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320 Catchy Design Business Names & Name Ideas

Are you on the hunt for a unique and catchy name for your design business? If so then you are in the right place. Here in this article,  we have listed attractive design business names and name suggestions including a complete guide on how to name a design business.

By the end of this article, you will be able to

  • Create your own cool and catchy design business name which will be able to stand the test of time
  • Give your business the head by learning about the best branding practices used by the pros

The goal is to come up with a unique yet catchy name for your design company.

We have divided these amazing names into categories of different design business types from T-shirt design to architectural design to website design and more.

List of 320 Design Business Names

Best T-shirt Design Business Name Ideas

  • Just Tees
  • Graphy Tee Designs
  • Splash Tees
  • Action Designs Shirts
  • Print Observer
  • Verge Graphics
  • Niche Shirts
  • Storm T-Shirt Designs
  • FirstChoice Design Prints
  • Logic Tees
  • Sovereign Tees Design
  • Nightingale Designer Tees
  • Sprites Print
  • Automated Print
  • Horizon Print
  • Designed Fireworks Tees
  • Driven Designed Print
  • Dynamite Design Apparel
  • Tees Design Magic
  • Bullet Tees Designs
  • Creek Apparel Designs
  • Print Peek Designs
  • Northland Shirts
  • Unleashed Shirts Designs
  • Shirt Design Strategist
  • Artistic Stitch
  • Dreamer Design Print
  • Smashing Apparel
  • Print Property
  • Firehouse Designers T-Shirt
  • Queens Design Apparel
  • First Choice Shirts
  • TeedPrint
  • Homegrown Shirts
  • Tshirt Designs Wiz
  • D Front Creations
  • Reverse Shirts
  • Apparel Effect
  • Doomsday Print
  • Tshirt Agent

Catchy Design Studio Business Names

  • Point Five Design Studio
  • Studio Graphic Lab Inc.
  • Raxa Design Studio
  • Design Factory
  • The Element Design Studio
  • Domani Studios
  • Work Reworked Design Studio
  • Visual Design Studio
  • Arora Designs Studio
  • Graphic Mentors
  • All City Graphix Studio
  • The Art of Places
  • Studio Iconic
  • Choice Image Inc.
  • Build A Design Vision
  • Dream Design Studio
  • Royal Graphics Design
  • Design Manifesto Studio
  • Inspired Design Studio
  • Maxmedia Designs
  • Method Design Studio
  • Graphic Sense Studio
  • Interiorsmith Studio
  • All Design Studio
  • Design Studio Manual
  • Imaging Designs
  • Evolved Design
  • Color Reflections Design
  • Creative Ally Design Studio
  • Iconica Studio
  • Studio Union Design
  • ModGraphic Design Studio
  • Pitman Design Graphics
  • Aqua Studio & Design
  • Elite Designs
  • Glory Bound Productions
  • Design Studio Speedpro
  • Graphic Concepts
  • Impress Designs Inc.
  • Blue Ridge Graphics

Unique Advertising & Marketing Design Business Names

  • Boosted Marketing
  • Advertising Designers
  • Marketing Matters
  • The Marketer’s Edge
  • Twisted Marketing
  • The Art Of Design
  • Reinvent Media
  • Kickstart Marketing Inc.
  • Marketing Growth Hub
  • Big Bite Marketing
  • Logic Digital
  • Pinwheel Marketing
  • Craft Marketing
  • Digital Campaigns Inc.
  • A1 Marketing Solutions
  • Marketing Ninja
  • The Marketing Group
  • Marketing Genie
  • Brandthink
  • Flame Force Mktg
  • Gold Marketing
  • Brand Recognition Co
  • Marketing Force
  • Popcorn Marketing
  • Wisdom Digital
  • The Marketing Factory
  • Brand Lion
  • Affinity Marketing
  • Yellowhammer Creative
  • Bunch of Disruptors
  • Northstar Blue Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Vision
  • Smashing Pages
  • Gravity Drive Mktg Inc.
  • Blastdrive
  • Publicize it!
  • Talespin Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Magic
  • Keystone Marketing
  • Marketing Trendsetter

Classy Architecture Design Business Names

  • Urban Decor
  • Creative Columns
  • Visual Deco
  • Woodhouse Architects
  • Design and Contracting
  • Picturesque Pillars
  • Well-Drafted
  • Standard Architects
  • Under the Arch
  • Architecture Studio
  • Better Blueprints
  • The Building Boys
  • Architectural Restoration Studio
  • Pyramid Architecture
  • Everest Associates
  • Cannon Design
  • Consultant Architects
  • Architect Alliance
  • Architectural Supply
  • Art Interior Architects
  • Arches Architecture
  • Flad Architects
  • Architexture
  • Extreme Line Consultancy
  • Base Architecture
  • Spark Architects
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Architectural Corner
  • Consistency Studios
  • Greenbug Architects
  • Creative Link Architects
  • Global Construction
  • Architectural Consultants
  • Ultramodern Architecture
  • Maps Studio
  • Architects Venture
  • Institute of Architects
  • Multiply Skills Engineers
  • Openhorizons Inc
  • Stylistic Symmetry

Attractive Jewellery Design Business Names

  • Fashionable Designs Jewel
  • US Gems Designs
  • Diamond & Associates Designs
  • Peacock Design Beads
  • Fleet Jewel Designs
  • Joyful Jeweler
  • Mint Jewelry Design
  • Homemade Special Designs
  • King Arthur Designed Jewelry
  • Golden Designers Bespoke
  • Small Handwoven Designs
  • Emerald Designers Seas
  • The Diamond Design Depot
  • Fancy Design Jewelers
  • Delightful Wears Designs
  • Ingrid Gold Design Business
  • Chic Rage Designs
  • Jesel Gems Design
  • Grace Collections
  • By Design Jewelers
  • Set to Shine Designs
  • Stones for Lovers
  • Traditional Hand Crafted
  • Majestic Design Pleasantry
  • Specialhandmade
  • Handstitched Pro
  • Delicate Jewels Designs
  • Silver Palace
  • Golden Appeal Designs
  • Designers Silver Lining
  • Gracious Design Jewelry
  • Rings and Bling Designs
  • The Sparkle Sisters
  • Gems Galore
  • Special Stones Designs
  • Dare to Dazzle
  • Diamond Design Dreams
  • Cool Jewels Designers
  • The Dazzle Factor
  • Get Them Gems

Cool Digital Design Business Names

  • Demo Digital Graphics
  • Graficle Flex Designs
  • Game Designers
  • Noble Desktop Digital Design
  • Digitize Designs
  • Design Time
  • The Greatest DigitalGraphic
  • Solar-Rise Digital Designs
  • Underdog Designs
  • Impress Designs Inc.
  • Limitless Design Digitals
  • Spotlight Digital Graphics
  • Big Film Design
  • Prime Digital Graphics
  • 3 in 1 Digi Design
  • Click Here, Inc.
  • Digital Graphic Gold
  • All-City Graphix
  • Octa Digital Graphics
  • Digitally Graphical
  • Graphizine
  • Go For Graphics
  • Design Hub
  • Eye Catching Digitals
  • Pixxel Studio
  • Connected Dots
  • InDesign Graphics
  • Digital Comics Corner
  • Digital Retro Canvas
  • Colart Digitals
  • Digital
  • Colorpix
  • Abstract Graphic Design
  • Kreate DigitalTribe
  • Motion Digital Design
  • Digital Graphix Studio
  • Photo-stratus
  • brand. me
  • Picmatic Digital

Website Design Company Names

  • Graphic Web Design
  • Black Leaf Signs
  • Genuine Web Creators
  • On Point Websites
  • Epic Websites
  • Webmaster Freelance
  • Vignette Images
  • The Website Essentials
  • Website Solutions
  • Blissful Site Design
  • Enviable Websites
  • Web Suites
  • Siterulers
  • On Point Web Design
  • Designers Gems
  • All Internet Solutions
  • Crisp Designers
  • Pixel Design
  • The WebDesign Principles
  • Regal Webtricks
  • World Wide Web
  • Styles Wizards
  • Site Deluxe
  • Power Web Creations
  • Website Plaza
  • Decorated Webmasters
  • The Webmaster
  • Royal WebSolutions
  • Website Wizards
  • Website Works
  • Worker Bee Websites
  • Website Success
  • Successful Sites
  • Internet Intentions
  • Into The Net
  • Webbed Wonder
  • Dive Into Internet
  • Internet Pros
  • My Web Wing
  • Domainlans

Brandable Product Design Business Names

  • Victorious Visions
  • Coherent Creative
  • New Age Design
  • Cornerstone Creative
  • In Awe Design
  • Creative Coalition
  • Creative Agent
  • The Design Gurus
  • Brandbuilders
  • Five One Development
  • Amigos Graphix
  • Rainfall Design Studio
  • The Workbench
  • Graphicsmith
  • Orange Square
  • Thrive 3D
  • Design Frog
  • Creative Reason
  • Design On A Dime
  • Creative Corner
  • Creative Visionaries
  • Bee Creative
  • Limitless Creative
  • Take Five Creative
  • Cosmic Creative
  • Catchy Creations
  • Boxless Creative
  • Communal Creative
  • Creative Space
  • Vision Victory
  • Collaborative Creative
  • Sunny Skies Creative
  • Inspired Websites
  • Tactical Web creators
  • Creative Strategy
  • A To C Creative
  • Creative Partners
  • Creature Creative
  • Daring Design
  • Websites Impact

How To Name a Design Business – 10 Tips

When it comes to naming your design business, there are numerous factors to consider. To make the best use of your time we have summarized 10 easy-to-follow points that the pros follow.

Learn More: How to Name Your Business? Step-By-Step Guidelines

Hence, should read this guide carefully to come up with a unique design business name tailored to your business.

1. Make it Easy to Remember

The goal is to come up with a unique, concise, and catchy name for your design company.

Descriptive phrases are a fantastic way to convey the essence of your design business. You can consider using phrases like “graphics” “striking” or “design” in the name of your design business.

Also, try to keep the name simple and easy to remember as it will be far more difficult to advertise your brand if people don’t remember the name.

2. Try to use Rhyming Words while Naming a Design Business

You should try and use rhymes, they are like music lyrics, and they are so easily remembered that they stay with us.

In reality, rhyming is a useful tool for helping us remember things. It’s all about mnemonics, which are memory aids that are utilized to improve and help human memory.

The more customers remember your name the more likely they are to visit!

The simplest method to improve memory is to use rhymes. Each line finishes with a similar tone, resulting in an easier-to-remember rhythm.

3. Make it Easy to Read And Pronounce

Your brand name will be easily recognizable if the name contains these features – It should be simple to read, understand, and easy to pronounce correctly.

A brand name must be appealing and enticing to consumers for them to choose your design business.

Most of the most effective brand names are short. They are frequently one-syllable words. Sprite and Dell are wonderful examples of short, memorable, and easy-to-read and pronounced brand names.

To avoid misspellings, you should also consider the native language of the city or country you are serving.

4. Should be Unique

You could name the company after yourself or another individual, or you could come up with an abbreviation for some of the primary design services you provide.

An easy method that may help you be unique is to name it such that it will be inspired by the design industry.

If you are not unique then customers might confuse your business with some other business in your area.

This will also hurt your search ranking on the internet when someone is looking to find you. More on that later.

5. Search for Trademark Availability

You should have three fantastic design business names on hand to avoid any issues. Now, check for their availability in your country/state, by conducting a check for trademark availability.

If “no matches found” is shown then there are no registered or applied trademarks that match your business name. Just remember that the name you choose must not be confusingly similar to any other trademarks to be registered.

If you are from the United States, visit the official site of USTPO and learn more about trademark verification and the registration process.

6. Check for Domain Availability

Your design domain name should have the same name as that of your business name. Having it registered gives you the ability to ensure that no one else can use it.

Read: How to Check Domain Name Availability

It should give the visitor the idea that the people behind this site are innovative and knowledgeable in their industry.

It couldn’t be easier to check on the domain you desire. Many internet services will inform you if the name is available or where you can buy it if it isn’t.

7. Try to be SEO Friendly

Creating the name of your design business such that it will be SEO-friendly in the future is an important consideration while naming your business.

There are millions of businesses that fear being lost in the flood of search results because they did not know this.

If you don’t want the same for you we cannot express how important it is to have a brand name that will be synonymous with the design business industry.

This means that you must use words in your business name and website name with words that are commonly used in your industry.

8. Build a Niche Business Name

Look for not just a name, but a creative and niche business name that will make your design business stand out. This is the simplest and strongest way to ensure long-term client development.

You need to first identify the strong points of your business and try to use that in the name.

Then, you must know your target market’s ages, preferences, and needs.

Then with that knowledge try to mix and match those words which you feel will be most enticing to that target demographic.

9. Consider Personalising The Name

If you try to personalize the name of your business with that of your name then it will be sure to be unique.

Otherwise, you can try to include the names of popular design terms and phrases of the industry. You can also try to add names of the road, city, or country you are doing business in.

The idea is to have a name that everyone in your target audience can understand and relate to.

Personalizing the name helps in creating an interpersonal relationship between your design business and the consumer.

10. Create a Professional Email Address

You can help boost your brand reputation, by ensuring that your business name, website URL, and email addresses are all consistent.

This ensures that your brand name is the same across all platforms and that your potential consumers are not confused by mixed messages.

You will reassure users that they have the correct information by including your website’s domain in your primary contact email.

Not only that, but you will also boost the look of your company.

Furthermore, did you know email is 40 times more efficient than social media for acquiring and converting leads?

Best Branding Practices for Design Business

After successfully naming your business the next step is to correctly brand it. It is the single most important step to ensure the stability and growth of your new business.

We have listed below the most important branding practices you should follow.

a) Logo is Essential

Your logo is simply the most important component of your whole branding approach. It’s a sign that provides quick and strong brand recognition for your design business about the services or goods you deliver.

Before you begin the process of developing a logo, make sure you’ve defined your brand strategy.

The logo should be like a tiny advertisement for your firm. A logo might send the wrong message if it isn’t designed with a plan in mind.

As a result, rather than enforcing your approach, you may find yourself weakening it. To assist enhance customer recognition, you’ll want to keep on continuing your brand messaging.

b) Create a Website

Let alone a Design Business even for brick-and-mortar shops, having an online presence is essential these days.

Keep these design ideas in mind when creating your website.

  • Mobile-Friendly – For a website to be effective, it must be mobile-responsive.
  • Contact Details – If your firm relies on customers being able to contact you or your sales staff, make sure that information is easily accessible.
  • Easy Navigation – No matter where your viewers land, you should provide a clear path back to the homepage.

With the numerous website creation tools online, creating a website isn’t very difficult.

c) Build a Slogan

Consider a slogan as a chance to showcase your brand’s distinctiveness, personality, or any other essential brand attribute.

A good slogan will provoke an emotional reaction from your target audience. It should do one or more of the following:

  • Make clear (what you do, how you’re positioned, etc.)
  • Express the most important brand attributes
  • Help people recognize and remember you

Also remember to avoid words that are unclear, boring, stale, or untruthful while creating a slogan.

Creating a great tagline is difficult, but once you’ve got it down, it can add a powerful extra dimension to your brand.

d) Make a Business Card

One of your most personal and adaptable marketing/branding/call-to-action tools is your business card.

It may seem apparent, but include your logo design, and brand name as well as a set of brand guidelines and contact details.

These are some business card designing guidelines you need to practice if you want your business and brand to be regarded seriously.

Don’t get too consumed with making the finest business card in history that it keeps you up at night. Instead, you should be concerned about it being balanced, focused, and targeted to your customer – so they contact you.

5. Design a Brochure

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, brochures remain a vital component of a well-balanced marketing plan. A well-designed brochure implies a trustworthy and hard-working business.

Not only that but brochures may be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

You may hand them out at trade fairs, display them in brochure racks, scan and mail them to customers, and even post them on your company’s website.

They are also very accessible; many clients would prefer to view a brochure in their leisure time rather than interact with a salesperson.

Most brochures are only a few hundred words long, giving you plenty of room to highlight your design business’s capabilities.


Now that you understand the basics of naming a design business, pick the one that’s suitable for you and get to work!

You want your new company’s name to be memorable, but don’t allow the importance of naming your design firm to deter you from pursuing your goal.

Too many individuals get hung up on the name of their design business and never start their firm because it isn’t “right.” It’s simple to make excuses.

Don’t allow a simple thing like naming your design business to be one of them. With the help of this article, we are sure that you have found your perfect design business name or at least have found lots of inspiration.

More Business Names: 

Now you can start obtaining design clients and develop your business. Wishing you the best of luck.