas

Here is a list of unique eyelash business name ideas:

  • Serenity lash
  • Lux Lash
  • Lash Infinity
  • Amber Lash
  • Devine Lashes
  • Eloquence Lash
  • Platinum Eyelash
  • Air Lash
  • EyeLashSpice
  • Marvel Lash
  • Oh La La Lash
  • Bright Lash
  • Lash It Up
  • Bouncy Lash
  • The Lash Room
  • Street Lash
  • Lash Graffiti
  • Lash Hero
  • KnockOut Lash
  • The Lash Project
  • Lash Samurai
  • Lash Bangs
  • Republic Eyelash
  • Lolipop Lash
  • Pink Lash
  • Happy Lashes
  • Pixel Lash
  • Flaunty Lashes
  • CocoLash
  • LashBubbles
  • Honey Lash
  • Blossom Eyelash
  • Sparkly Lashes
  • Eye&Lash
  • Professionally Lashed
  • 2X Lash
  • The Lash Planet
  • Eyelash Glamour
  • AddictiveLash
  • The Grand Lash

How to Name a Lash Business – 10 Tips

Creating your Lash Business name can get difficult if you make it to be. But that need not be so, all you need is to follow some basic pointers that we have laid out. They will help you to systematically understand everything that you need to know before making the call.

1. Easy to Remember

Creating a lash business with a difficult name will immediately eliminate client retention.

Establish an easy or catchy name that is straightforward to recollect. This will ensure your clients not only remember you and return but will tell others about you, too!

Choose one which will be straightforward, simple, and memorable!

2. Easy to Read And Pronounce

Another thing to avoid is a name that is difficult to read and pronounce. It may appear brilliant in your thoughts, but keep in mind how easy it will be to bring up your business in casual conversation.

Avoid using words that may be difficult to pronounce for certain people. On paper, an Italian name like “Iosa Ghini Studio” appears lovely, but not everyone will be able to pronounce it correctly.

Nothing is more irritating than people mispronouncing your business name.

It may produce a muddled brand image, and consumers will be more focused on the name than on the fantastic services you offer.

3. Make it Unique

Creating a creative one-of-a-kind name will help you attract customers in a big way. It will help you stand out in this field.

Make sure you conduct some research before picking on a name to ensure there isn’t already a company with that same name!

Let’s say you choose Lashes by Preeti as your Lash Business name.

When a customer searches for Lashes by Preeti on Google Maps to find your shop, the results will have more competition if there is already another business with that same name.

Also, Lashes by Priya, Lashes by Payal, and Lashes by Pooja will all appear due to their similarity, posing a new challenge for your business.

4. SEO Friendly

People looking for “lashes” should be able to simply find your business when searching (via the internet). Hence it is essential to find an SEO-friendly name for your lash company.

It is given that the lash business name is both obvious and meaningful. When potential clients search for “lash salon” or “lashes in your region,” the purpose is to be the first result that comes up.

The majority of users choose “lash” or “lashes” as their search terms. Adding the term “lash” to your business name will give you the best SEO results.

5. Brandable

The brand name you choose for your eyelash company must be consistent throughout all aspects of your organization.

This will assist you in developing brand marketing easily.

This will assist you in developing brand marketing easily. Building a brand requires two major components: a logo and a message.

6. Beginning with the logo

It is smart to think about your logo while picking a business name. Clients are able to identify your firm through visual memory if you have a logo. Also, make sure your Lash business name offers a lot of logo options.

7. Check the Availability of Similar Domain Name

Another important aspect before finalizing the business name is to check whether a similar website domain name is available or not. You will face many difficulties in creating a website if a relevant domain name is not available.

Check: How to Check Domain Name Availability

8. Trademark verification

Before you choose a Lash Business name you should search online to check if the name has already been trademarked.

You can easily investigate through your government websites. For example, if you are from the United States, visit the official site of USTPO and learn more about the online trademark verification and registration process.

Also if the brand name is already existing then the trademark search will give a list of similar available names to choose from.

If your Lash business name is unique then you can go ahead and register.

Read: How to Name Your Business? Step-By-Step Guidelines

9. Use a Custom Domain as your Official Business Email Address

Your business lash business name and your official email address should have been the same. So make sure to check for availability beforehand.

Your Google email address is inappropriate for business use. You need an email id that has your Lash business name on it. Make sure this email address is on your card when you hand it over. You should forward emails from your official lash business mail ID.

Doing so will help establish your business’s identity while also increasing its exposure and customer retention.

10. Create your EyeLash Business Website

It is vital to ensure the availability of a domain name matching your business name. After that, you can launch your Lash website and fill it with material that your target audience is looking for. You may employ a developer and a digital marketer to help you spread your brand and stay competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Naming a Lash Business is Important?

A well-suited business name is the best way to ensure a long-lasting steady increase in footfall.

Research is the first step in starting your own lash business.

You should figure out who you’ll be serving first. To do so know your market group’s age, nature, and style.

You can also go online and look up statistics about the local population in your area.

Find specific lash business names to cater to specific groups of types of customers.

If you observe regions where no one has attempted to open a lash business, that is your invitation to go for it.

How to Make a Lash Business Name Memorable?

As you are naming your Lash Business, make an effort to impress your target market. A memorable name doesn’t always avoid using cliché terms and creativity.

Make an effort to connect the name to your lash business’s distinct personality: Doing this will create an interpersonal relationship between the customer and your business.

Choose a name that when potential customers hear your company’s name, they should be able to tell what it’s all about

A Slogan for your Lash Business: The function of a good slogan is to catch the attention of the customer. It can also be used to highlight the advantages of your Lash Business.

Your slogan should be used to draw attention to your company’s name and make it memorable.

Using a branding slogan will help the audience remember your lash business name, and will slowly lead to them developing a positive opinion about the brand.

That is how your lash business name becomes memorable.

How to Make a Lash Business Name Standout?

Your new Lash Business name will become an extension of your organization. The name must also reflect the nature of your company. You have to begin brainstorming.

To have your creative juices flowing, try answering these questions. You can take a pen and write one-word answers to the following questions:

  • What is the demographic of your target market?
  • What do you have to present to these groups of people?
  • What keywords will ring true with your target audience?
  • What are the names of your rivals and who are they?
  • What differentiates you from others in the industry?


This should be easy for your customers to remember. We know choosing the Best Lash Business name is easier said than done.

In your journey of establishing your Lash Business, one of the most significant and challenging stages is naming your company. The way you choose your brand name will have a significant impact on the success of your business.

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a name on our list that has nothing to do with you but sounds wonderful. Proceed with it if it sounds right and feels good to you.

Also, sometimes choosing just one word for a business name can often be more compelling and engaging.

With this article, we have covered all the important factors involved in choosing the perfect Lash Business Name.

More Business Name Ideas:

Now you are equipped with the knowledge to come up with names of your own or if you like choose any one of our awesome predefined names.