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Top 47 Small Business Ideas for Kids in 2024

Kids are the future of every country’s economy. As a parent, it is advised to encourage your kids to explore their entrepreneurial skills. This will not only equip them with necessary life skills but also help them in scaling up their ventures when they grow up. Here in this article, we have listed down the best small business ideas for kids that can inspire young entrepreneurial minds.

Most countries like the United States do not allow kids below a certain age to be employed by a company. In the United States, the FLSA sets 14 years of age as the minimum age for employment. Companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, and others do allow kids over 14 years to work in their stores. However, if you are below 14 years old, you can explore your entrepreneurial spirit by helping your parent’s business or starting a business of your own at home.

List of 47 Business Ideas for Kids

#1. Babysitting

Responsible and mature kids can offer babysitting services to parents in their neighborhood, earning money while gaining valuable experience.

#2. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Caring for pets, including dog walking and pet sitting, is an excellent way for kids to earn money, especially if they have a love for animals.

#3. Yard Work

Kids can offer yard work services like mowing lawns, raking leaves, or shovelling snow for neighbors and residents.

#4. Tutoring:

Knowledgeable kids can offer tutoring services in subjects they excel in with younger students or peers.

#5. Computer Services

Tech-savvy kids can help others with computer-related tasks, such as setting up software, solving tech issues, or even building basic websites.

#6. Book Reviews

Budding writers can start a blog or YouTube channel where they review books, movies, or games. They can earn money through ad revenue or affiliate marketing.

#7. Recycling and Collectibles

Collecting and recycling items like aluminum cans, paper, or scrap metal can turn into a profitable venture.

#8. Mobile Car Wash

Offering car wash services to family and neighbors is an excellent way to earn money and learn about entrepreneurship.
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#9. Balloon Decoration

Children’s birthday party hosts are the major customers of balloon decoration services. If you know the trick, you can earn handsome money by offering balloon decoration services to people who look for the same.

#10. Basket Weaving

The market potential of the gift industry is increasing day by day and people are more intending to have personalized charming gifts and home décor items. The Basket-weaving business is a profitable venture, especially for girl kids.

#11. Start a Blog

There are plenty of young kids on the internet who run successful blogs. These kids are making a difference in the world of blogging. If you are a kid and you want to make a difference, start a blog.

#12. Create a Game App for Kids

If you love coding, even a kid can make millions. At age 14, Robert Nay’s first game, Bubble Ball, was downloaded more than two million times within a few weeks after it became public.

#13. Greeting Card Making

Greeting card making is another perfect business for kids. Additionally, you can start the business with a small startup capital investment. The design is the most important aspect of the cards. And if you can create beautiful designs, you can outsource the printing service.

#14. Homemade Cookie Business

cookie business for kids

Do you enjoy baking? Can you bake tasty cookies? You can start a home-based business of cookies. Start selling locally. Additionally, open a website with an online store and start to receive orders.

#15. Jewelry Making

Creating and selling homemade jewelry is a fun and creative business for kids. They can sell their items at local craft fairs or online.

#16. Sell Fresh Juice

Kids can also open a small kiosk for selling fresh juices, soda, or lemonade. Also, you can sell packaged juices from the store.

#17. Kids Magazine Publishing

Kids perform very well as writers of current issues. In addition to that, children can project social and political issues according to their perspectives. Therefore, starting a kid’s magazine is a self-rewarding business for you.

#18. Landscaping

If your parents can afford some basic equipment for landscaping, as a kid you will learn a lot by being a part of it. You can help them in helping them in day to operations as well as promoting services door to door.

#19. Gardening

Kids with a green thumb can offer gardening services, such as planting flowers or vegetables, for people in their community.

#20. Online Store Business

Do you know a product that parents or relatives are finding difficult to sell? If yes, you can create an online store for them and help them in selling.

#21. Tutoring

Tutoring is an evergreen business for kids to earn extra cash. Nowadays, the online teaching market is increasing very fast. In addition to that, several reputed companies offer an online platform for both students and teachers.

#22. Party Planning

Some kids show a huge interest in planning parties and events. To start with, you can consider starting with a small niche. As an example, you can offer only a birthday party planning service for your friends.

#23. Photography

Are you a good photographer? Is photography your hobby? If yes, you can start a photography business of your own as a kid too. In starting, you don’t need to set up a studio. Instead, just operate from home.

#24. Smartphone Cover Printing

Smartphone cover printing is an immensely trending business these days. People want to have customized mobile covers with personalized designs. Through a digital printing machine, you can print the cover easily.

#25. Sell Socks

Kids can sell socks and that too online. Take the example of two amazing brothers Sebastian and Martinez. They started their sock-selling company when they were only 7 years old!

#26. Soft Toys Making

Soft toy making and selling is an easy business you can start from home. Even, if you don’t know how to make soft toys, you can pursue some training for it. you can sell the product both through retailers and online marketplaces.

#27. Used Books Selling

As a kid or school-going child, you have some used old books at home. You can earn handsome money by selling those used books. There are some renowned platforms where you can sell your used books online.

#28. Virtual Assistant

If you have a mobile and a computer with an internet connection, you can start a virtual assistant business from home. The business is all about providing online support to your clients regularly.

#29. Wind Chimes making

Do you enjoy creating crafts? If yes, you can consider starting wind chimes making from home. There are numerous items you can use for wind chime makes.

#30. Worm Farming

Do you want to start an eco-friendly business? You can consider a worm farming business from the backyard of your home. In addition to that, you can start the business from your backyard space. The business is easy to start and operate.

#31. Smartphone/Apps Usage Consultant

You will be surprised to know that there are 2.7 billion mobile (smartphone) users across the globe. Smartphones are getting smarter by the day. As the generations pass by it gets difficult for older people to use smartphones or get a hang of different useful apps. Kids are more app-friendly in the present day. A little help from your end will go a long way for them and for you too.

#32. Podcasting

In the US children’s podcasts are gaining momentum. The podcast market is relatively low in India but is certainly growing. As there is not much competition, you can make the most of the opportunity as you already know that podcasts are a great way to derive pleasure from all types of content available from around the world, for free.

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#33. Invent Products 

Take the example of Lily Born. At the age of 11, she invented a three-legged drinking cup, helping people who have Parkinson’s disease. You can also be another Lily Born and become successful.

#34. Start an Errand Running Business

People are busy in the present day and more than often look for help running errands. As a kid, you can start an errand business and make money by helping people with services like bill payments, grocery delivery, etc. to needful people.

#35. Art and Craft Sales

Creative children can make and sell their artwork or crafts at local markets, fairs, or online.

#36. Voice-over Service

There is a good demand for child voice-overs in films, documentaries, animation films, etc. If you have a good voice and the ability to modulate as per requirement, consider offering voice-over services.

#37. Design T-Shirts

Many kids have a knack for designing. If you are the one with this special quality, you can even start your T-Shirt design line. You don’t need to worry about t-shirt printing and other stuff, as they are taken care of by print-in-demand merchandise companies.

#38. Write a Book

If you search Google, you will find many kids who have written popular best sellers. If you have a flair for writing and a story to share, start writing books.

#39. Artwork seller

If passionate about artwork, selling them can be a good money income opportunity for kids. You can contact artists and showcase their creations at fairs and events and make a nice side income.

#40. Fundraiser

Kids can participate in fundraising for various ventures or small events. They can help to raise money for the development of schools, cultural fairs, special events, etc.

#41. Candle Making

Developing funny candles can be good business for kids. Take help from your parents or seniors and start selling candles in your locality.

#42. Candy Making

Sweet and delicious candies are the most popular items for all age groups of people. Additionally, people prefer to have homemade candies. Homemade candies ensure both health and taste. Kids can start candy-making from home.

#43. Corn Roasting

Who doesn’t prefer roasted corn as a snack item? Additionally, it is a healthy food too. However, starting a corn roasting business is very easy and profitable and kids can start for a decent side income. However, you must have a good kiosk location for operating the business.

#44. Earning from Facebook

Do you know you can earn money from your Facebook page? You can start the business with almost zero investment. We have already crafted an article on the ways of earning money with Facebook.

#45. eBay Selling

If you want to start an online selling business without having your website or blog, then eBay is the best option for you. You can sell anything on eBay. However, it is better to deal with a single category starting.

#46. Gift Wrapping Service

If you want to earn quick money from a small business, then providing a gift wrapping service is the best option for you. However, you have to put the effort into marketing.

#47. Garage Sale

Organizing a garage sale is another excellent business idea for kids, especially for those aged between 13 and 18. It is a chance for them to declutter their home and make some money in the process. They can sell toys, clothes, books, or any items they’ve outgrown. This business also teaches kids about pricing, negotiation, and customer interaction.

5 Tips for Parents to Help Your Kid to Start a Business

  • Help him/her to choose a business idea
  • Encourage him about success principles of life
  • Help in business planning
  • Teach about financial planning and its importance in life
  • Train them in customer service and communication skills
  • Make them understand legal requirements

As per a Gallup poll, 80 out of 100 kids want to be their boss. Furthermore, 40 out of 100 want to start their business venture. It is extremely important for parents these days to educate and promote entrepreneurship to their kids. It will not only make them confident but also prepare them better for facing challenges in life in the coming days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal for kids under 18 to start a business?

Yes, it is legal for kids to start a business. However, depending on local regulations, they might need parental consent or supervision.

What are some ways to manage both a school and a business?

Time management is key. Setting a schedule, prioritizing tasks, and seeking support from parents or mentors can help balance school and business.

Can a kid-focused business be profitable?

Yes, kid-focused businesses can be profitable. While the scale might be smaller, creative and well-executed ideas can generate income.

What safety precautions should young entrepreneurs take?

Young entrepreneurs should prioritize safety and obtain any necessary permits. For example, babysitters should be trained in CPR, and pet sitters should understand animal behavior.

How can teens market their businesses?

Social media, local advertising, and word of mouth are effective marketing methods. Teens can also ask parents and friends for support in spreading the word.

Is parental involvement necessary for a young entrepreneur?

Parental involvement can be helpful, especially for legal and financial matters. However, the level of involvement can vary based on a teen’s age and business type.

What resources are available for young entrepreneurs?

There are various online resources and organizations, like the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), that provide guidance and support to young entrepreneurs.

Can a kid-focused business turn into a long-term career?

Kid-focused businesses can serve as valuable learning experiences. Whether they turn into a long-term career or not, they teach important entrepreneurial skills.

What is the best age to start a business as a kid or teen?

There’s no specific age. It depends on the child’s interests, skills, and maturity. Some kids start as young as 8 or 9, while others might wait until their teens.