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Top 22 Most Profitable Weekend Business Ideas With Little Money

    Are you a full-time employee and looking for business ideas that you can operate on the weekend as part-time? If YES, find here top weekend business ideas and opportunities for your ready reference.

    Currently, for most people job is not enough for sufficient income. Hence, they always look for potential business opportunities. Additionally, they look for a headache-free business. Simply, a type of business has the potential of earning handsome revenue.

    For busy professionals, weekend businesses are the most perfect opportunity for earning extra money. Also, it is a better idea to start a business while you are in a job. In this case, you won’t feel the initial financial pressure. Additionally, you will get enough time to grow the business organically.

    Here is a List of 22 Weekend Business Ideas

    #1. Party Balloon Service

    The demand for decorating events with balloons is increasing by the day. This business requires less money to start and can be done at weekends. The only expense is to hire a vehicle for transporting balloons at the event location.

    #2. Mobile DJ

    People having a passion for music can opt for a career in DJ services. It is one of the most popular weekend business ideas for individuals looking to make good money at the weekends. You will provide mobile DJ services at events, wedding parties, on the weekends.

    #3. Candle Making

    Nowadays, decorative and scented candles have a huge demand throughout the world. Generally, people use this type of candle for decorating, gifting, and commercial purposes. Candle making comes under the crafts segment. If you have a creative mind, you can definitely consider candle-making as a lucrative weekend business opportunity.

    #4. Car Washing

    If you enjoy the automobile field, then a mobile car washing business is a perfect option for you to earn some extra money. This type of business doesn’t demand huge skills or expertise. However, you need to procure some simple equipment. Advertise properly your business in the local community. And also let your customer know about the availability time of your service.

    #5. Catering

    If you enjoy preparing food for others, you can definitely consider starting a catering business on the weekends. The catering business has huge profit potential. Also, this type of business model allows you to operate at your preferred time. You can address both the commercial and domestic clients who look for this type of specialized service.

    #6. Consulting

    Globally, consulting is one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship opportunities for educated professionals. Depending on your skill, educational background, and expertise, there are plenty of opportunities you can explore. And if you want to operate the business only on weekends, then also, consulting is the best business to start.

    #7. Freelance Content Writing

    If you enjoy writing, then practically you can earn a good amount of money by creating content for others as a freelancer Every small and big business requires quality content for the blog, website, social media, eCommerce, or email marketing. And there are several online platforms that provide working opportunities for freelance content writers.

    #8. Delivery Service

    Basically, the primary responsibility of a delivery service is delivering the products at the customer’s doorstep. As productive time is increasingly less, people are more and more looking for reliable delivery services. A delivery service may deliver a wide range of products like medicines, groceries, dairy products, bread, eggs, fresh fruits, vegetables, and even cooked foods.

    #9. eBay Business

    If you want to earn online, you can consider eBay business to start on the weekend. The most interesting thing about this business is you can address customers throughout the globe. Currently, eBay is one of the most popular online shopping sites worldwide. However, you have to select what product you will be selling on eBay. And also, you will need to keep the stock of those items.

    #10. eBook Business

    Apart from content production, the eBook business is another great opportunity for writers who are passionate about writing. Broadly, there are two options you can explore in initiating an eBook business.

    First of all, you can write your own eBooks and after publishing, you can sell those eBooks online. Another option is creating eBooks for others. Sometimes companies hire experts for the technical formation f eBooks.

    #11. Gift Basket Business

    If you enjoy creating things from organizing and decorating items, you can start and run a gift basket business from home. Though this type of business doesn’t require any special skill, you must have networking ability. You can address both the domestic and commercial clients who look for this type of service.

    #12. Greetings Card Making Business

    If you have some artistic sense, you can think about the greetings card-making business. Actually, there are plenty of options that you can explore in making beautiful greetings cards.

    Apart from manual painting, digitally printed greetings cards have more demand these days. Also, there are a lot of software solutions you can use for designing. In starting this business, you will need to have your own PC and a good quality printer.

    #13. Landscaping

    Lawn care or landscaping is a great business you can consider starting on the weekend. If you enjoy green or eco-friendly activities, you can consider initiating this business.

    The business requires small capital investment. However, you must have a basic sense of landscaping. Depending on your expertise, you can also consider providing niche services like lawn mowing, pressure washing, etc.

    #14. Makeup Artist

    If you have professional makeup skills, you can consider becoming a part-time makeup artist in your area. Apart from the celebrities, dancers, singers, and other different types of stage performers hire makeup artists on a regular basis. And if your clients like your work, rest assured that you will get regular calls from them.

    #15. Online Photo Selling

    This is purely an online business opportunity. And definitely, you can earn a good amount of money out of this business. Actually, there are plenty of sites that provide a common platform for both photo buyers and sellers.

    At the time of uploading photos, you will need to mention the details and price. Different big and small companies often look for good quality photos for use on websites, brochures, and other marketing tools.

    #16. Party Planning

    Actually, a party planning business is the best fun activity for detail-oriented individuals who enjoy helping others. Though the business requires a very small startup investment, proper planning is required. Generally, a party planning business is all about helping your clients in making a party successfully and arranging the vendors.

    Typically, you need to organize right from the tent house, caterer, DJ, flower arrangements to everything that your client needs.

    #17. Photography

    Basically, photography is the art of taking pictures. Any individual passionate about taking beautiful photos and having a camera with basic equipment can initiate a photography business. The industry is very much close to tourism, media, and entertainment. Hence, it offers a wide range of niche opportunities even to beginners.

    #18. Tutoring

    If you want to start an education-related business, then tutoring is one of the best opportunities for you. Nowadays, you can consider both online and offline options. Yes, you can provide your service to the local clients and as well as to the clients living in some other countries even.

    #19. Used Books Selling

    If you are looking for a business opportunity that doesn’t demand any dedicated time schedule, then you can consider this opportunity. First of all, you can start selling your own used books. And simply there is nothing harm if you earn some extra money from the used books that are abundant.

    #20. Bathtub Refurbishing

    If you enjoy outdoor activity and want to earn money on the weekends, you can initiate a countertop and bathtub refinishing business. The business is easy to start. Also, it requires a very small capital investment. With some simple hand tools, equipment, and chemical solutions, you can start this business even from home.

    #21. Start a Blog

    In the last few tears, blogging has become a popular lucrative online earning opportunity. The best part of blogging is that one can make good money by spending little time on the weekend sharing your thoughts. Furthermore, launching a blog is not only easy but also requires little money.

    #22. Sports Coach

    If you have experience in any sports-related activity, providing coaching to new learners can fetch you good extra income. There is a good demand for learning martial arts, cricket, football, kickboxing, and other hundreds of sports fields.

    We hope, this list of weekend business ideas will help you make money working part-time. However, it is also a wise decision when you want to taste the water.

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