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Best 57 Part Time Business Ideas in 2024

If you are in a full-time job and looking for part-time business ideas to start a small business, you are in the right place. Not all are privileged to leave a job and start a business straight away. However, it is very much possible to start and run a part-time business while in a job. This can either be about something you actually wanted to do or something for some extra bucks.

Here in this article, we have picked some top part-time business ideas that are especially for those who want to do business without leaving their 9 to 5 jobs. Yeah, it’s possible to do a business and a job at the same time. It’s all about time management. You need to separate your daily time and do the tasks accordingly.

Here are some of the top part-time businesses you can start with a full-time job.

List of 57 Part-Time Business Ideas

1. Start a Blog

If you love to write, start a blog about something you like. Soon with a small visitor base, you can monetize it for some extra income. Your sources of income are going to be advertising, sponsored posts, affiliates, and info products.

2. Provide Cleaning Services

There is a big demand for cleaners in most towns and cities. You can offer cleaning services to homes and small offices on the side in your free time. Additionally, you require little money to carry out cleaning jobs.

3. Forex Currency Trading

A business you can do while doing a job, you will have no time-bound to this. Currency trading is a highly profitable business, but you will have to learn the basics first. You can choose to learn about trading online via tutorial videos, courses, and step-by-step guides.

4. Weekend Pop-Up Shop

While you continue doing a full-time job, you can start a weekend pop-up shop to sell something. This can be a weekend food stall or anything specific like candies or soft toys. You can limit your time investment while you keep working.

5. Dog Walking

Though looks simple, dog walking is actually a highly profitable earning opportunity. Moreover, you can do it part-time. As your client list grows, there is a good scope for outsourcing the jobs to other people looking for earnings on the side.

6. Become an eBay Seller

Presently starting an eBay selling business is easy. One just needs to open a business account and upload your inventory. However, selecting the products to be listed is the most critical part of this business. Take help from Seller Hub and apply their inputs.

7. E-commerce Business

While you do your job, start selling something online. An e-commerce business offers you the ease to work part-time. Either you can make the products, drop-ship them or buy in wholesale to start selling them online via platforms like Amazon or eBay.

8. Slideshow Presentation Consultant

Often people need attractive presentations. While you are doing it already in your day job, start to create unique visual layouts. This will be for work meetings, investor pitches, and lectures as a part-time business.

9. Startup Investing

Finding ways to invest with the money you make can be the best part-time business. You can start with small funds, stable stocks, and investor journals for daily updates. If you can choose the right stocks and funds, you can make extra money by investing in different businesses.

10. Resume Writer

If you are good at writing, you can start to write resumes in your free time. You can help candidates with strong resumes and charge them a fee and cover letters for interested job seekers.

11. App Developer

You can learn to make apps online from free tutorials and courses. Several businesses look for developers online who can make apps for them in exchange for a fee.

12. Business Consultant

If you are someone who has years of experience in business, you can use it to help other people. Several startups fail to work due to improper planning. You can help others plan their businesses the right way as a business consultant with your expertise in your spare time.

13. Affiliate Marketer

The business of affiliate marketing is at present arguably one of the most lucrative online part-time business ideas. You can sign up for different affiliate programs to start making money with affiliates. You will promote your affiliates via social media or blogs. When a customer buys by clicking on your affiliate links, you will be paid a commission for every successful purchase.

14. Logo Designer

With some creative skills, you can learn to design logos online for free. Once done, you start to take up orders online. You can offer services to businesses looking for simple logos or branding elements as online part-time businesses.

15. Social Media Manager

There are small businesses that generally don’t have a full-time social media person. You can choose to offer part-time social media management services by managing your company’s social media accounts for a monthly fee.

16. Online News Correspondent

While you carry on doing a full-time job, you can choose to write an article or an opinion piece every day from home. There are several online websites that need freelance journalists to write daily articles remotely.

17. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing services are a hit business now. Unique designs or artwork remain in high demand. You can start to work as a freelancer by taking up assignments via UpWork or Fiverr.

18. Part-Time Proofreader

You can start to work as a proofreader online by helping individuals and businesses by letting clients send you their work. Software and apps can’t proofread everything, so you can offer your services via packages for editing and proofreading.

19. Portrait Photographer

If you are good with photography, you can use it to make some money in a part-time business. Instead of starting as a full-time photographer, you can work as a specialized portrait photographer with a few types of equipment on weekends.

20. Illustrator

Illustrations are always in demand. If you have some creative skills, you can use them to produce good illustrations. Offer services as an illustrator to businesses for in-depth pieces and artwork.

21. Part-Time Bakery

Baked goods have a market everywhere. You can start to bake items part-time, and then sell your baked goods online and via local shops. If you start making profits, you can start a commercial kitchen later.

22. Website Designer

You can learn to design websites online for free online. Often small companies need such website designing services online. You can start to work as a freelancer to offer professional web designing services via UpWork and Fiverr.

23. eBook Writer

More and more people now read on the internet by buying eBooks. If you have something interesting to share, you can write and self-publish ebooks on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle library.

24. Create Online Courses

For the last few years, it is seen there is a huge rise in people looking to learn different types of skills online. If you have expertise in a certain field, consider creating online courses for students. You can check our article on how to create an online course to learn more. Presently it is one of the leading part-time business ideas.

25. Tutoring

You can start to work as a freelance tutor out of your home on weekends. Start with the subject you are good at. You can either choose to teach your students online or in person as a part-time business out of your home.

26. Podcaster

You can choose to talk about interesting topics as a podcaster. There are different platforms where you can upload your podcasts and can make money from ads. When you gain a sizeable base of listeners, you can even sponsor products and services.

27. Stock Photographer

If taking photos is your hobby, use it to make some money. Take some interesting pictures and submit them to stock photography sites. People who like your photos can purchase them for their sites and content.

28. Scrapbooker

You can use basic craft supplies and creative inputs to create scrapbooks for others. People look for creative layouts online. You may also help them with the layouts with custom-made pages.

29. Online Event Promoter

Small event companies pay you to promote their events via your social media channels. You can work as an online event promoter by using free online tools to promote events for clients.

30. Online Magazine Publisher

There are several free cloud-based tools to publish an online magazine. You can also start a newsletter as a part-time business. With a steady reader base, you can soon start making money by selling ad space and sponsorships.

31. Alteration Service Provider

You can offer alteration services on weekends from home. These are going to be clients who need to alter garments. While you need a bit of training, you can opt to promote your services in your locality via friends and family.

32. Data Entry Provider

A job you can do at night, or whenever you are free. Many small businesses need data to be entered manually and sorted on sheets. You can offer such data entry services from home without leaving your full-time job.

33. Collectibles Seller

Try to collect some unique and rare collectibles to start a business out of it. You can list them on different sites that sell antique products especially. You can also sell them on eBay to make money through online auctions.

34. Travel Planning Services

You can help travelers find the best deals online in your spare time as a freelance travel planner. You just need to scroll through different travel sites. Send your clients the deals to help them book trips with everything they need in exchange for a fee.

35. Online Editing Services

Use can start an online editing service to help people write better. Clients will send you thief written material, and you have to edit them in-depth. You can also offer editing services in packages for businesses online.

36. Online Researcher

You can start a business from home by offering online research services. Many small businesses often require certain data. You can work in your free time to contact different people and collect the data required.

37. Errand Service

An errand business can be done on weekends for some extra bucks. You can start by offering certain daily tasks like laundry, shopping, pet sitting, and more in exchange for a small fee as a part-time business.

38. Ghost Writing Services

Many sites and authors pay you to write for them. If you have good writing skills, you can take up such assignments from UpWork or Fiverr. You can write on weekends or whenever you have time without leaving your job.

39. Recycled Goods Seller

Experiment with your creative skills to create goods by using recyclable materials. You can create some handmade recycled products to sell them online or via local shops as a part-time business.

40. SEO Consultant

If you know a bit about digital marketing, you can offer online SEO services. Basically, you will go through your client’s sites to help them fix their SEO to improve their ranking online.

41. YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel to work on it in your free time. One can show your skills or make some funny or informative videos. You will be able to earn a portion of ad shares from YouTube.

42. Candle Making

A candle-making business can be started part-time without any major investment. You can make them on your weekends to sell them online or via local shops. You need to be creative and decorative. The scented candle industry is growing at a steady rate opening up a wide market.

43. T-Shirt Designer

While there are a lot of t-shirts available, the designs are rare. If you have some unique ideas for t-shirt designs, you can sell them to earn money. Start to work on it in your free time to create your designs for t-shirts.

44. Freelance Writer

In case you don’t want to start a blog, you can write as a freelance writer for others. On UpWork and Fiverr you can find multiple freelance writing projects. You can do it whenever you want to businesses on a freelance basis.

45. Online Surveys

Finishing a small online survey can help you make money for free. The survey sites provide you with a set of questionnaires. You need to answer them and share your opinions to get paid.

46. Soap Making

The demand for organic soaps is growing at a steady rate. The market has a high demand for natural soaps. You can start a part-time home-based soap-making business and can choose to sell them online and in local stores.

47. Candy Making

A home-based candy-making business can be a profitable venture. Use your culinary skills to make candies. You will need to invest in some equipment and raw material to produce candies locally.

48. Online Dating Consultant

If you have human interpersonal communication skills, you can actually help others find a date. You will help others find the right person by offering online consultations from home on your own time as a part-time business.

49. Book Review Website

You can start a book review blog to offer in-depth reviews of different products. One can do this on weekends to review them and write the articles. Furthermore, you can turn into an internet influencer and can earn money via advertising and sponsorships.

50. Online Digital Marketing Consultancy

If you know about digital marketing, you can help small businesses help to grow their businesses by providing digital marketing consulting services. Many independent entrepreneurs seek experts online who can help them with a guide for the digital marketing services they should use.

51. Instagram Influencer

If you have a sizeable follower base on Instagram, use it to approach brands and relevant businesses for marketing. You will be paid a commission for successful referrals or could be paid with sponsorships. There are thousands of Instagram influencers making millions today.

52. Home Decorator

You can use your decoration skills to help people find the right interiors and in-house designs. You don’t have to be a professional. Use your creative home skills to help people decorate their homes in exchange for a small fee.

53. Yoga Instructor

In the last few years, the demand for yoga instructors is growing in huge numbers. If you are a Yoga expert, providing yoga training to clients on weekends can be a profitable part-time business.

54. Copywriter

With some creative and writing skills, you can make money on the side. Often companies need creative material for marketing purposes. Work as a part-time copywriter by taking up assignments from UpWork or Fiverr.

55. Email Marketing

Part-time work and email marketing can be a profitable side business. You need to write attractive emails to build a connection with customers. You can use your email writing skills to help small businesses carry out email marketing campaigns.

56. Virtual Assistant

Providing remote services to clients is a profitable part-time business at present. Some of the most in-demand virtual assistant services include organizing schedules, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, data entry, and managing email accounts.

57. Create NFTs

Trading of NFT or non-fungible tokens is growing the recent years. NFTs are unique pieces of art items. It is generally traded on a crypto currency blockchain. There are several marketplaces where one can buy and sell NFT creations at higher prices.  There are various types of NFTs ranging from photos, videos, or other types of digital items.

If you have a creative bend of mind, creating NFTs can fetch you good money.

The idea of creating this article is to help you in starting a business in your spare time, and grow as you work along. Do remember, you need to make it big, and not leave it as a random part-time business earning you some extra bucks!