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Top 10 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Tripura

    Are you searching for small business ideas in Tripura? As a north-eastern state, it offers small business opportunities in agriculture, farming, manufacturing, and service industries including education, tourism, etc.

    Tripura is an agrarian state with more than half of the population dependent on agriculture and allied activities. Rubber production is, in fact, the backbone of the rural economy in the state of Tripura. Most businesses are centered around the capital city of Agartala.

    The economy of the state can be characterized by a high rate of poverty, low capital formation, inadequate infrastructure facilities, geographical isolation and communication bottlenecks, inadequate exploration and use of forest and mineral resources, slow industrialization, and high unemployment. However, the state is developing in the recent past.

    Here in this post, we have compiled the top 10 small business ideas in Tripura. Whether you are a resident of the state or you are from outside and want to start a small business in the state, this post will help you in taking the right decision.

    List of 10 Small Business Ideas in Tripura

    #1. Basket Weaving

    Bamboo crafts item is a thriving industry in Tripura. Bamboo and Cane is one of the most important crafts of the state. The crafts spread all over the state with concentrations in the sub-divisions of Kailasahar, Dharmanagar, Khowai, Sadar, Sooamura, and Belonia besides Agartala town.

    You can have training from the Craft Teacher’s Institute (CTTI) set up by the State Government. Some of the popular items are open weave carrying baskets, closed weave carrying baskets, shallow carrying baskets, small storage baskets, small baskets for other functions, and large storage baskets.

    #2. Crochet Knitting

    Crochet knitting is a home-based low-cost business. Any individual can initiate this business with small capital investment. You can sell the product to your community, through a retail outlet or from online marketplaces like Amazon. The training tutorial is available on the internet and the consumable can be procured from the local market.

    #3. Fish Farming

    Fisheries in Tripura form an integral part of the economy of the state. With the increase in the demand for fish in Tripura, the government of Tripura has adequate steps to increase the production of prawn seed, table fish, and fish seed. Private fish farmers contributed the highest to total fish production from culture fisheries.

    The contribution of carps (84.98 %) to the total fish production of Tripura was recorded to be the highest among all the species. The state witnessed exponential growth over the last decade including sourcing of inter-state fish (ISF).

    #4. Food Processing

    The agro-climatic conditions are favorable for growing various fruit and horticultural crops. The products of Tripura are well known both on the table and in other processed forms. There is ample scope for the expansion of this sector under any specific variety. Most of the indigenous local inhabitants of the state are engaged in the traditional occupation of cultivating fruits, and vegetables.

    Some of the important agricultural productions of the state of Tripura are Jackfruit, Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Litchi, Lemon, Kharif Vegetables, Potato, Rabi Vegetables, Cashewnut, Coconut, Areca-nut, Turmeric, Ginger, and Chilly. Establishing a food processing plant is one of the most profitable business ideas in Tripura.

    #5. Jute Bag Making

    Jute is one of the major cash crops of Tripura. A jute mill set up in Agartala under the public sector produces about 20 tonnes of jute products per day. A jute bag making is one of the most profitable business ideas in Tripura. The manufacturing process is simple. It doesn’t demand a big amount of investment.

    #6. Mushroom Farming

    The climate of the north-eastern zone of India is perfect for the mushroom farming business. Mushroom cultivation has become a small-scale agriculture alternative for many in the northeast. Realizing the potential of this non-traditional cash-crop, many people in the region are shifting their attention towards mushroom cultivation.

    As climatic conditions in the northeast suit mushroom farming, efforts are on from the state Govt. to encourage more farmers to take on a mushroom as an alternative farming option. Mushroom farming can be initiated as a home-based basis.

    #7. Rubber Band Manufacturing

    Tripura is the second-largest rubber producer in the country, after Kerala. More and more plantations are reaching the yielding stage and the productivity levels are also encouraging. Keeping in view the area under plantation, growth potential, and rubber production trends, the state has been identified as the -second rubber capital of the country.

    There is a vast potential for setting up rubber-based industries in the State. Rubberband manufacturing is one of the most profitable business ideas in Tripura according to the availability of raw materials.

    #8. Tea Bag Making

    The Tripura Tea Industry is burgeoning into one of the industries of the northeast Indian state. The agro-climatic conditions in Tripura are suitable for the development of tea plantation. The soil is generally fertile, without any major problems of toxicities or deficiencies. The average annual rainfall is about 210 cm. with a fairly even distribution over the year.

    The tea currently produced in Tripura is recognized for its good blending qualities. Some plantations in the State are going for organic production of tea and green tea manufacturing. You can start a tea bag-making business on a small-scale basis. 

    #9. Tour Guide

    Tripura tourism industry offers the tourists to explore the rich cultural traditions, religious legacies, and a vast reserve of unique flora and fauna of the northeastern state of India. Tourism has emerged as one of the important industries in Tripura. Any individual can initiate a tour guide business in Tripura with less capital investment.

    #10. Wood Working

    High-quality timber including sal, garjan, teak and gamar are found abundantly in the forests of Tripura. The diverse traditions and religions in Tripura are visible in the woodcraft. Woodworking is widely practiced among the hill tribes as well as among those settled in the plains, although the nature of the carving differs. According to the availability of raw materials, woodworking is one of the best business ideas in Tripura.

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