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Best 51 Profitable Handyman Business Ideas in 2024

A handyman business is simply providing the services of a small repair job or task for clients who lack the skill or time to complete the work themselves. The working area of a handyman service business is wide. Generally, this type of work includes maintenance, repairing, remodeling, plumbing, refurbishing, and electrical fixing jobs.

Depending on your expertise, you can work alone or you can form a handyman service company with some other employees. Apart from launching a full-time business, any individual can offer handyman services from home and part-time also.

51 Handyman Business Ideas

#1. Air Conditioning Repair Service

Installing and repairing air conditioners is a profitable handyman business to start with small startup capital. You will only need to have the necessary tools and equipment with you. If you live in an area where the climate is generally hot, then it is an ideal business to start even from your home location.

#2. Aluminum Door Window Repair

In any sort of addition and alteration nowadays, people generally use aluminum channels. Aluminum door window manufacturing and installation with partition making are part of interior decoration. The market demand is high. For this business, you will need to have space for your work.

#3. Antique Furniture Refurbishing

Antique furniture refurbishing business can be initiated in two ways. You can provide the repairing service to clients who have antique furniture and they want to refurbish it. Another way you can purchase antique furniture from an auction at a poor price and refurbish it, you can sell it at a higher price.

#4. Appliances Repair Service

Appliances repair service is one of the most profitable handyman businesses for an individual whether he or she is living in a metro city or suburban area. After the limited warranty period from the producer company, for every repair work for any appliance, people look for a handyman service provider.

#5. Attic Room Organizing

There are millions of people around the world, who have attic space that could easily be turned into a home office, children’s play area, organized storage room, or just a small study corner. If you have the expertise, help people to have an organized place out of their attic room.

#6. Auto Alarm Sales & Installation

If you are passionate about the automobile business and enjoy fixing small work, then auto alarm sales and installation are the perfect handyman profession for you. Any individual can initiate this business as a home-based allied automobile service.

#7. Basement Remodeling

Any individual having knowledge about construction and interior design can initiate a basement remodeling business right from his or her home location. The service includes the designing and implementation of basement remodeling according to the client’s choice and budget.

#8. Bathtub Reglazing

After the usage of several years, bathtubs become non-glazy. Some people want to change the color of the bathtub to give their bathrooms a better look in an inexpensive way. You can start a bathtub reglazing business to help people in getting a new-looking bathtub in a cheaper way.

#9. Blind Cleaning Service

Nowadays blinds are used almost with every window in homes, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, etc. Everyone needs to have a handyman service to clean these window blinds with expert hands. The business can be initiated part-time also.

#10. Boat Cleaning Service

The Boat cleaning service is one of the most profitable and low-cost handyman-related businesses in the cleaning industry. The major market for this business is boat clubs. They are the primary customers for boat cleaning services.

#11. Bookbinding & Repairing Service

We all admire old and valuable books. Having the proper skill and expertise bookbinding and repairing service business can be initiated as a home-based and part-time business operation.

#12. Cabinet Making & Refurbishing

If you have skill and knowledge about cabinet making then cabinet making and refurbishing business are just for you. The cabinet is an essential item in the interior design industry. People always prefer to have handmade cabinets according to their specific size and choice rather than buying readymade cabinets.

#13. Carpentry

Carpentry is an early-age profession and still, the demand is growing. Having proper skills in carpentry and knowledge about different types of wood is important to start this business.

#14. Carpet & Upholstery Service

Any individual can initiate carpet and upholstery service right from his or her home. To get started, you will need to have some sort of expertise in the usage of different machinery and how to use them. Start the business from your locality first.

#15. Carpet Installation

In a carpet installation business, anyone can be your customer who wants to install the carpet. You can get both domestic and commercial customers for this service. Proper skill in the measurement and installation process is important in this business.

#16. CCTV Camera Sales & Installation

The demand for CCTV cameras is increasing day by day because of security issues. CCTV Camera business is all about providing security surveillance system service to your clients for business or residential purposes.

In starting the CCTV Camera installation business entrepreneurs should have adequate knowledge about the current technology of different cameras and systems. You suppose to give the solution to your clients, which type of camera and accessories will be perfect for their requirements within their budget.

#17. Ceramic Tile Sales & Installation

Nowadays ceramic tiles are more popular than even marble flooring because of their look, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Any individual can initiate this business as a home-based and part-time also. You must have knowledge of different types of ceramic tiles and the process of their installation.

#18. Chimney Repairing

Apart from brick and stone chimneys, trendy electrical chimneys are also very popular. Any individual having proper skills in the repair and maintenance job of chimneys can initiate this business with small startup capital. In this business, not only every house owner but also hotels, and restaurants can be your prospective clients.

#19. Concrete Cutting & Stamping

Interior and exterior concrete often need to be cut, ground, or drilled for plumbing, electrical, or for any design work. To start this business, you will only need to have some basic tools and equipment. You must have knowledge about concrete cutting and stamping.

#20. Construction Cleanup Service

The construction cleanup business is a labor-intensive business. You must have the proper knowledge about heavy lifting in a safe way. You can charge the fees according to the type and size of the job.

#21. Custom Countertops Making

Custom countertops are very popular among people because of their look, creativity, and cost-effectiveness. Using ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, wood, laminates, stones, and custom countertops can be made with a little bit of creativity. It requires only basic skills and a home-based workspace to start this business.

#22. Dog Houses Making

Building a dog house for pet owners is a wonderful way of making money even from your home. You will need to have a small workspace, some basic equipment, and woodworking skill to start this venture.

#23. Drainage Repair

Drainage repair service is hugely related to plumbing work. This is one of the most profitable and low-cost handyman businesses to start with small startup capital. You only need to have soma basic handy tools and equipment.

#24. Fence Panels Installation

Fence panels are used not only in domestic houses but also in parks, restaurants, and other commercial spaces that have outdoor working or sitting activities. If you have expertise in designing and installation of fence panels, you can start this business with little capital investment.

#25. Fireplace Installation

The fireplace installation business opportunity demands some basic skills in design and installation skills. Your primary responsibility in this business is, to provide designs and install the fireplace according to your client’s choice and budget.

#26. Furniture Repairing

With some basic skills in carpentry, any individual can initiate a furniture repairing business from his or her home location. If you want to cater in the field of other than wood, then you must have the knowledge of handling those items.

#27. Garage Organizing

Home garage organizing is one of the best handyman businesses to start with almost zero startup capital. You can start this business by offering your service to your friend and relative circle and slowly building a steady customer base.

#28.Glass Tinting Service

In the glass tinting business, your customer range is wide. Residential, commercial, and automobile applications are the market for your business. You can initiate the venture in two ways. Either by having a retail setup or by initiating a mobile glass tinting service provider.

#29. Glass Window Installation

Nowadays glass windows are very popular among many other options for window making. If you have proper skills and you enjoy outdoor activity, then you can start this business with small startup capital.

#30. Home Theater Room Making

Home theater rooms making business opportunities demands a clear conception of home renovation with the proper application of home theater, big screens, and sound systems. If you have the right skill, you can initiate this business with small startup capital.

#31. House Painting

In initiating a house painting service business, you must have the proper knowledge about colors, strainers, and painting. Any type of construction owner including houses, flats, commercial office spaces, and retail can be your prospective client.

#32. Intercom Installation

Intercom is useful equipment for communication not only in commercial spaces but also in domestic houses, hotels, etc. Providing an intercom installation service business is one of the most profitable handyman ventures to start with small startup capital.

#33. Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is becoming very popular because of the low cost compared with wooden flooring. Commercial office spaces, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, banquets, and also domestic house owners are the consumer of this item. You can start this business either from your home office or by having a commercial office space.

#34. Locksmith

This is a wonderful business of helping people with their tremendous needs. This business will pay you definitely handsome money. Expertise and skill are the key requirements to get into this business.

#35. Mirror Installation

Mirrors are required for about every residential and commercial washroom application, and dressing requirement, and also in some retail spaces for other utility purposes or only as a part of interior decoration. People use different types of mirrors for different purposes.

If you have knowledge about the different types of mirrors and you know the installation technique, then the mirror sales and installation business are just perfect for you.

#36. Mobile Car Wash Service

Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location.

#37. Mobile Oil Change Service

A person having a passion for the automobile industry and years of experience can start a profitable mobile oil change service business to make money out of it with a low startup capital investment.

#38. Odor Control Service

Odor control and elimination service providing is a big industry to cater to. To initiate this type of business, you must have the proper knowledge and expertise.

#39. Packing Crate Service

Every product needs to have packing before going to be shipped. Customized packing crate service is a wonderful business you can start provided you have the expertise in different crate packaging systems including fragile materials.

#40. Packing & Moving Service

Residential and commercial packing and moving services are always in high demand. If you enjoy packing and moving different materials safely, then this business is just perfect for you.

#41. Paving Consulting

Paving consulting business opportunities demands adequate knowledge in the mechanical and civil construction sectors. The business is all about providing advice, designing, and creating pavements within your client’s budget and scheduled time.

#42. Pest & Critter Control

Pest management and critter control are some of the most profitable handyman businesses, you can start as a home-based and part-time also. Get the proper license to start the business, because you will be dealing with pesticides and insecticides.

#43. Product Assembly Service

Huge products that are sold in the market come after an assembling job. Electrical, electronics, appliances, gadgets, fitness products, and also medical equipment are the major area where assembling jobs are required after importing or manufacturing the parts. Having proper expertise, any individual can start this business with moderate capital investment.

#44. Property Management Service

Property management service responsibility includes preparing annual management plans, preparing budgets and monthly financial statements, maintaining good tenant-owner relations, organizing tradespeople to conduct repairs, negotiating, preparing, and executing leases, etc. Some sort of legal knowledge regarding the property law of your area is required to start this business.

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#45. Roof Repairing Service

The only thing you must know to start a roof repair company is how to repair a damaged roof.  Almost every building needs a concrete roof. These roofs need repair services at some time or the other. As a result, roof repair and maintenance is a much-needed service required all across the globe.

#46. Roof Trusses Installation Service

Roof trusses are an essential requirement for any type of go-down and manufacturing unit. In this business, you have to provide the drawing and design of the proposed trusses according to the space and height required and need to install them properly. Apart from industrial purposes, you also have the domestic market.

#47. Sprinkler System Providing Service

Sprinkler system providing service is one of the most profitable handyman businesses you can start just from your home. Not only the homeowners but also parks, greenhouses, and farmhouses are the potential consumer of your business.  You can start the business by hiring expensive equipment instead of buying those.

#48. Solar System Installation Service

The solar system is becoming very popular as an alternate energy resource. Any individual having skills and knowledge about solar panel installation can initiate this business with a small startup capital investment.

#49. Windshield Repairing

A mobile windshield repairing business is one of the most profitable handyman businesses that can be initiated with a very small startup capital investment. Furthermore, other than mobile operation, you can also promote the business from a retail location with other allied automobile services.

#50. Window Cleaning

The Window Cleaning or window washing business is actually providing professional window cleaning services to homes or business houses. With a little bit of hard work and a small investment, one can get started in the window cleaning business and expect handsome revenue in a mid-sized city.

#51. Wine Rack Manufacturing

Descent and creative custom-made wine racks can be made by using a different variety of materials like wood, glass, plastic, etc. With some basic tools and equipment, any individual can initiate this handyman business from his or her home location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start your own handyman business?

In starting a handyman business, the first step is creating a business plan. Do some research on the market and plan for your marketing strategy. Before getting into the business, you must have a financial plan.

As per your state’s law register your business. Contact small business consultants about what type of licenses you will need to have. Insurance is a crucial aspect of this business.

According to the service or services you offer, gather tools and equipment. Using technologically upgraded tools and equipment will help you in getting customer satisfaction towards your work.

Fix the pricing carefully. You will need to determine, whether you will charge on an hourly basis or on a job basis. If you are starting the business from your home, fix an area for your business administration and accounting purpose.

Promote your handyman business locally. The local free classified directory is the best place for promotion. Customer satisfaction and getting references from your existing customer is the main key area to getting success in the handyman business.

Is the handyman business profitable?

The profitability will largely depend on the volume and type of handyman services you are offering to customers. On average, the earnings of maintenance and repair professionals according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is around $38,000 a year in the United States.

How much does a handyman charge per hour?

The charges for handyman jobs again depend on the type of work done. For household jobs, the service charge of a handyman is in the range of $50 to $100 plus the cost of materials purchased, if any.