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Best 25 Profitable Errand Business Ideas

Life has become so fast and busy today that we hardly get time to do essential errands as well as time-bound. If you are keen on growing a business on the changing life pattern, you can take up any of the errand business ideas listed below.

What are Errand Services?

The errand is used to describe doing essential work and taking a short journey for that. Every household or business has its specific regular errands. When a person or agency helps them out in performing the errands, it is called errand services.

Errand’s business ideas allow you to do the errands for others and get paid for that. This is a service-based business with a good payment structure.

You can start your errand business personally. However, if you want to grow your business, you have to hire people to serve multiple clients at a time.

To be successful in any kind of errand business idea, you have to be well connected by phone, internet, or email. People need errand services to be done promptly. Hence connectivity is very important to build your reputation as well as get more clients.

25 Errand Business Ideas

1. Personal Shopping

Personal shopping is a sought-after errand business idea. Many people, as well as families, have almost no time for shopping. You can provide them with errand service or personal shopping and get paid for that. The list for personal shopping is endless. However, personal shopping is mainly related to clothes. Furthermore, you have to know the choice of your clients, their stylists, boutiques, and measurements to become a successful personal shopper.

2. Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is also a profitable errand business idea. In this business, you have to do grocery shopping for your clients according to the list provided by them. If they have any preferred supermarket or grocery store, you have to buy from there. Delivering the grocery to the doorstep is also your responsibility. This is regular work and hence, gives you a steady income.

3. Food Delivery

Food delivery is an essential as well as lucrative errand business idea. In this business, you can carry and deliver food to school children, office goers, and others regularly at a specific time. Being a regular service will give you a good and sustainable income. For more income, you can cook the food and deliver them to your clients.

4. Senior Errand Services

Senior adults who live alone need people for their errand services like buying groceries, medicine, clothes, and so on. This is a profitable errand business, as there are many senior adults living alone. Hence you can start your errand service business with the niche of serving seniors. You will need to hire people for this business.

5. Online Errand Services

Start an online portal for errand services wherein you will connect the service providers to the clients who need different types of errand services. This is a good errand business idea as it provides various services under one portal. A good website and connectivity with service providers are essential for this business.

6. Errand App Development

Today’s life is app-based and people prefer to avail themselves of services of various apps. Hence you can develop an errand service app wherein various errand services will be programmed along with contacts of the service providers. People installing the app will get the whole list of services and will be able to choose their required service. This business is prospective and profit-making.

7. Caregiver Service for Seniors

Caregiver service for seniors is a profitable and sustainable errand business idea. You can provide service for the entire day, 24 hours, or specific hours in a day. Your service will include taking care of the seniors, buying provisions for them, preparing food, taking them out, etc. Earning the confidence of the seniors is important for this business.

8. Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is an important part of our daily lives. Hence, it is a profitable errand business idea for you. You will need a carriage to carry the wastes from the houses and dispose of them at the disposal ground. This service requires 24×7 attendance and ensures good payment. The more areas you can cover, the more will be your income from this business.

9. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a specialized and paying errand business idea. Many households need this service regularly or during vacations or going out to parties or functions. You can start an agency with several pet sitters and provide the service of pet sitting as and when required. It gives you payment on an hourly basis.

10. Pet Walking

Pet walking is a regular job and a lucrative errand business idea. Even if you start in a personal capacity, you can provide pet walking service to 5-6 pets throughout the day. That will give you a comfortable income. If you want to start your business on a large scale, you have to hire several pet runners. Try to hire trained and experienced pet runners to build your reputation and get more clients.

11. Dry Cleaning

Collecting clothes for dry cleaning, giving them to the laundry, and then delivering the clean clothes to the clients is an important and profitable errand business idea. This essential service will fetch you a good income. You can also get commissions from the dry cleaners for bulk orders.

12. Handyman Services

If you are good at doing odd jobs like repairing taps, clearing clogged drains, fixing a fuse or a switch, cleaning AC ducts, etc, you can start an errand business of handyman services. You have to inform as many people as possible about your skills and be available for a phone call. As a matter of fact, these odd jobs will pay you well, making your business a profitable one.

13. Courier Services

Courier services deliver different types of consignments to customers in various areas. Start a courier service company as your errand service idea and earn high profits by delivering consignments after collecting them from the senders. Timely collection and timely delivery in good condition are the essential conditions of this business.

14. Car Servicing and Car Wash

Providing car servicing and car wash services at the doorstep is an essential as well as profitable errand business idea. If you are a trained auto mechanic, this is the right business for you and fetches you a high income. You will need equipment and a vehicle to reach your clients’ place. Good connectivity over the phone is very important for this business.

15. Errand Services for Offices

Offices need different kinds of errand services like opening and cleaning the office, going to banks, depositing bills, delivering letters and documents, etc. This is a lucrative errand business idea and you can start this business with a group of employees to serve different offices.

16. Transporting People

Transporting people to various destinations like doctor’s chambers, stations, airports, offices, etc is a profitable errand business idea. You will need a car for this business and be available over the phone to provide the service. Enlisting your name in the yellow pages or errand service apps is also important for getting clients.

17. Making Appointments

Busy people as well as seniors need the errand service of making appointments. You can start this errand business idea and earn a decent income. People need appointments with doctors, eye clinics, salons, therapists, or other important people or offices and due to lack of time, take the help of others. You have a good business opportunity in this sector.

18. Pick-up and Drop Services

Pick-up and drop services are essential errand services and highly profitable errand business ideas. You need a car for this business and provide pick-up and drop services to school children, office goers, seniors, etc.

19. Medicine Delivery

Buying medicines and delivering them to the clients in time is a profitable errand business idea. You can provide this service to households, seniors, patients at the hospital, etc. You will need a bike or bicycle for this business. Being available over phone calls is very important for this business. Medicine delivery is one of the most lucrative errand business ideas as the demand for this type of service has grown sharply in the last few years.

20. Mail, Bank, and Confidential Service

Providing mail, bank, and other confidential services is an important and profitable errand business idea. You will check emails, do all kinds of banking jobs, monitor balances and investments, make payments of bills, insurance premiums, etc. This service needs you to be trustworthy for your clients.

21. House Watching

House watching is the service of taking care of somebody’s house in their absence. Home watchers also take care of different aspects of the house like cleaning, repairing, etc. This is a profitable errand business idea as the payment rates are quite high.

22. Hotel Reservation

Make hotel reservations for the holidays or official visits of your clients and earn a good income. This is an essential and profitable errand business idea. You will need a computer and internet connection for this business.

23. Concierge service

Concierge services are specialized services, especially for busy executives. It includes a host of services like hotel booking, arranging a meeting, dealing with important clients, flight reservations, suggesting gifts, restaurant or nightclub booking, arranging conducted tours, sending and receiving parcels, etc. You can do this errand business personally or as an organization.

24. Home Cleaning & Repair Services

Providing home cleaning and repair services is one of the most sustainable and profitable errand business ideas at present. You can do this business and get regular income as these services are needed regularly. You will need some tools and equipment and a little manpower for this business.

25. Party Planning and Organizing

People need parties but don’t have time to organize them. Hence party planning and organizing is a lucrative errand business idea for you. In this business, you have to make all the necessary arrangements from choosing a theme to arranging decorations, managing the guest list, making invitations, arranging food and drinks, etc. The payment in this business is quite high, making room for a comfortable profit for you.

Errands are important for all of us, but many people cannot manage to do them. Hence, errand business ideas will let you do these important tasks and thereby grow your business.