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How to Start A Leather Garment Making Business

    An aspiring garment fashion designing professional having experience working with leather items can start a leather garment-making business. Leather garment items have shown good demand in the fashion garment industry for both men and women and young or old in recent years.

    As people are becoming more fashion-conscious leather has also become a very specialized high-fashion fabric that requires talented specialists to turn it into a quality garment.

    In the apparel industry, leather garments are considered luxury products. With the right marketing strategy, one can turn his or her passion for leather garments into a profitable venture.

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    Leather Garment Manufacturing Business Plan Guide

    Here are the basic steps to start a garment making manufacturing business:

    1. Create a Leather Garment Making Business Plan

    Create a detailed plan for garment making business. What type of leather garment you will go to produce? Where you will be offering the products. Will you go for contract manufacturing or you will create your own brand in the fashion apparel industry?

    Calculate the startup budget with machinery, staffing, raw materials, and marketing expenses. Determine your business objective and mission statement.

    2. Legal Formalities 

    As a startup, you will need to decide your company’s legal pattern first. Every country and state provide varied options for forming a company. Talk to a local attorney and choose the best business structure that suits you best.

    In addition. check for licenses and permits that are required to start and run a leather garment manufacturing unit.

    3. Manufacturing Process – Equipment and Raw Materials

    You will need to install several machinery and computers with specific software for pattern making to run the manufacturing. Use upgraded machinery to get quality finished products.

    Some machinery that you will require are Fusing machines, steam finishing solutions, needle detectors, cutting machines, end cutters, transfer printing machines, thread-sucking machines, shirt-making machines, sewing machines, and several accessories.

    The main raw material in the leather garment-making business is finished leather. High-quality finished leather can be obtained from the small leather processing plant. Also, you will need to have a variety of buttons and closures, frogs, hooks and eyes, snaps, zippers, elastics, etc.

    4. Hiring Manpower

    Designing part is most important in a leather garment making business. Hire an extremely skilled professional who has experience and knowledge about fashion and current trade. When you are making garments for another company they will definitely provide designs, patterns, etc.

    5. Promotion of Leather Garment Making Business

    Create marketing tools like visiting cards, catalogs, etc. to start contacting your local retailer with a competitive business offer. Make an online presence.

    Create a detailed informative website for your leather garment-making business. Attend leather expos and fairs. You can also initiate online selling and order system from your website.

    The leather garment-making business also has an export opportunity. Major importing countries are the US, Germany, France Italy, and Japan.

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