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Best 30 Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in Pune in 2022

    Do you want to start a business in Pune? Are you searching for business ideas that thrive well in Pune? If YES, find here a list of the most profitable business opportunities in Pune that are worth starting.

    It is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, after Mumbai. Additionally, it is the ninth most populous city in the country. The PMR (Pune Metropolitan Region) consists of the industrial twin Pimpri-Chinchwad as well as the three cantonment towns of Pune, Khadki, and Dehu Road.

    It is a historic city. And the city is popular as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Also, it is popular as the “Oxford of the East” due to the presence of several well-known educational institutions. Currently, it is a major emerging educational hub. Nearly half of the total international students in the country study in Pune.

    Pune has the eighth-largest metropolitan economy and the sixth-highest per capita income in the country. The automobile, information technology, education, and transportation are the major growing sectors here.

    30 Small Business Ideas in Pune

    Here is the list of top small business opportunities in Pune for the young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

    #1. Beauty Salon & Spa

    The beauty industry is growing rapidly in Pune. Generally, the family salons that offer a wide range of services are very popular here. Also, the niche salons like the hair salon, nail art salon, or tattoo parlors are doing well these days. So, if you have a keen interest in the beauty industry, opening a salon is the right opportunity for you.

    Generally, the startup investment amount depends on the size of the store and the services you want to provide. If you don’t have any previous experience, you can consider buying a franchise.

    Learn More: How To Start Beauty Salon Business

    #2. Cartridge Refilling Business in Pune

    Pune has emerged as a new hub for tech startups in India. Also, it is an IT hub. So, there is always a good demand for cartridge refilling here. Apart from visiting the store, people prefer doorstep service. In this business, both domestic and commercial houses may become your customers.

    Opening a cartridge refilling business requires specific skills and knowledge. Also, you must have trained employees and the right technology. However, with a minimum startup investment, you can start this business.

    #3. Car Wash

    Pune is the home of so many automobile companies that have the manufacturing unit here. Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Force Motors, Kinetic Motors, General Motors, Land Rover, Jaguar, Renault, Volkswagen, and Fiat have set up greenfield facilities near the city. The city is also popular as India’s “Motor City”.

    Hence, the car population density is also very high. And almost every car owner looks for a reliable and efficient car wash service on a daily basis. Apart from opening a car wash zone, you can also consider the mobile car wash.

    #4. Clothing Store

    The apparel industry is expanding rapidly in Pune. You can find a lot of national and multinational apparel brands opening their counter in the city areas. Hence, opening a multi-brand clothing store is an ideal opportunity in Pune.

    Opening a clothing retail business demands upfront startup investment. You will need to secure a retail space and need to procure the inventory for the store. Also, you will need to concentrate on local promotion and advertisement. For beginners, we recommend opening the business as a franchise partner of an established brand.

    #5. Coffee Shop Business in Pune

    This is another great opportunity that you can explore with low investment. However, you will need to have a retail space in a prominent location with a wide window front. Also, you need inventory stock and trained employees. Additionally, you must provide a comfortable inside ambiance, air conditioner, free WiFi, etc.

    Actually, the demand for coffee shops is increasing very fast in Pune. This type of destination is perfect for professional meetings, family gatherings and even for friends get together. You can find a lot of national and multinational brands that are looking for a franchise partner in Pune.

    #6. Open a Florist Outlet in Pune

    Opening a flower shop is a profitable business in Pune. Nowadays, florists not only sell flowers but also sell gift items, tabletops, and wall hangings. According to the specific order, florists deliver the items to the destination at a specific time. That is why you must have an online shop too.

    A flower shop or florist business ensures a high margin per unit. However, it is a little bit tricky too. Here, you deal with a highly perishable inventory stock. So, you must pay attention to storing the flowers properly.

    #7. Gift & Decorative Items Selling in Pune

    Generally, gift shops sell a wide range of items. Some of the major products are gift cards, pen sets, home decor, tabletops, clocks, soft toys, etc. Also, the business ensures a high-profit margin. Sourcing is the most important factor in this business. You must keep the product according to the choice of the local demographics.

    You can find a lot of professional gift shop franchise opportunities in Pune. Some of the most popular brands are Archies, Presto, etc.

    #8. Gym or Healthcare Center

    Opening a gym or fitness center is a perfect opportunity in the metro city of Pune. Today’s young generation wants to look smart with a well-toned perfect body. Additionally, regular gym activity helps to enhance the body fitness thoroughly. Also, several IT companies establish a gym at their work premises for their employees. Hence, the demand for gyms or fitness centers has grown exponentially.

    Opening a gym requires an upfront startup investment. Also, you need a wide space with specific interior and equipment.

    #9. Preschool

    Do you enjoy spending time with kids? Do you enjoy teaching them? If yes, you can definitely consider opening a preschool in Pune. Starting a preschool business is actually contributing to building your nation for the future.

    Opening a preschool is also one of the most perfect small business ideas for housewives in Pune. You need a wide space and also some open sky areas for outdoor activities. If you don’t have any previous experience in operating preschool, then you can start as a franchise partner of an established brand.

    #10. Shoe Store & Leather Accessories

    Opening a shoe store with other leather accessories is a lucrative opportunity in the retail segment. As it is an inventory oriented business it requires startup investment. Additionally, you will need to secure a large retail outlet in a high traffic area. However, you can also think about opening a multi-brand store.

    Some of the most popular brands are Sreeleathers, Nike, Sreeleathers, Puma, Adidas, Khadims, Bata, etc. Both the dealership and franchise opportunities are available for most of the reputed brands in India.

    While Pune is rated as one of the best retail markets in terms of warehousing and supply chain, it faces stiff competition too. So, select the business wisely depending on your skill, expertise, and investment capacity.

    #11.  Start a Manufacturing Business in Pune

    To start and run a manufacturing business require reasonable startup investment. However, the profit returns are much more compared to other businesses. However, there are some small manufacturing businesses that can be started on a small scale and with low investment. The local market in Pune is big enough to purchase your manufacturing products.

    #12. Billboard Business

    As Pune is a that has high population density, the billboard business will thrive well here. The city is the headquarters of plenty of manufacturing, IT, and eCommerce companies. If you have previous experience in the outdoor advertising industry, then you can consider starting this business here. Read More…

    #13. Book Store

    Starting a bookstore is another lucrative retail business you can start in Pune. As the city is an emerging education hub, there are plenty of students who buy books every day. The overall success of the bookstore highly depends on the location and the collection of the books. You must keep the books that have good demand there. If you are tech-savvy, creating an online digital book library is worth considering.

    #14. Cleaning Service

    Generally, cleaning businesses always thrive well in metropolitan cities. Some of the most profitable opportunities are vehicle cleaning, window cleaning, dry cleaning, and waste disposal, etc. Initiating this type of service-based business requires good skill, knowledge, and expertise. Also, this type of business requires startup investment for procuring equipment, staffing, and promotion.

    #15. Computer Repairing

    Are you a computer-savvy individual? Do you enjoy repairing electronic items? If yes, computer or laptop repairing is potentially a high-profit business in the city of Pune.

    #16. Diagnostic Center

    As Pune has a high population density, a diagnostic center is a great business to run here. However, you will need to be careful in selecting the location. Ensure that that location has high traffic and at least a five km distance from the other diagnostic centers. Also, you need to craft a business plan including a marketing plan.

    #17. Digital Printing Business

    Nowadays, the digital printing industry is growing like anything. Also, the industry offers a wide range of niche business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Depending on your skill and investment capacity, there is plenty of business that you can explore easily. Basically, the digital printing industry has low barriers to entry.

    #18. Dropshipping Business

    Basically, dropshipping is a specific type of online selling process without keeping any inventory stock. Hence, you can start the business with a minimum or zero investment. There are several established drop shipping service providing companies are there in the market. And you will need to choose the products that you want to sell in the market.

    #19. eBook Business

    The demand for eBooks is increasing very fast. And any type of technology-related business will get successful in Pune PMR. If you enjoy writing and creating informative content, you can consider starting this business. Apart from producing and selling your own eBooks, you can help others in creating their eBooks in exchange for money. You can find a number of self-publishing platforms or eBooks for free.

    #20. eCommerce Business

    Pune is one of the most emerging cities in technology. You can find plenty of successful eCommerce startups in the city. And definitely, eCommerce is a highly lucrative segment for aspiring entrepreneurs these days. However, choosing a suitable niche and products for your e-commerce business is highly crucial to get the initial success.

    #21. Event Management

    As Pune city has several big educational institutions and big corporate houses, there is always a requirement for good event managers. Nowadays, you can get technical education in event management also. The event management industry is highly close to the media and entertainment industry. And an individual having good communication skills and rapport building ability can initiate a business in the event planning industry successfully.

    #22. Ewaste Recycling

    The city lacks the capacity to treat all the sewage it generates. So, there is always a demand for good waste management practice. Hence, the PMR is the perfect location for starting an e-waste recycling business for new entrepreneurs. Definitely, the business demands upfront startup investment, strategic planning, and proper business modeling.

    #23. Internet Cafe

    Basically, the internet cafe is one of the most profitable retail businesses for college towns. Hence, Pune is an obvious location for starting this business. Also, you can think about starting a business inside a college campus or university. The business is easy to start. And it allows you to start a retail business with minimum financial investment.

    #24. Resume Writing Service

    If you are looking for a service-based business that you can start and run from home, then you can consider this opportunity. Along with resume writing, you can also offer other allied services like writing a cover letter, career counseling, and an interview guide. This is a self-rewarding business as you help people in developing their careers and living.

    #25. Supermarket

    Actually, the supermarket concept thrives well in city locations. Actually, in the locations that have a high population density of people with high purchasing capacity. So, Pune is one of the most perfect locations for opening a supermarket for the local demographics. Apart from opening a big store, you can consider opening a small supermarket that caters to a niche product category.

    #26. Tutoring Service

    If you want to start a home-based business with minimum or zero investment, then you can consider tutoring. It is also a great part-time or side income opportunity for the jobbers, students, housewives, and moms. Tutoring is a self-rewarding career. With a little bit of creativity, you can think about an innovative business model too.

    #27. Tyre Store

    The automobile density in Pune is very high. The city is also popular as a “Motor City”. Therefore, the demand for different types of auto spare parts, lubricants, and tyres is also good. Almost every automobile company including  Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Renault, Volkswagen have set up greenfield facilities near Pune. So, it is one of the best locations for starting a tyre store in the auto retail industry. Read More…

    #28. Used Car Dealer

    The used car dealership is a profitable business throughout the globe. Apart from starting your own business, you can consider work with reputed brands like “First Choice” or “Maruti rue Value”. However, the business requires adequate experience and knowledge about the automobile industry. Also, the business requires startup investment and business licenses.

    #29. Videography Business

    Nowadays, Videography opens enormous business opportunities for both amateurish and professional video producers. And online users are showing more interest in videos than content these days. So, if you have the videography skill and some basic equipment for producing quality videos, then you can consider starting a videography related business in this industry.

    #30. Virtual Office Space Renting

    Pune is the home to over 800 IT companies of all sizes. Also, the city is popular for the manufacturing and education industry. Hence, there is a natural demand for the rental service of virtual office space. Actually, virtual office space is a business location that only exists on the web. This type of office provides significant financial savings to the entrepreneurs compared to traditional space renting.

    We hope the above list of business ideas in Pune will help you in starting your dream venture.