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Top 30 Best School Related Business Ideas in 2024

Do you want to start a school-related business with little money? Are you looking for niche opportunities? If YES, find here a list of the most profitable school business ideas for your ready reference.

Regardless of the type of school, you are planning to open, this is indeed a self-rewarding business. School is the second home of the children. The school business comes under the educational service industry. In the United States of America, the industry is growing at 4.6% every year. This industry includes public and private schools that offer academic courses.

List of 30 School Business Ideas

#1. Acting School

Initiating an acting school is a perfect business opportunity for both professional and amateur actors. The business is highly profitable. And the overall success of an acting school depends on how many students become established actors and actresses. So, you must have a good network in the industry. The business requires a startup investment.

#2. Animation Institute

Generally, animation centers offer job-oriented courses in animation, VFX, multimedia, graphics, and the gaming industry. And if you teach the students carefully you will get enough of the students for your school. Opening an animation school requires startup investment and a proper promotion strategy.

#3. Barber’s School

For opening a barbershop, one must have a barber license from a recognized barber’s school. If you want to open a skill-related business in the United States of America, you can consider this opportunity. Before initiating the business, you must analyze the market demand properly. Also, your school must have proper affiliation too.

#4. Beauty and Cosmetology Training School

Generally, the beauty and cosmetology training schools provide 1 or 2-year course programs that lead to professional certificates or associate’s degrees. Some of the most popular segments are trends and techniques, hair styling, theory and practice, make-up, spa, terminology, manicuring/pedicuring, and facial services. As the global beauty industry is growing the demand for this type, of course, is also increasing.

#5. Bible School

Bible schools are also popular as Bible institutes or Theological institutes. In North America, there are over 1,200 post-secondary Bible institutes. However, the demand for these schools is throughout the United States, Australia, and Canada. Generally, Bible schools offer bachelor’s degrees, most often in biblical studies and various divisions of Christian ministry, pastoral ministry, and worship ministry or church music.

#6. Boarding School

Generally, boarding schools offer food and lodging to students during their education. Most of these types of schools have a wide campus with a range of facilities and amenities. The demand for this type of community-based school is growing these days. However, opening a boarding school is a cost-intensive business. Also, the business demands strategic planning and good manpower resources.

#7. Business School

Generally, business schools are university-level education institutions. Most business schools offer programs in business administration and management. In North America, a business school is often understood to be a university program that offers graduate Master of Business Administration degrees and/or undergraduate bachelor’s degrees.

#8. Catering School

Globally, catering is a vast subject to learn. As the hospitality management industry is growing rapidly, the demand for catering schools is also increasing. Generally, catering schools offer degree or certificate programs such as catering management, culinary arts, and food service management, community education programs, or more business-focused programs. Comparatively, it is an easy school business for new entrepreneurs.

#9. Charter School

Any company, organization, or individual can apply for a charter to open a charter school. If the state grants its charter, the school will receive a certain amount of funding for a limited period — typically 3-5 years. Generally, charter schools offer programs with a specialization or mission statement that meets the needs of their community.

#10. Computer Training Institute

Opening a computer training institute is a comparatively easy business. However, the business is perfect for computer-savvy professionals. This type of institute offers computer-related programs both at the basic and advanced levels. You must select the right location for this business. With moderate capital investment, you can open this business.

#11. Dance School

If you love to dance and have technical knowledge, you can open a dance studio of your own. The only thing is that you need to offer those dance lessons that have the local market demand. Depending on your investment capacity, you can open a dance school of any size. Even, you can open the school at home provided you have sufficient space.

#12. Day School

By nature, day schools are completely the opposite of boarding schools. Simply, the day schools provide educational instructions during the daytime. And after the class, the students go back to their homes. For opening a day school, you will need to apply for affiliation from the concerned authority. Also, the business demands startup investment and sufficient space for school infrastructure.

#13. Drawing School

Simply, drawing schools offer instruction on how to draw. Sometimes drawing schools are as popular as art schools. Generally, this business is perfect for an artist who enjoys drawing and loves to teach others. Apart from initiating a big studio, you can also consider taking classes at your home. However, you need space and some drawing equipment including canvas, white sheets, pencils, brushes, colors, etc.

#14. Driving School

In almost every country, the vehicle population is growing very fast. Hence, the demand for responsible driving schools is also growing. Generally, driving schools not only help to learn to drive but also provide instructions about traffic rules and road safety. Sometimes these schools help in getting a driving license too.

#15. Fashion Design School

If you are a fashion designer and have a keen interest in fashion and trends, you can open a fashion design institute. Also, the business is perfect for fashion-conscious and creative individuals. Globally, fashion is a vast industry. Generally, clothing companies and accessories companies hire fashion design professionals. Hence, the demand for these schools is rapidly growing.

#16. Hospitality Management Institute

Nowadays, hospitality management is also as popular as hotel and tourism management. Hospitality management covers hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, and country clubs. So, students get a wide range of career options in this field. Both in developed and developing countries there is a good demand for this type of institute.

#17. Jewelry Designing Institute

You can open this type of institute in a location where there is a demand for skilled jewelry designers. Generally, a jewelry design training institute offers various courses in jewelry making, stone cutting, stone polishing, etc. Also, you need proper affiliation and a business license from the concerned authority.

#18. Language School

In general, students study foreign languages in language schools. You can open these schools either as an independent entity or corporate franchise. Generally, these schools provide good infrastructure. You must select the location carefully. Also, it is better to conduct a market survey before starting this business. At least, you must understand what languages people want to learn.

#19. Magnet School

Magnet schools are normal schools. However, they take the students on a merit basis on special subjects such as arts, science, or technology. Sometimes these schools are popular as “talented & gifted” schools. Magnet schools make the extra effort to create a sense of classroom and school community. Sometimes students are on the waiting list to get admission. So, magnet schools maintain and provide quality education. And definitely, starting this business is highly profitable.

#20. Martial Art School

Currently, martial art is getting popular not only because of self-defense but also as an effective way to work out. So, you can open a martial arts academy at a location where there are no other schools for martial arts at least around a 5 Km radius. You don’t need to have much space. Even, with a 300 Sq Ft covered area, you can open this business.

#21. Music School

Generally, music schools offer two different types of instruction. These are vocal and instrumental. However, you can open a music studio only according to your expertise and skill. The music school business demands sufficient space, proper infrastructure, and instruments. Also, you need to check whether you need a business license or not.

#22. Nursing Training School

Every hospital, clinic, nursing home, polyclinic, and health center needs skilled nurses. Hence, the demand for certified nurses is always there throughout the globe. Also, nursing is a self-rewarding career for girls. Hence, with proper infrastructure and qualified faculty, you can consider starting a nursing training institute to train the nurse.

#23. Orphan School

You can find a lot of schools for orphan children throughout the world. And most of these schools are on a non-profit basis. However, some schools operate on a for-profit basis also. So, you can start an orphan school to provide basic education to orphan children. However, you must analyze first if there is a demand for these schools or not.

#24. Photography Training Institute

Photography is a lucrative career for many individuals. There are several ways one can earn money from photography. Therefore, there is always a good demand for a good quality photography training center. If you are a good photographer and want to share your skills and experience, you can open a photography school for aspiring individuals.

#25. Playschool

Playschools are also popular as preschool. Currently, this is a booming sector in the school industry. Due to the growing nuclear family and working parents, people look for responsible playschools for their kids. You can open a playschool as an individual entity, or you can open as a franchise partner. Playschools work better at locations near residential places. So, select the location carefully.

#26. Parochial school

Parochial schools are religious private schools. Generally, these schools get regular funding from the local church. However, you can establish this type of school on the dependence on student fees also. And in that case, you can make enough profit from the parochial school.

#27. School for Special Children

Generally, these schools focus on children who have special needs. They support students having autism spectrum, brain injury, slower processing speeds, ADHD, severe anxiety, or other neurological differences. Initiating this type of school is a highly profitable business provided you get enough students to run the school.

#28. Sewing School

Sewing is a great career not only for women but men also. With a sound knowledge of running different types of sewing machines, one can start a good business of his or her own. So, the demand for sewing schools is always there. If you know how to sew and you have the technical knowledge, you can open a sewing school at your location. If you want to start the business low cost, you can consider establishing a school at your home also.

#29. Stunt School

If you are an adventure lover and know the trick to doing stunts, you can teach other individuals too. However, you need sufficient space and proper infrastructure for practical classes. As the media and entertainment industry is growing rapidly, the demand for this type of school is increasing.

#30. Virtual or Online School

Online or virtual school is the current highly trending business in the school business industry. Because of the ease of learning, most parents and children both prefer to study at online schools. Online schools conduct classes online. And students can attend the classes right from their homes.

We hope the above list of 30 school business ideas will help you in starting your own school business properly.