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Best 50 Small Businesses Under $100 With Good Profit Margin

    Are you planning to start a business, but are short on budget? If you are, don’t worry. Not all successful businesses start with six-figure findings. Having enough money to start a business often stops us from following our dream of being business owners. Not all businesses require a huge investment. To help you start a business on a small budget, we have handpicked some top business ideas under $100.

    Yes, you can start a profitable small business for under $100. There are thousands of successful businesses today which started on a shoestring budget. You don’t money to succeed, you just need to believe in your idea and keep working hard.

    50 Business Ideas Under $100

    Here are the top small businesses you can start for under $100:

    1. Online Social Media Consultancy

    Every business is now bound to take its business online via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. While most of them don’t know how to plan their social media marketing, you can offer consultancy services backed by your social media skills from home.

    2. Tutoring

    Tutoring is a home-based business in the education segment. It’s a profitable business without any investment. You can start a tutoring business just with no capital. Start by informing your friends and family of referrals, or some flyers at your local communities.

    3. Blogging

    You can start a blog of your own without any major investment. It’s simple and probably the most legitimate way of earning online. You can run a blog right from your home, without the need for any external help.

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    4. Babysitting

    If you love spending time with children, you can choose to start a babysitting business. You need no investment, while the service only involves taking care of other children in the absence of their parents.

    5. Web Designing

    You start to offer a web design service business from home. There are several tutorials available online offering free website designing courses. You can learn and practice for a few days. Small businesses often look for designers online on platforms like UpWork and Fiverr.

    6. Alteration Service Provider

    With a bit of needle and thread skills, you can start an alteration service business from home. While the investment is very minimal, you will cater to clients who need altering with garments. To start with, you can promote your services in your locality via friends and family.

    7. Home Decoration Services

    If you have some creative skills, you can help homeowners decorate their homes in exchange for a fee. You don’t require a professional degree. With an eye for home decoration, you can start to offer your services.

    8. Freelance Bookkeeping

    Every company, small or big, does require business accounting services. You can opt to offer freelance bookkeeping services without any investment like bank reconciliation, e-filing, service tax, sales tax, payroll, etc.

    10. Freelance Writing

    You can use your skill words to create articles for others. You can look up such writing projects online to offer content regularly. You can also write for corporate clients to help with their marketing projects to promote their products and services.

    11. Graphic Designing Services

    A top business to do now, good graphical designs are in high demand. You can learn to use the tools online for free via online tutorials and videos. You can use free tools to create logos and designs to offer graphics for clients online.

    12. Review Website

    Online users often look at in-depth reviews before buying any product or even service. With a very nominal investment, you can buy a few products or experience a few services and start reviewing them. You can be an internet influencer and can earn money via advertising and sponsorships.

    13. Pet Training Services

    If you are someone who is good with pets, can use the skills to train pets. New pet owners often find it difficult to train their pets. You can offer to train their pets out of your home without any investment.

    14. Online Surveys

    Do you wish to earn money from home without any investment? Well, online surveys will pay you for that. Small online survey jobs without any skills will reward you to complete the set of questionnaires and opinions on varied subjects.

    15. Bed & Breakfast Business

    Do you have an extra room at your home? If you do, consider starting a bed and breakfast business without any major investment at under $100. Use a free service like Airbnb to list your place, and you will only have to pay a service fee once there’s a successful reservation.

    16. Editing Services

    If you are good with creative writing and grammar, then you can start to help people produce better content. Companies and individuals even look for editors to offer in-depth editing services. You can opt to offer online editing services for writers or businesses in exchange for a fee.

    17. Soap-Making Business

    The organic soap market is growing at a steady rate. While the demand for natural soaps continues to rise, you can start a home-based soap-making business without any major investment.

    18. ClickBank E-Products

    The business involves selling digital products and can be started for under $100. You can start with your own Clickbank product, where you can earn a commission for every successful sale. You can also create a PDF e-book on any topic to start selling it immediately.

    19. Used Books Selling

    You can start a business by selling used books online. You first need to buy the used books from different readers. Add up your profit margin, and then list the books on eBay or other sites selling second-hand books.

    20. Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing still remains a favorite tool of marketing among small businesses. If you can write attractive emails to build a connection with customers, you can offer your services online. You will help small businesses to carry out email marketing campaigns.

    21. Online Dating Consultant

    There are people who find it difficult to find a date. You can use your interpersonal communication skills to help others find a date by offering online consultations from home at your own time without any major investment.

    22. E-Commerce Business

    An e-commerce business offers you the ease to work from home without any major investment. You can choose to manufacture some products like soaps or candles at home or drop ship something or buy products wholesale to start selling online.

    23. Logo Designing Services

    You can use your creative skills to start a freelance logo designing business. You can choose to learn to design logos online for free via tutorial videos. Once done, you start taking up orders online to offer services to businesses looking for simple logos and branding elements.

    24. Social Media Management Services

    There are several businesses that don’t have a full-time social media person. While you can be at home, you can opt to manage their social media accounts. You can offer your remote social management services in the form of packages.

    25. Copywriting Services

    With an eye for creative content and writing skills, you can make money out of copywriting. While there’s no investment involved, you can start a copywriting business from home. As a freelance copywriter, you can take up assignments online from platforms like UpWork or Fiverr.

    26. Travel Planning Services

    Are you an avid traveler? If so, you can help travelers plan their journey with the best deals online. You yourself need to keep up with different travel sites for deals and offers. You will help them book trips with everything they need in exchange for a fee.

    27. Online Photo Editing Services

    Use can start an online photo editing service where you will edit pictures in-depth in exchange for a fee. There are several free tools available online. You can learn them online and then can offer editing services in packages.

    28. Recycled Goods Seller

    You can start a recycled goods business for under $100. Use your creative skills to create goods by using recyclable materials, to sell them later. Handmade recycled products have a sizeable market. You can choose to sell them online or via local shops.

    29. Online SEO Consultancy

    With some working knowledge of content and websites, you can offer online SEO services. Businesses and individuals will contact you to fix their SEO and you will go through your client’s site on how they can improve their ranking with better Search Engine Optimisation.

    30. Childproofing Services

    Childproofed homes help babies and small children stay safe, and parents have to worry less. The business is really cheap to start. Do note that you may have to follow certain state guidelines and regulations to child-proof homes depending on your location.

    31. Packing Services

    A business dealing with products will always need some sort of packaging. A low investment business, you can start to offer packing services to local businesses. With an eye for little details, you can start a successful packing service business with a little investment.

    32. Grocery Delivery Services

    Local shops don’t have dedicated delivery services. With a bike, you can opt to start a delivery service in your locality to help local shops offer delivery services. You can be a personal shopper as well to help them buy and deliver things for a small fee.

    33. Referral Services

    You can contact businesses asking them to pay you a fee for successful referrals. You may have to telemarket for them or promote their services and products via different channels. You can also work with customers to help them find what they want, and then, in turn, charge these businesses.

    34. Telemarketing Services

    You can start a telemarketing business out of your home with a laptop and mobile. As a freelance telemarketer, you will help different small businesses sell their services and products. This may also include fixing appointments with customers and generating leads.

    35. Marketing Services

    Most businesses fail to sell their product or service due to poor marketing. If you are an expert, you can start an online marketing consultancy. Marketing in today’s world plays a major role in a company’s performance. You can choose to help them with their brand awareness campaigns.

    36. Catering Services

    You can start a small catering business for under $100 for birthday parties and small events. To keep the expenses low, you can choose to operate from home, keeping the overhead to a minimum. Tie up with event planners and other party agencies for a steady stream of orders.

    37. Content Marketing Services

    You can start a content marketing business backed by your writing skills. You need to stay updated with Google’s changing algorithms and writing trends. You can also work as an exclusive content writer apart from writing for marketing and advertising materials.

    38. Scrapbook Making Services

    People often look for creative scrapbook layouts online. You can help them have their own scrapbooks with their desired layouts. You have to work on how they want their scrapbook to look, and assemble it for them.

    39. Landscaping Services

    You can choose to design landscapes. While there’s no major investment, you may put in your skills. You will have to mow lawns and pull weeds to make them look attractive. While the landscaping work may vary, you can charge your clients accordingly.

    40. Online Proofreading Services

    Clients look for proofreaders online who can offer editing services. You will offer services online by letting clients send you their work. You return them after editing and proofreading for a fee.

    41. eBook Writer

    Reading has seen a huge transformation over the decades. While the love for reading is still there, the medium had changed. Most people now read on the internet. If you have something great to share, you can write an eBook and self-publish to sell it on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle library.

    42. Online Course Instructor

    If you have some knowledge of any particular subject, you can start to offer online classes. You upload your classes for different courses on a platform like Udemy or Coursera to get paid. The platforms will charge a commission for every successful purchase.

    43. Yoga Studio

    While the gym is losing its charm among health enthusiasts, yoga is gaining stardom. You can start a yoga studio at home with a bit of training. You can do a short course to kick-start your own yoga classes from home without any major investment.

    44. Professional Organizing Services

    Often busy people need help to organize their own stuff. You can offer professional services to help them stay organized. This will primarily involve managing their homes or offices and with systems for storing and utilizing all items.

    45. Pop-Up Shop

    Starting a retail shop can be very costly now. While instead, you can opt to start a small pop-up shop to sell something. This can be a food stall, or something you can do on your own, cakes, or organic soaps.

    46. Flea Market Vending

    Flea markets are there all around the world. You can locate the ones closest to you via online maps and can start to vend for them. While the investment is low, you can start your vending business at under $100.

    47. Freelance Bartending

    With so many free online cocktail guides and videos, you can start to work as a freelance bartender on your own. You can learn and practice the skills at home. You may need some real-life experience, so it’s better to work under someone first before starting on your own.

    48. Window Cleaning Services

    The window cleaning business will require basic supplies, which are available at around $100. You can offer your services to retail stores, cafes, and shops with store windows. Once you start to work, you can invest in more equipment.

    49. Scrap Metal Recycling

    Metals like copper and aluminum are some of the most valuable common metals found across the world. While these metals remain in demand, you can choose to recycle them at a low cost. With your first sale, you can invest in new supplies.

    50. Cleaning Services

    Cleaning services can be a profitable low capital business without any major investment. You can start to offer your services with some basic equipment for under $100. Once you start to rake up, you can use your earnings to expand your business.

    These are the recommended list of business opportunities you can start with a very little budget of under $100. The idea is to start with what you have, and then grow with the money you make. You need to be ready to put in the work to get the business going!

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