Best 35 Clothing Business Ideas with Low Investment

Are you searching for profitable clothing business ideas? Many aspiring individuals having knowledge and experience in the garment and clothing industry are looking for trending and profitable business opportunities in setting up their own ventures.

The Global Textile Industry, particularly the Apparel Industry has seen remarkable changes in the past few years. The clothing wholesale supply is increasing worldwide in all the sectors of the industry, whether it be men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s wear, or infant wear.

35 Clothing Business Ideas

Here we list down profitable, trending new clothing business ideas for your ready reference. These business opportunities can be initiated on a small-scale basis and also on a part-time basis.

#1. Alteration Service

Alteration service business opportunity demands to have sewing skills and a creative craft mind. With a low startup capital investment, any individual can initiate an alteration service business exactly from his/her home location. This business can be operated part-time also. You will be making handsome money by helping others to get perfect outfits.

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#2. Belt Buckles Making

Many sports team and professions often create their own personalized belt buckles displaying the company or team name. There is also a demand for the leather belt industry. One can initiate a belt buckles-making business by having some simple machines with moderate capital investment.

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#3. Boutique Store

The boutique store is one of the most innovative and trending apparel business ideas in to-days world. With a  fair amount of ideas about the current trend of lifestyle fashions, an individual can initiate this business. You will need to have a strong and reliable supply source for the items.

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#4. Children Designer Clothing

Having a creative mind with fashion sense and sewing skills any individual can initiate a children’s designer clothing business on a small-scale basis. You can establish your own brand or you can produce the garment for other brands.

#5. Costume Rental

A costume rental business is a self-rewarding profitable business that can be initiated on a small-scale basis. This business can be started from a home location and can be operated on a part-time basis also. Many organizations like schools, colleges, theater groups, dance groups, the acting group look for costume rental services for their stage performances.

#6. Crochet Knitting

A crochet knitting business opportunity is ideal for passionate crochet knitters who want to turn their hobby into a profitable venture. Also, one can consider starting this business when he or she has any other knitting business already. An aspiring crochet knitter having a creative mind can start this business from a home location with low capital investment.

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#7. Custom Buttons Making

Custom button-making business can be initiated as a home-based with low startup capital investment. People having a crafty mind can initiate this business part-time also. Custom buttons, made of colorful clothes, colors, modern art have a huge demand in the apparel industry.

#8. Designer Blouse Making

A blouse is an essential readymade garment for women. Generally, this apparel was popular in the Asia Pacific region in ancient times. And women used to wear blouses as daily wear.

Nowadays, with the changing fashion style, the designer blouse is increasingly popular globally. And women can drape designer blouses with sarees, lehenga, and even with some western outfits.

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#9. Designer Saree Making 

Saree is known as ethnic wear. Apart from Asia Pacific sarees have a good market globally as occasional wear. Designer saree-making business can be initiated at home. This is all about creating a designer saree out of a simple saree by using several threads, yarn, fabric, and decorative items.

#10. Dry Cleaning Service

One can start a dry cleaning service business by only rendering the service to the clients while outsourcing the dry cleaning job. Also, you can establish your own cleaning unit with proper planning and substantial capital investment.

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#11. Embroidery Unit

Embroidery unit business opportunity demands the right plan and disciplined marketing to get the business as a successful venture. Basically, embroidery is a value-added process and service in the garment decorating industry. Additionally, it is a process of decorating fabric or other material using a special sewing machine with multiple needles and thread or yarn.

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#12. Fabric Store

The fabric store is one of the most profitable retail apparel business ideas. There is always a demand for B2B & B2C also. Targeting the specific niche and a reliable supply source is important in getting success fabric store business.

#13. Fashion Design Institute

Fashion design institute business opportunity is perfect for the entrepreneurs who have sufficient knowledge in the subject, artistic mind, and adequate experience on the courses. As people are becoming increasingly fashion conscious, apparel and accessory companies are hiring people with various fashion designing portfolios.

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#14. Garment Manufacturing

Garment manufacturing business opportunity demands know-how about the process technology and adequate knowledge in textile marketing. The ready-made garment manufacturing business in today’s world is a multi-billion dollar industry. People have become more style and outfit-conscious. This has provided a lot of scope for the garment manufacturing business globally.

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15. Garment Wholesale Business

Most of the garment retailers purchase their inventory from a wholesaler. The garment wholesaling business is stocking and purchasing the garment from the manufacturer and distributing them to the retailers. Skills in supply management are required in this business.

#16. Hand Printed Fabric Clothing

Hand-printed fabric garments have a demand globally. People like to have dresses with hand-printed fabric art. Having skills in fabric art and drawing one can initiate this business home based on low startup capital investment. You can also sell the items from an online marketplace directly by registering your business.

#17. Image Consulting

If you love pulling together the perfect outfit, you may want to consider becoming a fashion or image consultant. While it may not be obvious at first, the reasons that people may need an image consultant are quite varied.

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#18. Jeans Manufacturing

Jeans manufacturing or denim production business opportunity demands adequate knowledge about textile designing and current trends. With proper planning and substantial capital investment jeans, manufacturing projects can be initiated on a small-scale basis. Jeans are nowadays very popular apparel as casual or informal dress among men, women, and kids also.

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#19 Jute Bag Making

Actually, jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber. It is also popular as ‘Golden fiber’. And currently, it is one of the strongest all-natural fibers available throughout the globe. Also, jute fiber is reusable and biodegradable.

#20. Leather Bag Making

The scope of manufacturing this item is increasing due to the growing demand of bag users carrying different types of things like a laptop, office files, and notepad in their day-to-day official and business activities. The varieties leather bag item has a very good demand globally.

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#21. Leather Garment Making

An aspiring garment fashion designing professional having experience working with leather items can start a leather garment-making business. Leather has developed a reputation in the fashion garment industry for both men or women and young or old.

#22. Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing is one of the most profitable apparel business ideas you can initiate from your home location also. Would-be moms also want to look great and stylish. If you have knowledge and expertise in textile designing you may consider starting a maternity clothing business.

#23. Online Clothing Store

The online clothing store is one of the most trending and profitable apparel business ideas now globally. People are becoming more interested in purchasing dress materials from the online marketplace. Having proper technical skills and knowledge about supply management one can initiate this business with substantial; capital investment.

#24. Online Lingerie Shop

An online lingerie shop is the most popular destination for women who want to purchase lingerie from the online marketplace and get them delivered at their doorsteps. Having proper knowledge about the product any individual can initiate this business with proper planning and marketing strategy.

#25. Organic Clothing

Organic clothing is garments or clothing made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Generally, organic clothing is considered a luxury item. Having a proper supply of the raw material one can initiate this business as a home-based also.

#26. Promotional Wear

Promotional wear clothing has a huge market globally. Every business, retails and organizations are a customer of promotional wear. You can start only selling by outsourcing the products from the manufacturer or you can establish your own manufacturing unit also.

#27. Safety Clothing Selling

Safety clothing is an essential item for several industries and construction. You can start safety clothing selling the business as a home-based by having a solid network with the industry houses that are in demand of safety clothing.

#28. Silk Screen Service

With some simple machines and equipment, any individual can initiate a silkscreen service business. Silkscreen service has huge demand. Additionally, you can offer any kind of printing service on any type of product.

#29. Soft Toys Making

Soft toys have a huge market globally. It increases hugely during the festive season. Having proper skills in soft toys making any individual can initiate this business as a home-based also. Raw materials are also easily available. This venture can be initiated on a small-scale basis.

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#30. Tailoring Service

A tailoring service business is one of the most profitable apparel business ideas globally. With the increasing demand for fashion and style, the demand for tailoring services is also increasing. With proper planning and marketing strategy, any individual can initiate this business with moderate capital investment.

#31. T-Shirt Printing

The T-shirt printing business is now a multi-billion rupee industry, and it can be relatively inexpensive to start a small-scale venture. Compelling a T-shirt design and a catchy phrase attract customers. There are many ways to print T-shirts and prospective entrepreneurs must first investigate the market before investing in a print method.

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#32. Uniform Making

Uniform making is a very good home business opportunity. Additionally, the business demands a very small startup capital investment initially. Many organizations, schools, business houses regularly purchase uniforms from uniform manufacturers. Having a proper network with the buyers one can initiate this business with moderate capital investment. Uniform making is one of the most popular and lucrative clothing business ideas with low investment.

#33. Woolens Knitting

Fashionable woolens wear has very good demand globally. Additionally, you can find several technically upgraded knitting machinery in the market. Having adequate knowledge about knitting, designing, colors one can initiate this business with moderate capital investment.

New Online Clothing Business Ideas

#34. Online Retail Clothing Store

You can launch your own online eCommerce store and sell your own clothing items or from other manufacturers. If you can afford a bigger investment, opening a multivendor store is another way of earning good returns.

#35. Online Laundry Business

More and more people are searching online for laundry services. If you can provide pickup and delivery facilities, online laundry can be a profitable business.

In conclusion, it can be said that in the future, with the increasing demand for performance apparel, sectors like Industrial Clothing and Sports Wear will experience growth and due to the increased fashion consciousness globally, fashion clothing will also see an upward trend.