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Best 280 Catchy Strip Club Names & Suggestions

    Are you starting a strip club business? If you have not yet come up with a name, then this is the right article for you. Here we will be discussing how you can shortlist catchy strip club names and select the one that is most attractive.

    Here in this article, you will learn more about the following subjects:

    • Find the top strip club names and suggestions
    • Know exactly how to come up with the best strip club business name
    • Find out the best branding practices used by the pro of the strip club industry

    We will guide you through this process in an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. But first, we will provide you with some name suggestions for you to shortlist from.

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    Without further ado, let’s check out the name suggestions first.

    280 Strip Club Business Names

    Strip Club Business Names

    • Rockstar Strip Club
    • Dice Bar & Strip Club
    • Appleton Strip Club
    • Mystic Strip Club
    • Mixed Bag Strip Club
    • Paradise Strip Club
    • SecretSquare Club
    • The Afterlife Strip Club
    • The Greasy Spoon
    • PurpleMate Strip Club
    • Pink Paradise
    • Cityspike Strip Club
    • Mari Gold Club
    • Big Beer Brothers Stripers
    • Kiss N’ Ride Strip Club
    • Club Crush Strip Club
    • Prestige Strip Club
    • Dance Mecca
    • Sweet Martini Lounge
    • Dark Strip Club Paradise
    • Lusty Strip Club
    • Blue Angel Strip Club
    • Apparel Strip Club
    • Club Entourage Strip Club
    • Heavy Metal Tavern
    • Palm Arms Strip Club
    • Alphaberry Strip Club
    • Tropical Strip Club Coast
    • Wave Strip Club
    • Bass Strip Club Bumpers
    • Big Fun City Strip Club
    • Edge Strip Club
    • Scruze Mate Strip Club
    • Traction Control
    • Fuzzy Peach Club
    • Red Daisy Strip Club
    • The Tripod Strip Club
    • YellowWood Strip Club
    • Kingsman Strip Club
    • Nite Club Strip Club

    Catchy Strip Club Business Names

    • Passion And Pomegranate Strip Club
    • Oregon Strip Club
    • Fuzzy Wuzzy Strip Club
    • Thrill Den Strip Club
    • Kingsman Strip Cave
    • The Social Club
    • The King’s Court
    • Symphony Club
    • Magnet Strip Club
    • Ambrosia Strip Club
    • West End Lounge
    • Femora Strip Club
    • Velvet Strip Club Lounge
    • Neon Nightclub
    • Moonshine Strip Club
    • Atlanta Strip Club
    • Stinky Nights
    • Heaven Door Strip Club
    • Golfer Strip Club
    • Champagne Room Strip Club
    • Neon Strip Club Blue
    • Crimson Crew Strip Club
    • Venus Strip Club
    • NorthSmith  Strip Club
    • Seastone Strip Club
    • Cloud Strip Club
    • Blue Lounge Strip Club
    • Dance Strip Club Mania
    • Cabaret Strip Club
    • Rumpus Room
    • Nest Strip Strip Club
    • The Strip Club Playground
    • Hunter Club Strip Club
    • The Crayon Club
    • Golden Cloud Strip Club
    • The Underground
    • Pleasure Point
    • Futura Strip Club
    • Lights on Strip Club
    • Level Up Strip Club

    Stylish Strip Club Business Names

    • The Odds And Sods Club
    • Vegas Strip Club
    • My Erection Strip Club
    • Bamboo Lounge Strip Club
    • SereneDive Strip Club
    • Ambrosia Nightclub
    • Boulder Strip Club
    • Club Cataclysm
    • Mint Lounge
    • Andorra Strip Club
    • Club Cave
    • BridgeBurst Club
    • Enjoy Strip Club
    • Strip Club On-Air
    • Diamond Club
    • Club VIP
    • Club Ace
    • Aspire wave Clum
    • Club Tunnel
    • Envy Lounge
    • Columbia Coast
    • Partying Down
    • Glow Strip Club
    • TruJoy Strip Club
    • Nocturnal Wonderland
    • Lap Dancing Club
    • MysticMerry
    • Pitch Strip Club Black
    • GreyUrbener Club
    • Strip Club Dazzle
    • 4play Strip Club
    • Fizzy Sip Strip Club
    • Strip Club Clubbable
    • BringUp Strip Club
    • The Nut Hut
    • Drunk Panda Strip Club
    • Foremonk Strip Club
    • Fortune Strip Club
    • Rainbow Strip Club
    • Diamond Jacks

    Classy Strip Club Business Names

    • The Rejoy Strip Club
    • Crazy Strip Club Nights
    • Start Dot Strip Club
    • Strip Club Angels
    • Move Strip Club
    • Rum Runners Strip Club
    • Smiley Face club
    • Ringer Strip Club
    • Rainbow Lounge
    • Tongues and Tails
    • Boobie Trap Clubhouse
    • SpruceCity Strip Club
    • Statis Strip Club
    • Angry Clown Club
    • Heart & Soul
    • Fireworks Club
    • Double Pleasure
    • MightyMing Strip Club
    • Havana Nights
    • White Room Strip Club
    • Nirvana
    • MagniZent Strip Club
    • Brilliance Nightclub
    • City Lights
    • AvonBuddy Strip Club
    • Wings Strip Club
    • Platina Strip Club
    • WestCoast Strip Club
    • RedChromo Strip Club
    • Winning Thrill Strip Club
    • Musical Harmony Strip Club
    • Excess Lounge Strip Club
    • Sunrise Blvd Strip Club
    • Acropolis Strip Club
    • Uranus Strip Club
    • Spaced Out Strip Club
    • Swanky Saturday
    • Encore Strip Club
    • Quick Strip

    Cool Strip Club Business Name Ideas

    • A Cool Strip Club
    • Strip Club Xtaza
    • Renaissance Strip Club
    • Vaginar Strip Club
    • BridgeStrive Strip Club
    • MayPetals Strip Club
    • Magma Nuke Strip Club
    • Wish Strip Club
    • FusionDream Strip Club
    • City Limits Strip Club
    • Monday Strip Club
    • Posh Strip Club
    • Beyond Happy Strip Club
    • Party Island Strip Club
    • Strip Club Mansion
    • Abend Strip Club
    • Pumping Strip Club
    • Pink Lemonade Strip Club
    • Blue Nile Choice
    • Dots Strip Club
    • BetterBuddy Strip Club
    • Dance Strip Club
    • Golden Move Strip Club
    • Pro Strip Club
    • Night Mood Club
    • Supreme Strip Club
    • Black Pearl Club
    • Blue Monk Strip Club
    • Andorra Strip Club
    • CappaCale Strip Club
    • Hexa Strip Moves
    • Garnish Strip Club
    • Boby Strip Club
    • Fantasy 9
    • Venus Strip Club
    • Imagination Strip Club
    • Adore Strip Club
    • Nite Strip Club
    • Hip Hop Strip Club
    • Pulse Strip Club

    Best Gentlemen’s Club Business Names

    • Paradise Gentlemen’s Club
    • Acropolis Gentlemen’s Club
    • Uranus Gentlemen’s Club
    • Gentlemen’s Club Space
    • Encore Disco Club
    • Wine Disco Gentlemen’s Club
    • Italia Strip Gentlemen’s Club
    • The  Cellar Door
    • Drink Gentlemen’s Club
    • Action City
    • The Best Gentlemen’s Club
    • Gentlemen’s Club Hotspot
    • Chameleon Club
    • ClaraMonte Gentlemen’s Club
    • Gentlemen’s Club Dance
    • By the Sea Gentlemen’s Club
    • Modern Gentlemen’s Club
    • Ozone Disco Club
    • Club Magenta
    • Witold Strip Club
    • Club Cocktail
    • Eva Strip Club
    • Crazy Horse Lounge
    • Funky Monkey Pub House
    • Intimate Club
    • Ibiza Fever Gentlemen’s Club
    • UrbanMad Club
    • Tropic Thunder
    • Rapid Edge Strip Club
    • Heaven Dora Gentlemen’s Club
    • MotherBricks Gentlemen’s Club
    • Six Lane Gentlemen’s Club
    • Delight Wings Gentlemen’s Club
    • Dream Dot Gentlemen’s Club
    • Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club
    • A Gentlemen’s Club
    • Pearl Harbour Gentlemen’s Club
    • Winger Gentlemen’s Club
    • Ridgeberry Gentlemen’s Club
    • Toxic Funhouse

    Best Exotic Dancer Business Names

    • Fubar Nightclub
    • Little Diamond
    • 5th avenue
    • BridgeCube
    • Thunderdome
    • Open Sky
    • Festiva Strip Club
    • The Clubhouse
    • Saturn Strip Club
    • Big City Nights
    • Night Fever
    • Starz NightClub
    • The Underground Bar
    • Glitter Club
    • Boom Boom
    • Meadow Dance
    • Bubble Bash
    • Ascension
    • Magma Mood Dance Club
    • Casa Nova
    • Trendy Beat Dance Club
    • Club Nation
    • Beach Club
    • Pixelmate Club
    • The Black Hat
    • StreetShine Club
    • Screaming Fork
    • The Illusion
    • Sea of Love
    • Dance Tower
    • Malibu Strip Club
    • Love Shack
    • The Sound Lounge
    • Polar Night
    • Tangerine Club
    • Big Daddy
    • Atlas Strip Club
    • Club Xtreme
    • Full Moon Party
    • Swanky Saturday

    How To Make The Best Strip Club Business Name – 10 Tips

    We hope you have found some great strip club business names. If you are willing to make a strip club business name of your own then stick around.

    As promised, here we will guide you through the process of creating a niche strip club name that will match the requirements of your strip club business.

    1. Create A Shortlist Of Strip Club Names

    It is best to create a shortlist before trying to make the ideal name of your strip club business.

    Creating a shortlist of the names which have caught your eye will assist you in finalizing the brand name in the next phases.

    Plus, you might want to start by writing down all of the notable adjectives you want your clothing brand firm to be connected with.

    Make sure you have at least 15 such words before moving on to the next stage.

    2. Should Be Simple And Easy To Remember

    Find and remove terms that are too complex from your list of shortlisted words.

    Make an effort to select a name that is short and straightforward.

    Is it not true that all you want is for consumers or prospective consumers to remember the strip club name?

    Short and simple terms are readily recalled and identifiable.

    Hence, select terms that are brief, exact, and descriptive. It is especially better if the term has a strong connection to the entertainment industry.

    3. Keep Easy To Read And Pronounce Words

    If you want the name to be effective, you must keep your strip club business name brief for people to read and comprehend.

    Be certain that these phrases are frequently used and effortlessly spoken in the mother tongue of the location in which your strip club will be established.

    This is due because you would want the name to be understandable to as many people as possible.

    Also mispronouncing your strip club business may change its meaning. Do make sure that the font of the name is easily readable even from a glance.

    4. Personalize The Strip Club Name

    You wouldn’t want your visitors to mix up your strip club name with another, do you? Unnecessary rivalry should be prevented. Hence the need to personalize the name.

    You want your strip club business name to be distinct and remembered.

    One smart idea is to try to incorporate your name into the company name. This will undoubtedly set your strip club business name distinct.

    If you select a name that has a deeper significance than it appears, you will gain an advantage in the long term.

    For example, if your strip club is based in Las Vegas, you may wish to incorporate the phrase into the name.

    5. Try To Use Rhyming Strip Club Related Words

    Naming your strip club business such that they are rhyming words is an easy way to catch and hold people’s attention.

    This is because, by nature, rhyming words are catchy. They also look and sound cool.

    More importantly, they are easily memorable.

    Hence by this method, you can take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing.

    Try not to keep rhyming words too lengthy or complicated. Do not use more than 2 to 3 rhyming words.

    Also, make sure that the words have a meaning which is descriptive or depicts the nature of your strip club business.

    6. Select A Strip Club Niche And Highlight Your Strip Club Advantage

    Choose a niche genre in the method you want to operate your strip club business.

    It is important to do so because of the increase in competition in which you want to stand out.

    After finalizing a niche, try to include keywords from the niche in your strip club business name.

    By doing so you will be able to showcase a differentiating factor from your competition just from the name itself.

    Try to think of synonyms and catchy words which are relevant to the niche you have selected.

    For example – If you want to specialize as a girl-only strip club then you can name the business ‘Just Girls Stripclub’ or ‘Girls Paradise’.

    7. Choose An SEO Friendly Strip Club Name

    While naming your business it is important to think of the future. By that, we mean you have to think of the ways you will market your strip club business.

    As of today, most marketing is done online. In general people also greatly search online for strip clubs nearby.

    Hence, you would want your strip club to be prominent on the internet. To help you do so you must have an SEO-friendly strip club name.

    If the business name is SEO friendly be assured that search engines like Google will find your business easily and will promote it to customers searching for it.

    8. Check Email And Social Media Accounts Availability

    Now that you have a general idea of the name you want. The next step is to check for the availability of the name as an email id.

    This is important because it shows that your business is professional and successful by email id which matches the brand name.

    Not just that, you will also have to check on all social media channels whether the name you have chosen is available or not.

    Social media marketing will prove extremely beneficial in the coming future and you would not want a different account name from your business name for this.

    9. Search for Strip Club Domain Availability

    The next very important thing to do is to check for the domain name availability of your chosen names.

    Having a website in today’s world is inevitable. This will be your landing spot on the internet for everyone looking to know about your business.

    Your Stripclub website will also serve as a destination for all your online promotions and branding work.

    Having a website will greatly boost your online presence and will also help you influence your target audience easily.

    There are many free-to-use websites where you can check and buy domains.

    After that, search from the names that you have shortlisted for their domain availability.

    Learn More: How to Check Domain Name Availability & Register

    10. Trademark Your Strip Club Name And Make It Legal

    The final and most important step is to trademark it. After you have more or less finalized the name, you have to go and check for its availability before you can use it.

    To do this, visit your government trade and commerce website and conduct a trademark search. For the US it is the USPTO website.

    If the name is available then congratulations, register it under your name. If your desired name isn’t available then look for slight variations.

    Taking care of all the legal formality is important before naming your business. Since every country has different regulations, make sure to check thoroughly before starting.

    Top Branding Practices For Your Strip Club Business

    Without good branding practices in place, you will not be able to do justice to your great strip club business name.

    Hence it is really important that you know and apply the best branding practices for the marketing of your strip club business.

    Here are some of them.

    a) Design A Logo For Your Strip Club

    The first task after deciding on the strip club name should be to develop a logo. A logo will be the face of your business along with the name.

    There are many things to consider while designing a logo, so many people tend to outsource the work to professional logo designers.

    However, you can do it yourself and save yourself some money. We have provided an easy-to-follow guide on how to design your business logo which you should check out.

    b) Create A Website And Social Marketing For Your Strip Club

    Creating a website for your strip club is an easy method by which you can promote it online.

    You can easily find many online platforms from which you can buy ready-made websites and start using them in a matter of minutes.

    Or else you can also hire a web developer for it if you want a more personalized website.

    This place will be your hub for all your promotions and the latest discounts and offers.

    You must also create accounts on all social media platforms and keep them engaging and active.

    c) Make A Strip Club Business Slogan

    A simple way of branding your strip club business is just to create a slogan for it. You might not know how powerful a branding practice slogan is.

    Slogans will instantly make your brand name catchy and memorable. Since they are by nature a bit quirky it will help you stand apart from your competition.

    If you want to know more about it please check out our article on how to create a slogan for your business.

    d) Have A Brochure System For Your Strip Club

    Having a brochure system is a simple and inexpensive method of branding your strip club business.

    Brochures give you a large canvas in which you can market your strip club business to your heart’s desire. You can include different offers, discounts, and new services.

    Fill them up with attractive graphics and pictures to make them catchy. Try to use glossy paper for a better impression.

    Make sure to include the basic strip club details like name, logo, slogan, phone number, address, and website.

    If you want to know how to create a brochure for your strip club business then check out our detailed article here.

    e) Throw A Party

    Here is a great way to make your new strip club business popular in no time. All you have to do is to send out invites to social media influencers and if possible some celebrities and host a party.

    When they come they will automatically attract the people who follow them. This creates a good impression in your strip club that top people in the community are coming to your joint.

    Make sure to provide the very best food, drinks, and services on that day.


    Here we have discussed everything that you will need to know on how to name your strip club business.

    Just remember, that there isn’t any magic pill that will make your strip club successful overnight.

    But what you can do is follow all the techniques which we have mentioned above and stick with them for some time.

    Successes will follow. Hope you have liked our article and have found it helpful.

    We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming strip club.

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