Top 15 Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in Nebraska

The number of small businesses is on the rise in Nebraska, United States. If you are a resident here, find here in this article list of top business ideas in Nebraska.

Running a small business in Nebraska has many advantages. The state of Nebraska provides one of the most low-cost living facilities in the United States. The presence of wide stretches of plains, this state offers enormous business opportunities in the agriculture sector. Find below, list down the best businesses to start in Nebraska.

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Here is a list of Top 15 Business Ideas in Nebraska

1. Start a Trucking Company

Nebraska is one of the busiest states in the United States. If you have the resources to buy or lease a truck to start with, starting a trucking company in Nebraska can be a profitable venture.

2. Real Estate Broker

If you living in places like Omaha, or Lincoln, there is a good demand from people for proper accommodation. If you have good networking skill starting a real estate brokerage firm can fetch you good returns.

3. Elderly Care

There is a good demand for quality healthcare for elders. If you are looking forward to a profitable and rewarding business in the medical industry on a small scale, consider starting an elderly care business.

4. Virtual Assistant Service

A growing home business across the globe, companies now look for virtual assistants who can work from home. You can start as a freelance virtual assistant offering services like management, data organization, and virtual administration.

5. Online Marketing Services

Businesses are now looking for more ways how they can promote their products and services. Traditional marketing is losing its charm lately. If you have some unique marketing ideas, start offering marketing services online with detailed plans.

6. Soybean Export Business

Nebraska has a sprawling agricultural economy producing corns and soybeans. You can start to produce soybean in the state and then export it to other areas of the country.

7. Travel Agency

The state has a flourishing tourism industry with some of the top tourist attractions. With so many visitors to the state, you can start a travel agency to offer customizable tours, ticketings, flight bookings, currency exchange and more.

8. Pet Grooming

Pet-related services are huge in Nebraska. If you are an animal enthusiast, you can opt to offer pet grooming services in the state. This may include home visits or a pet-grooming facility of your own.

9. E-commerce Business

With so many marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Depop, it’s now really easy to sell products online. Start with outsourcing products and you can have your own e-commerce business with very little capital.

10. Cattle Farming

Nebraska for the last many years ranks as one of the top cattle-producing states in the United States. Nebraska has the top three beef cow counties in the country.  Nebraska hosts the nation’s No. 1 cow county – Cherry County, with nearly 166,000 cows. If you a farming land, or have resources to lease one, cattle farming is surely worth considering.

11. Social Media Management

Companies now depend on social media for exposure. If you know the bits of social media, you can choose to offer specific digital marketing services like Facebook marketing, Instagram promotions and more.

12. Start a Restaurant

If you have your own a retail space or have the resources to lease one, starting a restaurant business is a potentially profitable business opportunity in Nebraska.

13. Business Planning Services

Business plans are an important part of any business. It determines how a business will perform. If you have the right skills, you can choose to offer consulting services like writing a well-detailed business plan with all the do’s and don’ts.

14. Bed & Breakfast

If you are near any interesting tourist destination, start an in-home bed and breakfast business. You can register in places like Airbnb for faster bookings and get paid to host your guests.

15. Freelance Writing Services

If you wish to write, but not start a blog, it’s better to start to offer writing services. You can work as a freelance writer from home offering services like copywriting, blogging, social media posts, press releases and more.

We hope this list of business ideas in Nebraska will inspire you in starting your own business venture.