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Top 10 Women Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

Are you a freelance writer? Do you want to write for women’s magazines that pay? This is your chance to make money online. Here in this article, we list down the top women magazines that pay contributors well.

You can write about subjects that women find interesting. The main topics of interest for women readers are family, beauty, health, and finance.

In women’s magazines, you will have to write mainly about things related to women like fashion, lifestyle, food, child care, relationships, finances, and travel.

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In addition to this, you may also find that the topics covered in most of the women’s magazines are almost similar. But you will observe that each magazine has its own language and tone. Therefore, you are to write in a language suitable for the magazine.

Most of the magazines listed here do not publish their rates while there are some that do not publish guidelines. Don’t lose heart, you will find editorial contacts that will help you get in touch with the editorial team of the magazine.

List of 10 Women Magazines That Pays

1. Family Circle Magazine

Family Circle is a general-interest women’s magazine. It concentrates on each and every subject related to the family. Areas of interest include powerful women capable can change society.

This magazine also includes news and information related to health, parenting, and childcare. Additionally, it also highlights relationships, delicious and healthy recipes, finances, and travel.

2. Sasee Magazine

Sasee is a women’s lifestyle magazine. It is the perfect platform for nonfiction freelance writers. This magazine welcomes 500-1,000 word non-fiction articles related to topics for and about women. The topics can be humor, essays, satire, and first-person experiences.

3. That’s Life! Magazine

That’s Life is an Australian-based women’s magazine that publishes features on food, lifestyle, pets, and real-life experiences.

4. More Magazine

The target age of this magazine’s audience is women aged between 24 to 40 years old. They welcome smart, sassy, and easy-to-understand articles highlighting fashion, beauty, and relationships. The word limit of articles typically ranges from 500 to 1,000 words.

5. Lilith Magazine

Lilith is a magazine for Jewish women. Topics of interest in this magazine are biographies, autobiographies, oral histories, new rituals, social analysis, investigative reporting, news, interviews, fiction, and poetry. Word limits of each article are listed below:

Features are under 2,500 words. News clips are about 500 words. Fiction is under 3,000 words. The deadline for their annual fiction contest is 30 September 2017. Each winner gets $250 of prize money.

6. Verily Magazine

This is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for modern women. The main aim of the articles published in this women’s magazine is to highlight ideas on how to lead a successful life. The main topics of interest are fashion, makeup, beauty, fitness, health, relationships, culture, and lifestyle.

The writers are being asked to maintain a conversational voice that is thoughtful and respectful of all backgrounds.

7. Teen Vogue Magazine

Teen Vogue is a premier magazine that targets a teenage audience. Topics of interest in this magazine are beauty, fashion, entertainment, wellness, lifestyle, news, and politics.

8. Nylon Magazine

Nylon is a women’s magazine that publishes pieces on fashion and beauty. You will also be able to write news related to pop culture for the young women of today.

9. Woman’s World Magazine

This women’s magazine pays its freelance writers for different kinds of personal stories. One can earn from home by writing for this magazine anywhere from $25 to $250. Woman’s World also publishes articles about food, humor, and inspiration. Although the pay is not listed one can get the required information from their editorial team.

10. DIVA Magazine

Diva is a UK-based magazine mainly for Lesbian and Bisexual causes. Topics featured in this magazine include opinion pieces, information, news features, reviews and previews, interview features, beauty and fashion, and short profiles with British and international features. This magazine pays £150 per thousand words to its writers.

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Finally, do keep in mind that all the articles published in women’s magazines would add value to your portfolio. You will earn as you learn. The greater the number of high-quality work produced by you the more impressive would be your portfolio. The chances are very high of editors hiring you for their magazines as you gain experience in the field of freelance writing.