How to Make Money with Photoshop

Are you interested in learning ways of making money with Photoshop? Are you looking for photoshop based earning ideas? Here is a list of the best and the most certain ways to make money with Photoshop.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money with Photoshop

Web Template Creator

Nowadays, creating web template is gaining popularity in photoshop experts.

You can sell a web template and earn more than $100 and it requires less than 12 hours for a 3-4 page website. So if your web template is sold 100 times, you will earn 10,000 just by spending 12 hours.

You can also take projects as freelancer and create web templates

Create your Own Art Store

If you are a digital artist or love making digital designs, creating your own art store is a wise decision. Here you can sell your paintings or designs and also sell others too. The price of those arts can vary from as low as $10 to as high as $8,000 or ever more that that.


Fiverr, Upwork, Elance are the best places to use your photo shop skills for a living. Here you will find lot of project to work
Check Fiverr..

Stock Photography

If you have a passion for photography along with photo shop skills, stock photography is the career you must consider. Click photograph, retouch it with your photo shop skills and sell. It is that simple . There are many websites which you can contact to sell your photographs. You just need to sign up with them and pass the quality test. Some of those websites are,,,, and so on.

Create your Own Website and Teach Photoshop

This is the best thing that you can do with a Photo shop but creating a Photoshop tutorials website requires a lot effort as well as time.

Graphic Design

Why not earn some money from the graphic designs.

You can sell your design to various services and can earn some income from there. Some of the websites are,,, etc.

You need to sign up with these websites and pass the quality test. After passing the quality test, you will be eligible to sell your designs.

The design includes banners, flyers, adverts, posters, icons, logos and so on.

Photo Retouching

You can offer photo retouching services and charge them some money. The cost per image is totally up to you.

There are various organizations which provide photo retouching services and you can patch up with them.

Sell Photoshop Products

You can create your own Photoshop resource and sell them.

These resources include brushes, actions, patterns, gradients etc.

You can create your own store with the help of Etsy or eBay and sell all the resources.

Become a PhotoShop content provider
If you don’t like to write tutorials or make your own plugins, brushes, etc. You could try to become a PhotoShop content provider. (People can sell their plug-ins on your site for the commission.)

Make PhotoShop brushes and sell them online

For this, you need some experience, but learning it is doable. Just be creative. You could try to sell these on your PhotoShop tutorial site.